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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

Rozdil 6 Svіtove statehood and international economy


When given by those, it is important to acquire: first, place and law of development of the state gratitude; in a different way, sluggishness, form, I will manifest the international viability of the material basis of the gospel statehood; in the third place, the principle of absolute and mutual exertion for the krai-participant at the international vocation; in the fourth place, zmіst, structural and trivial development of international economic integration.

§ 1. On the active mind, the development of the holy statehood is becoming

Svitov statehood is the result of trivial historical development. Yak vіdpovіdna vono system took shape at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries. on the basis of international corporations and winnings of colonial empires. The whole system included the development of warehouses, as well as the development of social and economic development and the structure of the state gratitude. At the same time, we’ve got the development of these diverse warehouses after having won through the mainstream processes: the productive revolution of the industrial revolution in productive forces.

Three stays of the twentieth century XX they marked the ear of a new period in the development of an ordinary holy statehood. There was a great deal of signs of greater awareness, a little more economical cooperation with the whole world, and a wider range of more economical activities.

Holy statehood : daily life, basic rice, developmental trends

On the basis of the formal form of the holy statehood є suspension of praxis, a kind of “dragging” of the framework of national statehoods and overturning the economy of the big country into the lunches of the single holy process It is economical to interact on a separate basis in the field of business, in the field of direct distribution, both in the form of exchange of goods and services, as well as in the cooperation of the main viewers. As a result of the fact that I won’t be bargained for and sold in the international international life of the state.

Svitov gospodarstvo to become the property of the national economy okrimich kraisk, to take part in the international cooperation of the economical stars among them. In addition, it seems, the state gratitude is the system of national state gratitude okremich krask, the latest international file of praxis, trade and virology, financial and science-and-technology sounds. Thus, at the top view the state gift includes several warehouses: national state thanks and international economic cooperation between partner countries. International economic vidnosini (sounds) є the most vid of national vidnosin, ale š their development of the generator є growth of national economies.

The development of international economic zna'zkіv zaznaє on their own in a number of specific factors. First of all, in the new state thanks to the economy, the bonds are stored among the sovereign powers and that stink, as a rule, a significantly larger world is being given to the sovereign control. At tsomu in krajnіy krajіі formіtsya its own peculiar system of economical regulation. In a different way, the resources on the international rivals are smaller, lower than the middle of the country, which is the only possible mechanism of competition, the principle of value-setting is skinny. In the third place, within the framework of the gospel statehood, there is no single, single penny system and in the international economic ties, the currency of the winter lands is being changed.

In case of a detailed analysis viocreculate such elements of the structure of the holy statehood: the holy market of goods and services; Holy rhinocapital; light market of robotic power; international currency system; international credit and financial system.

In addition, the processes of internationalization are intensively developing in the fields of science, culture, and information. Tse spriya особ, especially left o'clock, becoming and developing private and international markets.

The main sub'єkty holy statehood є :

  • Powers of the peoples ’peoples' complexes;
  • transnational corporations (TNCs);
  • international organizations and institutes.

All of this is true, right now, I’m talking about the most extreme powers and mutual powers, mutual recognition, becoming a separate structural factor, and there’s a number of factors.

In the first place, the observance of scientific and technological revolution, mastering the reach of what I need will require special needs. Ninja zhodna krajina svіtu can’t do it all by yourself, by the way, all the attained science and technology. To this state of power, obvodnuvat their zusill.

In a different way, there are more and more lost international and international relations on the basis of international cooperation and international public relations.

In the third place, with dynamic development of the city’s infrastructure (the “blood circulatory system” of the city’s gratitude ”): the city’s transport system and the extent of commercial and informational information; є single system of science and technology information; form of unified statistical statistics

Fourthly, the role of the power and the international economic organizations is strongest, thanks to the best of zv'yazkіv, which is the first sign of functional and structural order.

Nasamqinets, on the whole, the need for more and more attention to the global social problems for environmental people (environmental, food, space exploration and the Holy Ocean). Zrosta and the need for inter-community partnership for extreme situations (earthquake, reward, nuclear accident, etc.).

Direct interaction of national economies is directly influenced by inter-related factors, including political ones. You can feel the urge to take the farther closer proximity of the state life to the okrimich krask, so that you can zoom in on integrated trends in the state thanks. At the same time, we are able to take advantage of international trends, for overseeing national and international interests, we have to prevail over international ones, so that we can separate from the economy of our country.

Suchasna lyudska civіlіzatsіya є even older than the second and baga tohrannoy. Close to 200 sovereign powers, there are 6 billion people living in such countries. Leather from the country is a self-contained, economical sub-project, a kind of a large world that can be absorbed into the functions of the quietest elements of the economy.

Strengthen the power to preserve your historical, geographic, national, social and political specificity, as well as in different forms of social development, in order to develop socially and economically. None of the differences in the social and economic systems, the international corruption, the number of goals, the mechanism of functioning, and the efficiency of the mechanism are different.

Classification of the territory of the private partnership is welcome at the end of the year * 1. So, behind the economic signs (the specifics of the state systems of the Ukraine), three groups of Krai are violated: with a widening economy; with a transition economy; with a non-economic economy (anyway, you’re developing). Behind the step of economic development of the country, there are also three groups: high, middle, slightly displaced. Surrounding you, you can talk about different regional associations and higher integration.

* 1: {Until recently, in the Republic of Lithuania’s suspension of literary partnership, the partnership was at the edge of the socialist system, the capitalist system and the territory of the third retreat, or else it’s developing. This kind of differentiation was like an ideological one about the main period of age, as the transition from social capitalism to socialism. Vidmova vid ideologii “struggle between two systems” is not understanding the problems of public relations of the society.}

Vіdmіnnostі mіzh sub'єktami svіtogo gospodarstva

With the stretch of the 90s rock, the characteristic manifestation of the bulo is the demise of the socially-differentiated differentiation of the Ukrainian community, ahead of the recent development. The small and small group of new industrial powers of the Pivdenno-Shіdnoy Asia has experienced an economical increase in their proximity to the development of industrial development. Processes of boules banned and in a number of oil exporting countries of Asia (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Arab Emiratam and India). The name of the most developed (African) countries of Africa, Asia (Chad, Efiopiya, M'yanma and іn.) Has been better off seeing the average indicators in the country, which are developing.

A characteristic sign of the present gratuitous state thanksgiving is the unequivocal development, and the different indivisible intensity and the part of their participation in the most economical processes. So, in the nineties of the 90s, there was a lot of land near the all-inclusive GNP of the country, with about 30 economies that were nearly 30% worth 56%; Kraisk with a transition economy (х tex close to 30) - trochs more than 4, and for meže 130 Kraisk, schwychivayutsya, reincarnated 39%. There was a constant increase in the share of private and exported goods, and that service became 78.6% deconsidered; 4.2; 17.2%.

The procedure for international trade in important forms of Saint-Petersburg sounds is also the same as capital, monetary and financial transactions, international cooperation, and international cooperation are lower. In the case of the following words, for skin dermal development of marketed symptoms in zgadanich groups, the country is characterized by intense intensity of soundness.

At a complex of factors, in order to keep in touch with the economy, it is more important to keep up to date with the results of the scientific and technical progress, the transition of advanced countries to the post-industrial stage of development. It’s very important to know how to characterize the form and form of the international cooperation, the specifics of participation in the new skin power, the nature of trade and economic, financial and international relations. The main reason is the reappearance of the supernormally great recognition of the country from the point of view at the structure of the state gospodarity, type of socially-economic organization and distribution. But in these structures, the center and the periphery, the boundaries between the countries, the economy and the bagato are clearly identified; in which the development of productive forces is clearly marked by that of the Czech Republic.

In ekonomіchnіy lіteraturі to middle rank bunt vіdnosyat rozvinutі Kraina of efektivnosti rinkovim Gospodarstwa, SSMSC rozvivayutsya type zmіshanoї Economy (abo sotsіalnogo rinkovogo Gospodarstwa) tobto Kraina of gnuchkim ekonomіchnim mehanіzmom, zdatnim dinamіchno adaptuvatisya to svіtogospodarskoї kon'yunkturi, eksportuyuchi visokotehnologіchnu produktsіyu. Periphery is the main country, you can develop, like, speak, give birth to specialization, lack of efficient mechanism of economic self-development, and low level of internal integration of the people. Significantly accelerate the power of dynamic and economical development of this country and international borg, I will transfer 1 trillion dollars.

Zrozumіlo, which is the most international and international economy is characteristic of the group of the Krai center. However, the center and the periphery are not separate, but on the other hand, I want to know more, I want to save more time and more comfortably.

Silently and oversensitively harsh confidentiality of the territory of the country in the hierarchical structure of the state gratitude.

Growth in the interdependence of the third group in the country with all the irregular processes of permission, above all the victorious national resources for the development of internal and external zavdan zavdan. Nine, as long as there is a lack of deposits, it is possible to resolve the loss of international relations of the state, scientific and technological revolution and the fundamentally new role for the sake of information and communication, it is unnecessarily more efficient and economical.

The unity of the gospel statehood is reached through the development of various superlative expressions, as well as being rooted in the background of all socially-economic, regional and functional rosma lightness. You can violate the same basic group of super-transcendental terms: first of all, super-cross-country between the countries of the divided market and the economy, which are developing; in a different way, between advanced countries and countries with a transition economy; in the third place, all-inclusive all-inclusive masiviv powers. At its core, it’s possible to keep the law of irregular economic development of the country, as well as at a faster pace and more equal in structural awakening of national economies, manifesting unequal minds for competition. The nature of the development and development of the super-transfusions in all the warehouses of the state government.

Thus, the structure of the importance of the present gospel statehood is very clear and dialectical: the number of warehouse items is reflected in the long range of wrestling (supernormality) at the highest level.

Process vzaєmodії, at t h th supernitstva structurally elementіv svіtovoї Economy viyavlyaє currently i have vstanovlennі directly zv'yazkіv mіzh pіdpriєmstvami that ob'єdnannyami rіznih kraїn, pogliblennі protsesіv spetsіalіzatsії that kooperuvannya virobnitstva, stvorennі that funktsіonuvannі mіzhnatsіonalnih spіlnih of companies Especially i -.. Mіzhnarodnih economic organizations.

Absorption of all the words of the holy gospel of Godhood swirl to the development of the international voucher prazі.