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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 3. The national income and role in the suspension

One more important macroeconomic indicator is є ND - national income. From the point of view to the resource, ND им vimirnikom õh income іd participation in virobnitsvy for the correct period.

Confusion of national income, income and reinsurance

ND is the highest type of income of the following factors: pay, income, rent, interest, interest, and the share of the skin category at the national level. For the ND's oath, it’s even closer to the NNP to increase the value, change the price for indirect payments, to unify the payment (additional payment, excise tax, license payment, mitigation).

National income - an important indicator of the effectiveness of suspension. Virobnitstvo of the national per capita income of the population is most likely to mean the level of good deed. Until now, at the moment, I have not forgotten about the economic and economic literature, since ND - a whole new part, as well as a small number of people in the sphere of material distribution, as well as often in public transport, a lot of things. Aly such pidkhid until rozumіnnya zmіstu of national income to achieve remittances, osk_lki not to vrashuє otsku pratsіvnikіv spheres of non-material virobnitzva * 3.

* 3: {A number of national economies, revolve around Marxist politics, forbid against "economically underprivileged" people, at least think about them, including a lawyer, public official, professional lawyer so as not to suspend the process of suspension of virology and to increase the index of ND by approximately 1/5.}

Niner things are driven into the past, part of the national income is driven by the servants of the sphere of services. In economically developed countries, half of the residents are occupied by the sphere of services, because a large part of the income is to go to the very same place. In our country, the most important role for the national income is to be paid for the material, the main direct development of a kind of transition from the intensive to the intensive type of virology.

For the rozumіnny day of national income, the greater is the knowledge of the processes of the first form, rozpodilu, rezpodilu, kintsevogo living.

The doorway to national income is to be seen at the galleys of material virology and in the sphere of services. Yogo rozmіri zrostayayut for rahunok zbіlshennya number of people occupied and pіdvishchennya productivity pratsі. The growth factors of national income are divided into two types: intensive (for the resource of the resource) and intensive (for the factor of the most important factors).

Razpodil of national income to the plaza at the foreseen part of all participants in the first year, pay, income, interest, rent, dividend and income.

Overdeveloped national income through the mechanism of financial security, the state budget, the tax system, extracurricular funds and financial resources. Secondary income is formed on the basis of redevelopment. The main forms of such income are payment of pensions, scholarships, and help to pay less money. Overdosage of national income to health behind official channels and non-official channels. Legitimacy, but ofcourse, redistribution of ND is limited to official statistics. Large-scale unofficial redistribution of ND of the reasons for the restoration of the economy.

Victory of national income viduvatsya with a subtle method: living and nagromadzhennya. Nagromadzhennya є is necessary for the broadening of the scale of the national virobnitz in Maybutny. In state practice, practice the knowledge and victories of ND. National income, nowhere to live and pooled, do not get lost due to the size of the adjusted national income. Remain unchanged in the sum of zbitkіv vіd verse dashing and tvshih vtrat. In addition, national victories can be seen on the balance of the balance of trade. Yakshcho kraїna іnportuє more goods and services, lower exportє, then the vikoristanija natsionalniy dokhid reoccurrence of goals, and on the contrary. Ale tse doesn’t mean that you should import goods more vigorously and better.

The value for national income and the expanded income are more significant for the best possible income and income. Given the opportunity to lay down the mind of specific minds and start economic development of the country.

On the basis of ND, special incomes (OD) are formed. As a rule, the sum of the national income is reduced in the amount of money (social contributions) on social insurance, the income tax is on income, and there is also a benefit, which is to increase income (non-renewable income) I can help you pay wages for unemployment, pay more money and pay less attention to those who are unprincipled, then we’ll deny the sum of such a special income. Rightly respect, scho specialties - for observance of dokhid, and the national dokhid - for the accumulation of dokhid.

In the first place, as a whole, I’m summed up all the special incomes and all the incomes, then I’m so obsessed with the ranks of income in the special order of housekeeping - the Kintsev indicator of the system of national rakhivnitsva. Win vikoristovuetsya for living and forgiveness in the home statehood.

It should be noted that, for a specific, objective assessment of the social and economic situation in Ukraine, a well-known population of the country needs to be carefully examined, the indicators of the CHR are not outnumbered, but we need to know more. These indicators really characterize the stage of development of the country, the level of good deeds of the population of the country.