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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 2. International filing praxis - the material basis of the gospel statehood

Ст Historically a viral basis of function and development of the gospel statehood є the international tradition of praxis. All the perish of the rest - that is the most economical foundation, on which the whole system of holy zvazyazkivy is based on.

International file: praxis, form, show that development

The country’s territory is included in the international standard for international cooperation. Yogo attenuation is indispensable to the development of productive forces є by an active process, a kind of intensification of international relations is indispensable to the development of social and social development.

International Cooperation (WFP) - specialization in the country (state-sponsored sub-projects) for viral performance products and services through the world beyond the borders of the national market. Tse, as already indicated, the third step is the development of a suspension of power, which should go beyond the national borders of the okrimich powers.

MPP is a folding, bagator system of international specialization, which is constantly developing and renewing new skinny skin care suspension. On the far side of the special cooperation є international cooperation. Absorption of these processes with freshness should lead to the growth of suspended productivity of labor and economic hours.

Prior to the machine development of national economy, the MPP was based on its natural basis - on the basis of the natural and climatic minds of the country, the geographical location, the resources and the energy dzherelah skinny. Repairing the machine stage, specialization and co-operation of the natural base significantly decrease. The industrial development stage is characterized by the accumulation of special specialization of the obvious obvious technological factor. Practically, from the stage of development for a significant number of countries, repairing the process of moving the center of the city of Saint-Petersburg to the world of commerce (commerce and industry) is possible.

It’s not possible for anybody to know the great galaxy of the national virobnitzva, if it weren’t for any of the international minds of the virobnitz. The scope of the MPP is without delay in the recovery of all structural warehouses and suspension of industrial equipment: middle-aged - industrial production, state thanks, public relations; otchastkoviy - between the virobnitzvtih of these galuses; single - subject, detail, technological, international specialization and cooperation. I’ve lost praxis on the international level, weaken and find better prospects, but lower in the middle of the Crimea. Territorially and functionally, such specialization is manifested on the same territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the third group as regards the community, which generally reflect the greater process of globalization, as well as the international level.

Yakіsnі hlibokі zmіni at the development of the MPP stood for the remaining two ten. Stink of zooming in on the new STP. Їх zagalny zmіst can be boiled up to such new processes at WFP:

  • Of special importance were specialization and cooperation in high-tech science products, progressive technology, and new kinds of high-tech materials. For example, in the United States, on the cob of the 90s, up to 40% of virobi usability tests were made in the field of science galousies;
  • fundamentalnі zmіni vіdbulisya WFP have rezultatі vsebіchnogo rozvitku Process spetsіalіzatsії in sferі NAUKOVO-tehnіchnih knowledge that Informácie - appeared avtomatizovanih systems її obrobki, zberіgannya i peredachі scho zumovleno rozvitkom mіkroprotsesornih, Electro, Komp'yuterniy tehnologіy (s zgіdno mіzhnarodnimi ekspertnimi otsіnkami, mіstkіst svіtovogo the market for information technology and services until 2012, up to 8 trillion dollars, in 1998, the figure was 800 billion dollars);
  • There is a real role for the lost WFP in the process of the international services and the progressive infrastructure in the traditional elements (for example, in the form of transport), as well as

Zrozumіlo, right now, all the processes are needed to compete for the minds of hard competitive competition between us and the subcontracts of the gospel statehood.

The Principles of Absolute and Perevnyalny Passages

Theoretical education of the vigod MPP є theory of overstatement. Основї basis of boules laid by A. Smith and D. Ricardo. So, A. Smіt pіd hour polemic with mercantilists for evaluating the effectiveness of MPP formulating the principle of absolute vitrates. Winning the mark, the principle is super-simple: the basic rule of the skin-prickly, state-giving, submissive sub-project is that you don’t be afraid to try the ones you buy cheaper.

A. Seeing showing that you are interested in developing international bargains, stink fragments can be played independently, stinks can be exported by exporters or importers. Whether it’s a country of Volodia with absolute relocation, if it is such a product, as a unit of cost, you can get more, lower prices. For example, intellectually vizmemo two territories (“X” and “Y”), I’ve got two comrades - grain and zucor. Nekhai Kraina “X” for a unit of virobleоб costs 4 tons of grain, or 2 tons of chukru, whether it is yaku нshu combіnatsіy obesygіv products at the value of the inter. Country “Y” for analogous virobrate vitrates є 2 tons of grain or 4 tons of chukru, which is combined with the indicated parameters. Our country’s “X” Volodya’s application has absolute grain movements, and the country “Y” - zucru. These changes can be most closely related to natural factors (climatic minds, the manifestation of the fresh cinnamon kopalins), as well as numbered ones (delineated technological development, well-known ones).

In the minds, as long as the call for bargaining is on a daily basis, the skin of the country may be better off than those comrades ’styles, the skills are won. Present price of goods on the internal market are represented by one-day vitrates on the third. Our stink’s application becomes a bit: 1 ton of grain = 0.5 ton of chuckra for the “X” country and 1 ton of grain = 2 ton of chuckra in the country “Y”. Thus, the grain loafer in the first country (“X”) for realizing the internal market for the purpose of harvesting 0.5 tons of chives, and in another country the grain is 4 times more expensive (2 tons of chives). When you establish trading business with them directly flowing goods, you need to become familiar with the sales list of the business. So, the first country will be able to export grain and import grain, and the other will export grain and import grain.

Shchob torgіvlya bula vzakomovigidnoyu, the price of some kind of goods on the foreign market is guilty of the highest bidder, lower internal prices on the same goods from the domestic exporters, and lower, lower prices.

Characteristic is the principle of absolute surrender, the following should be respected, which is less important than the frequent viaduct from the zagalny rule. On the other hand, he said D. Rikardo, having reversed the principle of surpassing courage. Rikardo Dovіv, who is guilty of violating the law of exporting comrades, is bypassing it very well with smaller vitrates, that is, import and export, which are behind the cordon are equally cheap (from the very point of view), at least

At the beginning, the logic of the principle is often to illustrate this with such a real situation now: the United States will keep close to 2/3 of the domestic high-quality corn products, and the main type of bread products for the population of Latin America. At most of the remaining - to finish finding the right things for creation and viroshuvannya Kavovih trees (Kavi). Also, USA, export from Latin America, maize and import corn, meat and cava. Oscilka vitrati on virocnetic corn in the United States is the lowest in the United States, as in Latin American countries vitrati on meat (Argentina, Uruguay) and cava (Brazil, Nicaragua and India), then offend to reduce the cost 'yaso, kava) in the case of aggravated consumer goods. Vigrash of such a privilege and specialization in this time is obvious. Winner retailers of national vitrums (as a result of special offers are significantly lower than average ones) for specific products and prices. Abstractly, the principle of “talking” is an extraordinarily overwhelming thing: a bad oath to buy products, if you have the most expensive goods, if leather goods are bought there (in quiet countries) and you don’t have to go on a second trip. Mostly clearly there is a special need for specialization, as well as base on such surpasses, more than one kind of lancing (navigate the "kaidan" of God - the saint), "I have to know the whole world."

Based on the principles of portrayal vitrines, the economy of the economy has reached (and we can still reach) the effective distribution of goods and vikoristannya virobnichnyh resources, looking for a new level of material prosperity, I have to pay my respects to C. Bruce, for example. At the same time, win the stink, to stimulate the competition and cross the monopolies. Theoretically, everything is like that, but in real practice it often seems to be all on the way.

For example, hiba can be played on “straight” * 2 in the case of the most economical business interests, which is based on the principle of surpassing the benefits of the African Republic of Africa, Asia and the post-social economy of the United States and the United States. The international practice is to do this: you cannot do it, although you want to transfer S. Bryut and C. McConnell to the principle of reading and reading. And why did you give in business (Ukrainian economy) Ukrainian automobile industry? We have a great opportunity, especially (especially stayed) could our country have been able to relocate? The evidence is obvious - economically strangled anyway.

* 2: {Vislav I. Franca: “We don’t want to be with you ...”}

On the right is that the principle of economic relocation is economically docile, as well as the closeness to the region behind the equal economy and the structure of economy. To summarize it in such a way that the right of the moment the land-monopoly was given to the “green street” for the development of our automobile, social and cultural charity. Figuratively speaking about the situation, saying Karl Marx: "The skin of the skin is about the grad."

Immediately overwhelmed by the fact that the theory of overpowering and lacking in its relevance and, as P. Samuelson was pronounced, is fundamentally “unapproachable to criticism”. All in all, critical criticism may be given to the specific mechanism of the traditional zv'yazkiv.

Drive MPP

Leather of the country, on a regular basis, based on the principle of equal disruptions, rewarded with vivosity and comrade, vitrate on some of the lower, lower international, and bringing in more and less expensive in your country is more expensive. On the whole principle, the trade policy of the be-yako region is formed. It’s insane, the country is buying and that product, as I won’t get into the line.

In this way, the WFP will protect the powers of the song drive. Zavdyaki participation in the new stench can promote the effectiveness of the national economy and the good of its own population. It is reasoned by such capabilities of the MPP:

  • the fate of the WFP can help me to increase my bargain with the overbearing of special offers in the regional territories, the rationalization of our own resources, and the widespread oath of virobnitz;
  • virobnitstvo goods can be more effective for the minds of the mass virobnitz and vidpovidno vitrat, which is constantly changing. Mystery of the internal market is often є lacking for victorious overpower of the large-scale virology by the world. Especially valuable are the small krains;
  • MPP spriyu н vnіshomu udovolennuyu consumer population of the country. Inaksha Bagato Krai, the bi were left without goods, to a certain noisy population, all the powers for them were not large, but very irrational;
  • the WFP’s fate will lead to the completion of competition and increased sales of goods;
  • the destruction of the MPP є with its own foundation for the policy of peaceful peaceful and successful political cooperation (for example, the European Union).