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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 3. The main laws of the transition period

The middle of the oversubscribably wide range of occupations in post-socialist regions, which must be met with the establishment of market links, are of an inevitable nature for them, therefore, in literature they look like laws. Violate in the middle of them: in a waste of power as a function of a single-segregated order of economical resources; budget crisis; transformational decline. Yak bachimo, two of them have a clear turn of a negative nature and find their way in crises.

The law is the loss of power by the function of a single-segregated order of resources — to talk about those that power cease to be a single, omnipotent power order of these material resources and the second and only monopoly power to take advantage of. To appear in such basic aspects.

In the first place, the reform of the reform should be brought to such a place, for a kind of power like a dzherelo of the gospodar law, which was established by laws itself. Upon adoption of the legislative act, all state powers, enterprises, and so on, are the most important sub-markets — private enterprises and large people.

In a different way, the serpent of the economy’s status as a state of transferring the form of new tools to the state is living in Ukraine. In addition to the centrally-planned system of economical management, one was aware of the bells and whistles of the address-primus order. For the minds of the transition to the market, the power can also be violated, in principle, financial instruments of financial regulation. It’s about being able to effectively integrate all the sub-markets into the behavior for the help of pennies, loans, currencies, money and other financial regulators.

Thirdly, for the power of winery, there is a need for compensation failures (fiasco) of “people” of marketplace loans, who want to take care of the traditionally settled functions, and they have a lot of func- tioning functions, and

The other is the law of transition economy - which has a budget crisis, which is tied up with the desire to become a power in the economy. For the missions of pan-administration of the administrative-command system in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia, including Ukraine, the bulletins are important, the industry is large, the social sphere is large, the number of employees is controlled, and the number of years is limited to the following. At the head of the market reform, figuratively seemingly, the “high paternalistic goiters” of the state were preserved, and the powers were financed in these spheres and views. Ale dokhidna is often part of the budget on the cob of the 90s of rock in all the lands of the CIS. The situation in most affected countries was also reduced through incomplete systems of support, as well as the growth of the economy sector and the capital for the cordon. Deficits of sovereign budgets became chronic and practically non-existent for them.

The third law of the transition period is the transformational decline (due to the terminology of the Ugric clergyman Y. Kornna). Such a decline in commitments due to a deep economic crisis, as well as a decrease in coordination between economic agents (sub-acts). Allow me to clarify that, as far as forward policy planning and coordination mechanisms are concerned, the State Duma is also ready to go, and new ones, to keep in touch with the rest of the world, are still weak and irregular. Such a decline is also absorbed, and so on, the administrative and command economics are irrelevant for their days, the fragments of the first bullet are organically tampered with, on the one hand, the lack of significant goods, and there is a small amount of product. The characteristic features of the transformational recession of the largest scale and the size of the economy are lower (for example, in Ukraine, only 1991, the first half of 1992, the oath of virobnosis was down by 40%).

The transformational recession and the budget crisis were also lost through incompleteness and half of the market rises, which reduced their effectiveness. Speaking figuratively, Y. Kornai said to the prairie, “Shlyakh to a great economy”: “The sum of the ten greatest half results is irrelevant, not the sum of five repeated successes, but sooner than ten will be defeated”.

Change your mind about the form of the marketplace

About those who are in the territory of the CIS countries, including Ukraine, having taken into account the lack of development for the whole base, it has repeatedly been included in economic literature. About the process, secrecy, having nailed the ear of the 90s rock academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Yu. N. Pakhomov. So, we won’t give a shame about the irrelevant mental form of Ukraine’s private economy in Ukraine by entering the country with a secure way of securing a competitive and peaceful means for the people of Ukraine.

The main middle ones:

  • programs of demonopolization of the sovereign sector of the economy, as one of the most intelligent minds, the transition to the market;
  • structural infringement in the state gratitude to the state for living with and prioritizing the progression of advanced technologies with new technologies;
  • reshaping the other echelons of economic ownership with the help of team methods in managing the economy;
  • the form of the infrastructure of the market system, the way to update, the development and the most complete state-owned zv'yazkiv;
  • sanitation of pennies and finances - of direct regulators of marketplace vidnosin;
  • a wide range of economies, including the ability to include a mass of people included in the market situation of all sub-items of commodity-groshy goods;
  • the form of social and indigenous mechanisms, such as non-civil formations of the grabber and cogging of the main population. From one side, it’s impossible to find a buti in a large suspension of a civilized market, and from the other side, it’s important to put a psychological position in people psychologically.

Occasionally from a vacant person, more often than not, more often than not, to stand in front of the Ukrainian economy at the intersection. What is the meaning of the next step in order (but not for the significance!) To the tasks of the Ukrainian economy ститу Ії Іїї Іїї Іїї іїinstitutionalninka transformation. The role of the problem is becoming more relevant, the risk of behaviors of economic agents may spiral more on the market of institutes. Adje in the be-yakіy іkonomіchnіy systemі behavior іn gospodaryuyuchih sub'єktіv set "rules gr." Oskylki itself has the same rules to recognize the behavior of economic sub-entities, then literary behavior will be strengthened, since the institutional transformation of the first and foremost, straightforward post-social reforms.

Institutional transformation of the transition period - the whole process of winding up, the development of the rules of the economic behavior and the rules of the organization and the old government (the rules of the government and the government)

Among the theoretical theorists and to get a discussion about those scho rosumі pіd termіn instituti. So, the Nobel Prize laureate D. North is important, it’s up to them to establish formal and informal rules for economic duality. However, in order to such institutes enter not only the rules of conduct of the sub-projects, but the organization itself (establish), for example, companies, banks, banks. It is customary to speak about the institutional transformation of the transition period as often as possible at the state law (laws), at the same time at the same time at the state structure, there are private enterprises, including small business is skinny.

Shchodo Ukraine is important, so that the practice of transformation did not ignore the principle of rice of our historical development - the supranational role of the state is suttural. The ignorance of the situation of empowerment and the simultaneous appeal of the economy of the sovereign handicap resulted in significant mishaps of the early liberal rebellion and did not allow the market reforms to pop in so that the price was broken. The analogous situation is prefixed and all without vignette to the territories of the CIS.

The most important ones are that those who have instituted and re-created have upheld the whole system and the system. Izolovanі rinkovі instituti, as I practice, do not wait for the "pricyuyut" for the laws of the market.

In the middle of constitutional reforms, one day will take more power and privatization, as well as the other way around. Confusion, the form and problems of transformation of sovereign power were discussed in the forefront.

The procedure for this is important in terms of regulatory and functional powers, fragments of unrighteous laws and unhappiness - one of the main reasons for the unreliable func- tioning of market links in Ukraine.

At the base of the new transformational course is the political education. For its sutnistyu - tse concentrated, scientifically wound up the power of the nation to protect the rational and effective function of national economy in macro, as well as mikroorіvnі. Довї Dovgostrokova meta - structural perebudova economics, form sub-market, development of high-tech and competitive virobnitsv, transition to a strict economic zrostannya.

For the minds of a successful ruch in these strains, they are more likely to be more real, abi stretching out the tenth of the twenty-first century. form the basis of the socially organized market (economy) economy and thereby complete the transition period.