Principles of Marketing - Philip Kotler

Setting targets and trading company unit

Companies put in front of his sales staff different tasks. Sales agents "IBM" is responsible for "the sale, installation and modernization" of computer technology used by customers. Sales agents of the corporation "ATT" is responsible for "customer acquisition, the sale of their company's products and the protection of the interests" of the existing clientele. Generally, sales agents entrusted the execution of one or a number of the following functions: finding and attracting new customers; dissemination of information about goods and services of the firm; agreement to sell the commission, including the establishment of a contact, a statement of reasons, overcoming objections and closing of the transaction; provision of services; conducting market research; collection of information and preparation of reports on the results of the visits; distribution of goods, because salespeople are able to assess the quality characteristics of clients and properly distributed among them products that are in a particular period of time in short supply.

Some firms put in front of your sales force more specific objectives, more clearly define the range of its activities. For example, one company encourages its salespeople to pay 80% of the time existing customers and 20 potential, devote 85% of the time working with already entrenched in goods and 15 dealing with novinkami3. In the absence of such instructions sales agents tend to give most of the time sales rooted products to existing customers, hardly paying attention to new products and new potential customers.

As the company is increasingly focused on the market, its sales force also needs the proper orientation. Sales agents have to know how to achieve customer satisfaction and at the same time provide the company profit. They should be able to analyze trade statistics, to measure market potential, gather market information and develop marketing approaches and plans. Trading Agent you must have the skills of marketing analysis. These skills are particularly needed specialists upper echelons of sales management. Figures of the market believe that ultimately turns out to vending machine that focuses on the needs of the market more efficient, rather than the increase in sales.