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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Zanepad Kiev

Political fragmentation . I won’t be astonished at those who, through an equally short period, were struck by the first Kievan rulers of the lands of the West, it began to disintegrate. The share of the spiritual and the middle European empire is similar to that of the king of Charlemagne. We are so magnificent, although I want more, more political assertions, we simply rejected the most advanced technical structures and organizations for that, so as to overwhelm the vast territory with a long hour. In Russia, Rurikovich, through members of their own rooted dynasty, secured the acquisition of land. I would like to give birth to steel, money from the princes of Bula for the sake of the fact that among them is the oldest and the same, the right to supreme power. Due to such disruptions, the clans and families were especially weak.

Proteus іsnuvav another one aspect of the problem of politically fragmented. On the basis of the principle of recessionary succession (patrimony) over the system of seniority of the abbot of Yaroslav the Wise prince, Rodi more and more quietly let the roots of their native lands, for them it became clear to them that they were completely unrecognized in the future. a kind of sharpened uninterrupted struggle. XII Art. win 10 to 15 of such princes , the largest of which are Galitsko -Volinske , Volodimiro-Suzdalske , Novgorod , Chernigivska and Smolensk . The skin has little independent polity, economical and cultural status. Universidok tsogo Kievska Rus progressively transformed on the whole with the help of centers, linked with special religious traditions and cultural traditions, dynastic ties. Prote centri qi boules with a significant peace of self and often robbed themselves of themselves.

In the process of the new and new principalities of bagatism, the population of the lands of Kiev were reduced to such a world, which before him did little to bring the Principality. Vlasna Todi Misto Kiev with adjacent territories became known as the “Russian land” - the university has rozumіnnі words. That is independent, but Kiev has been overrun by a great tribute. That, who won yogo, was not written only by the prestige of the ruler of the " mother of the Russians ", but by the first claim to supremacy in the dynasty of Rurikovich. Oskilka in Kiev, the Metropolitan is alive and found in the head temples and monastiry, being deprived of the imperishable cultural and religious, but not political, center of the Rus. To navigate from the population of the territory of Kiev to the whole lands, one of them lost their lands and densely populated principalities in all of Ukraine.

Protey overtake Kiev boules water time and yogo misfortunes. They sold their goods to the princes for a place. Ukrainian historian Stefan Tomashivsky pidrahuv, scho mіzh 1146 and 1246 rr. 24 princes 47 times ruled in Kiev. Of them, one at a time having taken the throne, five princes were ruled three times and was leather, and the second was ruled two times. Characteristically, 35 knyazyuvan torn less than a rock skin. One prince will give pidyshov before the problem of Kiev. Let’s fight to lose power over the conquered Kiev, and also we won’t allow ourselves to let us know that I could only hold my mother’s mother and daughter in Volodymyr-Suzdal’s prince of Moscow, 11, Moscow prince. having attacked Kiev and wildly robbed him. Misto so much didn’t reach even the greatest magnitude.

Economic stagnation . The order іz political problems іsnuvali and gospodarskі. As if I’ve been remarried, Kishova’s rosette on the great trade hat “From the Varangians to the Greeks” has played an important role in his birthday. З кінця XI Art. Significance of the tsar’s hat changed. There is little need for the economy of Kyiv. Impatiently, the merchants, destroying Kiev, established direct ties between the Vizant, the Little Asia and the Near Convent, from one side, and the West from the West. In addition, the Russian princes, who fought against each other, it’s important to blame the hardships according to Dnepr vid na kokovikіv. At 1204 p. Kyiv’s trading stars recognized a new blow, as long as the hour of the hike campaign, Constantinople was plundered. Having entered the waterfall at a regular time, the Abbasid halifat is the capital in Baghdad. The owner of Kiev lost two of the most important partners in trading. Many economic dangers were aggravated by the already strained crowds of the middle and upper populations of the city, often prizvodyachi to social vibrations. Because of the obvious evidence, the number of capital of the Russian Federation is greater, more economically and socially, it has fallen.

Mongolo-Tatars . By reference Nemesis, for Kiev, bullies, long-standing horns - Kochoviks. The protest was not beaten to Kyiv, the fragments of ten years of delay and the costly for both superpowers of the Russian princedom were established by these tribes of the old hundred, and the deceased of the princes of us knew. A beggarly blow was blocked by the Mongol-Tatars of Kiev.

Wanting the similarity of the Mongol-Tatars was not reinstated remotely, vidomo, scho at the XII century. the stink wandered off the near lands of China. Maize, all their strength and energy, the stench was vitrified in the midst of that kind of confrontation for the wretched passover. In the remaining ten years of the XII century among them, the leader was chiefly named for im Temya, (at 1206 p. wins, having chosen a high title of Genghis Khan, tobto khan over khans), having reached the unknowingly: ix their absolute possession. The stepping stone of the stepping stone of the majestic vіyskі force and the aggressiveness of these tribes against the simple number of civilized ones became the next step.

Mongol-Tatarskiy vіyska, but nichols didn’t make any baggage (more than 120 to 140 thousand. At 1222 p. Mongolian-Tatar zag_n pereyshov Caucasus and attacking Polovtsov. The Polovtsian Khan Kobyak, having bent himself to the aid of many princes of Russia, helped him. At 1223 p. the Russian-Polovtsian forces were in trouble with the Kalki river with the Mongol-Tatars and the horrific battles, they recognized the terrible defeats. Ale Mongols, overly having spoiled their powers, violated not in vain, because of the peremogy they turned back to the house. The Russian princes shvidko forgot the catastrophe of the vipadok, rejoining at the internal creatures. Proteus at 1237 p. on the cordons of Russia, it’s stronger than the Mongol-Tatar people on the cordons of Chingizkhan Bati Бm. Let us bend ’with a sword that circled the city of Ryazan, Suzdal and Volodimir, and at 1240 p. reached to Kyiv. Wanting the Mister’s Prince Mikhailo V_k, the townspeople on the side of the commander Dmitry, who sent Danilo Galitsky, decided to defend themselves as an attacker. The cover of Mista Bula was trivial and stiff, and if the Mongol-Tatars beat the Moscow Muri, they fought for the skin and for the leather bumpkin. Nareshtі on. An ear of a breast of 1240 rubles. Kiev falling p_d blows of the Mongol-Tatars.

Historians often extend the political history of Kyiv Rus into three periods. The first period - shvidka zrostanna - ohoplyuє Mayzhe 100 rokіv - z 882 p., If the throne at Kiev’s siev Oleg, to the death of Svyatoslav at 972 p. Based on everything that was rooted to the strategic plan of Kyiv, the princes varied and ordered their own trading arrivals according to Dnepr - “the nobility of the Greeks”, we respected our most important people. So the main goal is the most gospodar city politics, and I am ready to take a look at the opportunity of the Vіzantіyskіy іmpperії.

Another period is the recovery of Prince Vladimir Volodimir the Great (980–1015) and Yaroslav the Wise (1034–1054), who would have won their fortune with their own conquest and attainment of the highest possible cultural stability. To protect the territory from the front period here, I will transfer the internal rosette. Dedali vіdchutnіshim became law and order. The supremely important bulo is in the maintenance of Christianity, which has brought a new culture and a thoroughly differentiated and self-reigning population of Kyiv Rus.

The remaining period characterizes the impeccable ruin princes, zrostayuchaya threat of attack of the tribal tribes and the economic stagnation. Deacors of history to bring, that all the daredevils have come without a reason after the death of Yaroslav the Wise at 1054 p. Ensuring that the cob ranged away after the reign of princes remained far away from the rulers of Kiev – Volodimir Monomakh (1113–1125) and that of the first synod of Mstislav (1125–1132). So chi inakshe, if prince of Suzdal Andriy Bogolyubsky at 1169 p. having seized and rooted Kiev, and then violated the restraint of yogi, turning to his own private land, it became apparent that the more important economic value of Kiev has already been recognized. The remainder of the watering of Kiev by the Mongol-Tatars at 1240 p . commemorated the tragic Kinets of the Kiev period of history of Ukraine.