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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 2. Factors of economic growth. Influence of scientific and technological revolution on economic development

Prior to the main factors of economic development, such as housekeeping, there are: capital, land (including natural resources), praxia (function of labor resources), as well as good health. Increase the stink of peace with the GDP. It is possible to introduce and reach scientific and technological progress, having a little temperament, the character of economical growth can be permanently settled. Given the factors of materiality, as in the parameters, so are the parameters of suspension. Щеx they are called propositional factors * 1. The skin of them is constantly changing in depth, as well as in the nature of social and economic development of suspension.

* 1: {Prior to the economic factors, it is necessary to establish a good drink, which is also sobering to the structure and temperament of the process.}

The role of scientific and technical research in economical storage and warehouses

At the base of the type of economic growth that lies today is the demise of the science and technology revolution, the cob of which must be brought to the mid 50s of the 20th century. The other half of the mercilessly past stolts — the era of the burly progress of science and technology, has been magnified by the revolutionary upheaval of the technological method of virobnitz. For a short short period (remaining table), the boules will reach the most significant results in economic progress, lower for the entire history.

Revolutionary form of scientific and technical progress , that is, scientific and technological progress , is the whole changeover of mass technology to the new science and technology and technology principle of function. The main special feature of the current scientific and technical progress is to develop new industrial technologies with microelectronic technology and computer technology. All in all, efficiency and effectiveness, as well as a higher level of awareness and more dynamical attention, are given before meals.

The new nature of economic development is tied up with the desire for freedom of life, so you can find your way to the next social and economic development. It is especially evident in the role of people in the viral process, which is the first characteristic rice of the new economy of economic growth. Another familiar process is the docornna zmina yogo djerel i factoriv, ​​which is unreasonably tied up with intensive labor- and material-saving factors.

Suchasna NTR - folding, bagoplan plan. In the suburban viglyad there are three important important warehousing warehouses, which are organically connected.

First of all, scientific and technological revolution is the main process of integrating science and technology, for which it is typical to re-create viro-technology of economic benefits for a specific “technological workshop of science”.

In a different way, the serpent of understanding the “science-and-technology revolution” includes the principles of the serpent in the preparation of personnel. New technology and new technology require and a new practitioner: better, more qualified, more disciplined, a little bit of a touch to innovate. The pratsivnik “enter” from the uninterrupted virobnitz process, “stand over him” as one controller and regulator.

Thirdly, an important warehouse R&D є cardinal changes in the organization of virological work, the practical system of managing these processes. It’s all right to switch to a new technical and technological basis - computer technology.

Scientific and technological research is covering all spheres and direct people, especially about a universal, irrelevant character. This principle is important for the dynamics, scale, brightness of economic development of suspension, which is more active in economy, in general, in the development of models of economic development.