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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest


From the point of view, political organization is easier to establish, such as not Bula Kievska Rus, lower than those, like the won Bula. Kiev Russia is not a Bula power in an hourly rozumіnnі words. Razligati її yak taku - would mean attributing the third higher level of political organization, lower than the whole right. There is not a small amount of centralized management, no all-inclusive and rooted bureaucratic system. A single sound between the Volodars and the Poles, before the German populations, having lost sight of the Danini form. Among the political princes, the special dignity and interest were confused, and the powers and suspensions were sparingly and ignorantly consumed. Political hundred-year-old boules were darling, lingering and irreplaceable, and political problems were often tackled for help. І all the same amount of political, social and economic organization of Kyiv Rus, culture developed; Vidtak zavdannya given to the distributor of the log in the knowledge of the main rice of the whole process.

Political device

Before the arrival of the Varangians, the main political unit of the old words was the tribe. Scoop up vidomosti about ikhnyu tribe organization organization to communicate about those who in the hands of the leader of the tribe and tribes, a wide range of government prevailed, while the victory was dictated by sound and traditions. Important meals varied like a hat for the sake of our seniors and old people, we’ve scrambled to the tribes for the sake of the bulletin board of the political life of the inhabitants, more often than not, the community (the world, others), all the way to the rush, say, Siveryan and Drevlyan. Centers of political power were bored by the number of fenced in settlements, who looked at the cleansed places, the members of the tribe settled.

The Varangians imposed their commerce and organization forms on the whole tribal system of scholarships, having established middle ranks of the tribes in such a manner and unity, that allowed them to effectively grant. By the largest “Volodars” of foreign trade enterprises, they were members of the Rurikovich dynasty, and the very stench of Mali was most profitable and owned. The protesters of the princes of the great world lay in the presence of the squad, then I mean the number of people living with them was brought up by the squads. Characteristically, only one of the main turbots of the first Kiev rulers would have been very pleased with the power of the warriors, so that the stench did not go to the supernatural. Due to the widespread flow of the Varangians, the political power of the West was raised among the Mistakhs, and they were blamed on the main trading gaps. Najvivlivshim iz zikh mіst buv Kiev.

The princes of Kiev at the unequal world went into monopoly power. Until the rule of Yaroslav the Wise in the middle of the XI century I am most ambitious, talented and hard-core members of the dynasty repeatedly go to the city style and state their superiority over their brothers and their competitors. All periods of strong power were streamed in the center of the trend, and one was safe. The service for the reform of Yaroslav the Wise in the system of the preservation of power, for the kind of skin member of the Shiddishly growing dynasty Rurikovich having denied the practical part of the theoretical part of Volodya, came back to decentralization of power. The heir to the Grand Duke of Kiev was resolved to become no more than the titular head of the dynastically starred conglomerate of princes, who continually robbed themselves of themselves.

Hanging on the rice paddies with the polish flower of Kievan Rus, atrocities to mechanics, through yak_ zdіysnyuvalas vlada. The most valiant of them were the boules of Prince Vlad, glad of the boyars (thought) and the townspeople (otherwise). The skin of the institute is a vividly monarchical, aristocratic and democratic tendency in the political structure of Kiev. Vlad’s prestige, the prince was browning with them, and having his clerks gobbled him up for security, order and zahist. In the vicarious svіyshikh funktsіі prince nasampered before lying vіd team. In time to consume the greater forces of the country, the militia of the city dwellers was gathered, but, on the other hand, an incessant mobilization was carried out. The number of tsii vіyska bula is apparently small - nearly 2-3 thousand here. Cholovik, and then less. Similarly to suspensions, which are not less powerful authorities, governors of the princedom, the servants of the prince, as well as the secrecy, as well as the butler, the governing maturity and others, have taken care of the whole function. In the middle of the land and the princes were appointed posadnik, who, as a rule, flew away from the members of the virgin homeland. In the peripheral lands, the will of the prince will be redeemed by the tysyatsky militia militia with his own pledges. Having done justice, the prince himself was appointed to be judged with the “Russian truth” by Yaroslav the Wise. Zrozumіlo, the prince Vlad’s name is of little importance in the management of Kyiv Russia, and all at once, in the new, ship and administrative system, the system is fully operational.

At the financial level of our princes, the past Daninis lay in front of us. A fold-over system of roll-over was spread out in a year, which included state sponsorship (as it was called “dim” orplow” ). Until the last dzherel of princely incomes, there were mitos for bargaining, fees for conviction and fines. The remaining ones piled heavily on the dzherelo pributkiv, the fragments of the laws of Kiev, which were punished for the zlochin, gave the courage to penniless biplates before the death penalty.

For joy, the prince’s muslim prince has been pulled to the boyar’s duma - an authority that has a clerk of senior members of the squad, a bagato with some kind of bullets, patches of varied clothes and words of the old tribal leaders. Pіznіsche mіssce u dumі dіstali і church ієrarkhi. Functions of thought do not clearly appear, and the prince didn’t have any goiters, rejoice with her. Protein, ognorechuy її, win rizikuvav shook off pidtrimki from the side of the whole infusion organ, scho representing usyu boyars to know. The princes, as a rule, were taken to respect the position of the boyar’s thoughts. I will arrange the democratic side of Kyiv in a representative manner , but the people of the city , having looked before the princes appeared, apparently, the tribal glad of the old words were like. Else cried out by the prince as a city-dwellers, if the need was violated, they should rejoice at least hanging their little thought. Take a meal, talk about everything, walk around, go ahead, lay the land, see the throne, distribute the settlement at the state, organize the meeting. Viche could criticize, but vilify the prince’s policy, but there’s quite a bit of a right to recognize your own politics, see what the law is. Proteus, if the new prince had succeeded to the throne, could have otherwise entrusted him with a formal plea (“row”), for which the prince of goiters did not go over traditionally between the powers of the Lord, and won’t know his dominion over him. Wanting the right to take part in the great head of family, in fact, at the big gatherings of the Panuval Moscow merchant, I know, I overturned them to the arena of the midfielder super.