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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Kiev at the zenith of glory

Rozpovidayuchi about the campaign and conquest, the following also say, how many great boulevards of Kiev princes. Establish geographic boundaries of Kyiv Rus is possible only approximately. The stench was populated by even the entire population with the last words of the land (most of the territory was spent on the lower Volga, the Caucasus in Bulgaria, conquered by Svyatoslav). The prototype of the Vlad of the first Kievan princes in the small parts of the Volodymyr Volodymyr Oblast, with an obsolete and unequal power. Primitive political organization, because of the great vidstanі, significant vіdokremlenіst stood at the re-installation of the yakogos obdnanany polіtichnogo whole. As a rule, don’t take respect to the periodic campaign for Danish, the first princes of Mali have never been married to contacts and especially for tribes, especially those who lived far from the main cities and the settlement. Well, it’s up to the princes to take Danina’s rights, then the stinks were secured exceptionally by brute force, the prince’s squad was assassinated on the Yak Bula, and they got a hiding place for the Varyag. Among the prince and his friends, as a result, they lived like good people, so good and good for trips for Danish, they cherished special, uninterrupted and late-century bosoms, as well as the main basis of early political organization. So, in the campaigns for Danina and in the Magnitsas, order their own trading hats to faraway princes with their best squads, less than a hundred riches traveled to the greatest possible territory - Kyiv Rus .

After the death of Svyatoslav Kievsk, Russia stubbornly recognized that she would want to indulge in a long-term vigilant political affliction: the creatures among the members of the Rurikovich dynasty for the supreme power in the country. As a matter of fact, she slipped away for the right to take Danin, Yaropolk killing his brother Oleg. Let’s be afraid, scho yo tezh spіtkaє such a share, young Volodymyr utіk іz Novgorod to Shvetsії. Through kіlka rokіv vіn, turning to the cholі of great volazyky forces and having discharged vіynu from the Yaropolkom, yakіy znayshov had his own death.

Volodimir the Great (980-1015) . Zіyshovshi to the throne of Kiev at 980 p. And having gone ahead in his own hands in the right way, Volodymyr (in the Scandinavian language of Valdemar), having clothed a new doba in the history of Kyiv Rus. Nevgamovarny princes didn’t even marvel at Russia as much as possible in the arena of those who had fallen to conquer their land, which could be less visible. Volodymyr, having convinced far constructive pidkhid to governing the state. On the way to the front of the center at the center of yogo respect, after all, the Volodin will be welcomed, and not the barbed land and the land of Danin. In Vlasna for the prince of yuvannya Rus, it seemed p_dnositysya yak іlіsne suspension і power.

Schopravda, on the cob of the rule Volodymyr, hello, a little more than a vision of the forerunner. Vin having bestowed his numerical squad, having trained the traditional pagan stumps, going to the restless people, and having expanded his power on the radic. Yak Yogo Batko, Volodimir planted the Vlasny Sinіv (Mav Vіn 12 legal Sinіv) in the great cities and lands of his Volodymyr. So win uttering the vide of the authority of the Misteryev princes, in order to preserve Ії exclusively in the hands of their dynasty. If Yogi Varyazka, the squad became the vimagati of the largest wine city, Volodymyr settled it so that she went to serve before the vizantіts.

The remoteness of distant hikes Volodymyr zeredirovshissya zahistі vlasnyh cordonіv. Shchob protesty zagrozі pechenіgіv, having forgotten to roam for a little bit of ukrіplen, and also a new place for pіvden vіd Kyiv. I re-establish the tradition of successors by turning my eyes to looking at the land and living lands of the most impassable Ukraine, and by doing so we made the cob a trivial superpower with the Poles for the region. Win is also the serpent of the Lithuanian people in the rule of supremacy. Volodimir, having set aside with his friends ’camps with Poles, Magisters and Czechs. At the core of the new and second-hand organization lay the first order and order of their own head hats for the sake, as well as the sights of the old hat for Constantinople. The inferior tsikh nadban Volodimir Volodimira became the largest in Europe, about 800 thousand populyulyuyuchi. sq. km

To the nigholovnyshim reach of Volodimir Bulo, without summons, even on the yogo overland lands of Christianity. Rozumiyuchi, schoo Kievska Rus has already outlived its tradition of animistic yazichnitsy religion, by becoming disguised as to know more spiritual ways of spiritual, social and political piety. I’d like to draw an analogy from the present, winning at the camp of the head of one of the powers of the “third world”, please tell me more about the modernization of my country and I have to say one thing. For Volodimir, these two houses were indiscriminately viri, yaki had yo dawned to the field, Christianity and Islam were blasphemous, but religion in krai, with small Russia was uttered by the utmost matrimonial trade and politics. I would like to have the “Temporal Letters”, since the messengers of Russia have sent Islam through those who have stopped to live alcoholic drinks, and firstly spin the vibrations of the Christianity, as well as by the relative freedom of view. Right behind Volodimir’s vibrator were concrete politicians and economic officials.

As a sign of the baptism of Olga, Christianity even let root in Kiev. The friendship of Russia with the Christianity of the Bulgarians and the newly-arrived Poles and the Ugrians more quickly accelerated this process. The process of adopting Christianity and the very same vizantiyskiy reznovidu us before explained for political reasons. At 987 p. I will help Volodymyr’s strangled rebel for giving promises to the imperial emperors, becoming Vimagati Vidati for my new sister, Anna. Let’s be a little afraid, because the prestige of the imperial dynasty, the All-Russian dynasty, the world’s desire to correct the camp, dominated by Volodimir adopt Christianity. Ale navіt pislya Volodymyr’s baptism at 988 p. stinks robbed try v_dtyagnuti love. All the same, since Yak Rusichi conquered from Krimu vizantіyske mіsto Khersones (Korsun), a sweetheart for the first time. At 988 p., Pragnuchi yaknaishshidshshis baptize their people, Volodymyr punished to seduce the yurbi kiyans near the tributary of the Dnіp r. I will commence there at once vihrestiti. Independently on people’s experience, the pagan ideals were all messed up, and the Christian churches were natomist. The church, the organization of the structure of the ministry of such boulders as a whole was brought back to Constantinople, it did not deny the wide privilege of autonomy more than ten, in addition to that, ten of the princely deeds came for consumption. Universality of this innovation is significantly different from the prestige of the Volodymyr dynasty, now it is the home of the imperial rivals.

The hundredths became Volodymyr’s centuries, now having belonged to the Christian “rulers”, with the last monarchs. Adopting Christianity has little positive insight for the inner life of the country. Oskilki during the whole of the Byzantine church pidtrimuvalo the monarch the right to power, the princes of Kiev knew about this ideological op-

ru, like not earlier than Mali. Until then, the church with a folding internal order of knowing the government of Kiev with new models of management. And in the most prevailing of Kyivan Russia, there was an active attitude, which didn’t hurt any more than the earlier spiritual culture of the Universe, and it celebrated the magnificent flow of culture and state life. Zagagіy seemingly, zavadyak to the epochal vibor of Volodimir, Russia became entrusted with the Christian Sunset, and not with the Islamic Congress. Tzey zv'yazok zumiviv її nebachneniy ustorichny, suspension і cultural and cultural development. It is important to reevaluate those who Christianity did not come to Kiev from Rome, but from Byzantium. Zgodom, if there is a reliable connection between these two centers, Kiev will become the center of Constantinople, and Catholicism will come. So the foundation was laid on Maybutnich baked conflicts between the Ukrainians and the closest cousins ​​of the Catholic Viry - the Poles.

Yaroslav the Wise (1034-1054) . The death of Volodimir led to a new brother-in-arms fight between the Ruriks. Behind the Pole’s Poles, the senior synonym, Volodimir Svyatopolk (who often call him “Cursed” ), attacked his younger brothers Svyatoslav, Boris and Gleb and beat them. The two remaining, young and especially popular among the people, the Orthodox Church came to the holy. Naslіduyuchi dad, іnshiy syn of Volodimir, Yaroslav іz Novgorod, at 1019 p. for the help of the great Varyazky Vіyska, having beaten Svyatopolk. Protev overhae did not give you any new authority. On Yaroslav Pishov’s brother, Mstislav Khorobriy, I, so that they could die of bloodshed, the stink had gone out of the blue. Deprived of Novgorod, Yaroslav having wiped out the land on the road to Dnepr, water hours on the road went to Mstislav, then got over from Tmutorokan to Chernigov. Kyiv - which is supernaturally important for both princes - has lost nothing. Tils of death of Mstislav at 1036 p. to the throne of Kiev, Yaroslav, having become the sole ruler of Rus.

Trivale of Princess Yaroslav accepted to respect the apogee of the power of Kyiv Rus. Vin rozvinuv I having scooped up the bagato so that I will catch Volodymyr. Yak and I’m Batko, Yaroslav having sold the wider cordons of his already great volodynas: the two at the entrance to the land, crammed with the Poles during the period of internal disruption, the new and improved state of the tribe. The result of the conquest of Volodin Yaroslav's conquest went from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea and that river. Oka to the Carpathian gir. However, it’s possible to reach a place of imprisonment in Constantinople, which, to the point of speaking, having stayed in the foreground of the Russian Orthodox Church. Kiev piddrimuvav with Constantinople zagalom friendly friendship.

In the middle of Europe, the prestigious status of the dynasty of the Bula, the readiness of the oldest dynasties to enter into it at the beloved zvyazka. For the whole world’s prestige of Yaroslav and justice and great greatness. The squadron’s squad is a Swedish princess, having recognized one Polish sister as one of the Polish sisters, нnshu - the prince of Vizantius; the three blue synods became friends with the European princesses, and the three dons got married for the French, Norwegian and Ugrian princes. It’s not marvelous that scholars often call Yaroslav “the father-in-law of Europe” .

The proto-yogo glory spiraled over to reach the internal field (titsi. The zavidaki yogo piddrimtsi shvidko grew up in the church. Monasteries became outstretched,). Osoolivno glorified prince of the church. During the rule of the “golden-domed” Kiev, there were 400 churches. With the greatest diamond at the crown crown, the Cathedral of St. Sophia, the buildings in front of the Cathedral of St. Sophia at Constantinople. The princely turbot about the church became the ones of 1051 r. vin stubbornly having appointed Metropolitan of Kiev Rusyn Ilarion. Acts of history take a look at the whole church forbidden by the church superficiality of Constantinople. Protein, knowing the fact of the hostile development of the Russian Church, more than one disciple to keep, the patriarch of Constantinople mustache having won the supremacy over the Metropolitan of Kiev.

But nowhere, since you don’t find it necessary to imitate Yaroslav and were called Mudrim for yak, it became commonplace that you almost completely adopted the law “Ruska Truth” and became the legal code of the country. In this new law, no more systematized, ale th subcodi znіnyuvalis, scho about the all-consuming turbot of the ruler about the life of the first child. So, the blood of the pomp was penniless, compensating for the establishment of the prince whose yogi nameniks. For the sake of first contact, those who have right now the first contact with the scholastic tribes of the aggressive tribes of the merchants of the Scandinavian suspension of the Russian Rus sian society, have been educated.

Kiev Cathedral of St. Sophia XI century (reconstruction)

Kiev Cathedral of St. Sophia XI century (reconstruction)

Undeterred to death, Yaroslav, having experienced a problem, yanked Volodymyr’s father and father: as a result, they wanted to fight for the throne , but, as a rule, he was slain for the death of the prince with his sins. In the case of land and political dominance, the principle of seniority within the boundaries of the homeland has been fixed. Behind the senior blue Izyaslav Yaroslav having closed Kiev and Novgorod іz navkolishnіmi territories; to another, Svyatoslav , having presented Chernigiv, the third, Vsevolod , - Pereyaslav; the fourth, Vyacheslav , is Smolensk, and the youngest, Igor , is Volodimir Volinsky. It is safe to say that the throne, the skin brother, followed the plan of Yaroslav, descended on the mantle, and the skin docks through hell did not reach the top of the entire system - the throne of Kiev. For good at such a way of skin blueness, the rule of government in Kiev, Yaroslav was able to uniquely bake the family of bones, and the yakin had a number of buoys.

Wanting to do this for an hour, the system of rotation of power was very important for three of us with the best sins - Izyaslav, Svyatoslav and Vsevolod, not without a surprise, I was pushed to the next barcode. Nayseryozhnіshoy bula that, the idea of ​​rotation of power super-translated to the most basic principle - the downturn of the old man to the blue. Blue deceased deceased princes began to dominate the rights to take a month of their fathers and did not bother to act before the uncles. On the other hand, the characteristic rice of the Belaroslavian doby was made up of little cakes of little things between the tribesmen and uncles. Until then, the number of princes of the Czars had been increasingly flared up.

At the end of the maturing social supernatural, at 1068 p. kiyans, dissatisfied with the rules of Izyaslav, the signals of the yogi, having planted the nature of the yoy tribe of Vseslav. I want to help the Poles Izyaslav turning tidy in rebel, 1068 p. have become a landmark in history, having marked itself as the first person to documentally document the “revolution” in Ukrainian land. Until then, a long-standing threat to the steppe hung over the Ukrainian cordons again, so that Russia would once again be tormented. The Kochov tribes of the Polovtsy (Kumaniv), who could be for the liver, launched a series of attacks, which were not unreasonably close to Kiev and the unscrupulous collapse of trade caravans across Dnipro. The blame for the deeds of the attack lay on the princes themselves. They couldn’t help with a powerful zbrati’s cat stronger than vіsko, numbered young dukes, added to the rights of dwelling in the system of rotation of power (they called them izgoys), and in the fight against supernaturals they clicked on them halfway through.

Dome mosaic of St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev

Volodimir Monomakh (1113-1125) . Well, independent, now, Russia could know in its own way to bring about the trouble. To enter the arena is a new vidatny dyach - Volodimir Monomakh, synod of Grand Duke Vsevolod (title of Grand Dukes of Kyiv governed by the 11th century). Until then, how can I go to the Grand Duchy’s throne, if I’ve seen the role of the newly established order in the country. The monk became one of the organizers of the system for finding the most important princes at Lubechev’s birthday in 1097, we joked, I want to, unsuccessfully, I’m able to bring up more brotherly confessions, I’ll have to keep the system in check. Prototype of no compromise could not reach the reach of Kyiv itself, which was so deprived of the apple of the draw. The great fame and popularity were won by Volodymyr Monomakh, who could be like Polovtsy. To retell, nibi Monomakh 83 times, having won over the princes and mobilized the population, having stepped up against them and knowing 200 of the Polovtsian leaders. Especially in the distance boules walk 1103, 1107 and 1111 pp. The stinks became the most important sideways of the trivial wrestling of Kiev and the steppe nomads. Due to the popularity of Volodimir Monomakh, those who won the death of a kiyan rebelled, wimagayuchi, schob Monomakh having occupied the Grand Duke’s throne, I wish that I won’t be without an unceasingly downcast man. I less than 60-month Monomakh, having given the year to become the Grand Duke, the rebel nailed. By the power of his majestic authority, the new ruler was given the opportunity to revive the greater power of the Russian lands. Since quiet feasting is not yet possible in Russia, not so much as unity and prosperity, like for Monomakh. Yogo also turbulently grown up socially protected mid-period. Having restored order to the broken rebels of Kyiv, having won the battle of the boyars and bagatih merchants. Win overheard the gargoys of the lower faiths, systematizing their own legal code of their rights and obyazyka, even more often than the more mature yogo popularity among the people. For the sake of that, sincerely earnestly I asked Monomakh suspicious problems, є words please, with such wines dawning to the blues of unhappiness to death: “And do not forget the wretched over the mustache ... and don’t let the strong destroy the people ... Also I didn’t give a strong offense to the widows. ” Sinov Volodimira Monomakha Mstislavov all while removing the trimata together with the Russian lands and those who possessed the power over the grandfather of the greater number of princes. Ale vіn buv remained the ruler of Kiev, as it were, the power of the bolsheviks. Yogi death at 1132 p. she designated Kinets of historical doby, in Kiev as the main center of Russian lands, I laid the cob of periodically divided granules.

Inter'єr Cathedral of St. Sophia in Kiev