Basics of Marketing - Kotler Philip

Choice of the organizational structure of the trading apparatus

After setting its tasks to the sales office, the firm is ready to begin to consider questions about the basic principles of the work of this apparatus, its structure, the size and remuneration of trade workers.

Basic principles of the work of the trading apparatus

The firm has to compete with other firms for orders of customers. And it must base its strategy on understanding the specifics of the process of making a purchase. The firm can use one or more of the following five approaches to marketing:

1. Trading agent-buyer. The sales agent talks to each individual potential or existing client in person or by phone.

2. A sales agent is a group of buyers. The sales agent conducts sales presentations for groups of buyers.

3. Sales group - a group of buyers. The sales team (consisting, for example, of a company official, sales agent and marketing engineer) conducts sales presentations for groups of customers.

4. Conducting trade meetings. The sales agent organizes meetings of resource managers of the firm with one or several buyers to discuss problems and mutual opportunities.

5. Conducting trade seminars. The group of specialists of the company conducts training seminars for the technical staff of the customer's company about the latest technical achievements in this field of activity.

So the sales agent often plays the role of the head of the group on work with the client, bringing together various representatives of the seller's organization and the organization of the buyer. Sales organization increasingly requires teamwork, impossible without the support of other employees of the firm. This is also about top management, which is increasingly involved in the sale process, especially in critical situations with customers of national scale4 or major transactions5, and technical specialists supplying the customer with technical information before, during and after the purchase of goods, and representatives of the service For customers who provide installation, prevention, repair and other services to customers, and office workers, including sales analysts, order dispatchers, secretaries.