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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Suspension Organization

Mayuchi, for the winter festivities, of 3 to 12 million people and the great territory, which nearly 800 yew. sq. km (even half of Ії - between Ukraine), Kyiv Rus was the most politically formulated middle Europe. Prior to that, the formation was growing up fast. In the process of advancing the development of the meanings forgiven by the people and the newly formed tribal nobility of the earthquake, the suspension of the old words ЇX Art. too much of the same in the ethnic and the socially important, but the heir to the shvidko rozbudovi of Kiev to the words of the Middle Ages use the varieties of war, the merchants, the people of Turkey, and Turkey. On the last day, steel merchants and remnants began to prosper. Nareshti, having adopted Christianity, preceded the appearance of a new class - the clergy. In a word, the population of Kyiv Rus has become more cosmopolitan for the cultural organization, ethnically stating and dedaling more and more socially.

Naivishche mіssets in suspension of the ієrarkhіі , who schoozdivalsya, were given the number of members of the rіznih vіdgaluzhen dynasty Rurikovich . Princes of war, older and younger warriors of the і mistsev nobility asserted the class of boyars , who were called men . For an hour, to know the Scandinavian similarity to the words ян і і і зу has been waning; All of the mastery of such nonsense Scandinavian names as Helgi, Helga, Ingvarta Valdemar and the words “yankskivli” - Oleg, Olga, Igor Volodimir. Constantly attack the merchants in the trade of hats, as well as the economic non-fall of Constantinople at the XII century. They called for an exchange of opportunities to engage in bargaining, as a result of which colossal warriors-merchants steadily redirected to the great land-masters. To know their land did not become difficult, the debris of the princes of Mali was enough for uninjured people and handed out their friendships. On the other side of Western Europe, the feudal landowner was knotted by the service of his overlord, in Russia the boyars were showing off the right of the descent volodynets by the mothers (patrimonies), in order to protect one from the other. Bagato boyars lived at Mistakh, selling their land to the villagers, they took part of the products for sale and sold them to the market. In Vlasne, the interest in the city, the interest in commerce and the ruble were taken by the boyars of the Kiev Rus and the European feudal lords.

On the chimney lower than the vid boyars there was a little name to know , but they called it anyway, people who often respect the “middle class” of Kiev. The most prominent representatives of the boules were great merchants, who engaged in international trade, entered into homeland ties with the boyars and dominated the city police. Ported to the bureaucrats of Western Europe quiet hours to know the Kiev Rus Bula far can be numerically, if they can get bargained at XII Art. called up to the private change її roles. Prior to the change of the big city, they were called “young people”, there were other traders , kramrams , high - level craftsmen, coasters, jewelery, jewelers, jewelery corporations. Nayinizhchu rally social gathering Drabini Mista took the " mob " - that’s because they haven’t got anything to do with the "black robot".

The greatness of the population was made by the villagers, but stinkers . About the villagers vidomo nebagato, the fragments of historical Jerel gained respect for other classes. Zagalnovnovanim є fact, scho stretch usіїї Kyiv Dobi bіlshіst villagers boules seemingly nezalezhnymi. Proteus from the XII — XIII centuries From the ear of a spree, the signs of the ever-growing enslavement of the settlement by feudal lords are appearing, which have begun to grow. Vilnius peasant Mav the right to get involved in court, move from misc to misc, transfer land from the fallen to the sins (for example, the mav and til of daughters, then the prince of mav has the right to claim land). The main obov'yazkoy stink of bula is the payment of Danini and vidbuvannya vіyskovo duties (as a rule, of an auxiliary character) pid hour vіyni. About the lawless camp of the villagers in suspension of transfers of “Russian Truth”, a fine for driving a stink: pennies in these vipads became 5 hryvnias. For a break: for killing a merchant whose young warrior, the homeland compensation became 40, and for driving a senior warrior of the prince - 80 hryvnias.

If a peasant is a representative of the vernacular social regime, having been in bondage (and, with interest rates of 25 to 50, it was difficult to get by), but if you just took a penny to win a loan, you would be obliged to pay a fee. . Tsі zababalenі abo napіvvіlіnі robіtniki called procurement. At the very bottom of the suspension pyramidi, rabbis, but serfs, were intercepted. Fragments of the main commodity in exchange between Kiev and Constantinople were enslaved by slaves, no matter how small, but slavery in Russia was seen as sound, especially before the adoption of Christianity. Among the slaves, bagato with some kind of practice were the princesses' mother’s, boobs were full of children, good children, purchases, they were reluctant to enter into all kinds of services, and that’s not good. Protein stinks could themselves have bought themselves freedom, but they would have been welcomed by the winery for their service to their panov.

For okrem, I mean for the rosmas, the social group became church ministers . It was only the churches that paraded the priests, the dicones with the si'm, the price and the chernitsy. In addition, the church was intercepted by the Holy Cross. So the princes were called on the back side, they spent their fiefdom (they also called them izgoy princes for an hour), but they didn’t fit into the framework of this social history. Until recently, there were lodges of rabbis (the church wished for the liberation of servants, who were merciful to God for their merciful pleas), bankrupt merchants, blue priests, who were not allowed to enter the dignity through unwritten writing.

Historians of the preceding hour passed over Tim, so that you can see the difference between the suspension of the Kiev Rus and the Middle Sunset. І Zokrem, ix of food, chi skryz є Europe feudalism peredudu having added іndustrialіalіzatsії. Radyansky historians impose zrozumilim on their own, and Kiev Russia is feudal suspension. The thoughts of the city are trimming and non-Marxist historians, like Mikola Pavlov-Silvansky, who has especially earned respect for the fact that Kievsk Rus was divided in the XII century. to a number of small princes іz grandfather viraznіshoy sіlskogospodarskoy orіntatsієyu. Proteus of the most common non-Marxist historical history is the theory. If there is a stench, it should be insured that the institute of feudalism, the institute of the basal deposits of the Volodinians of Rurikovich, didn’t recover, the clerk of Vlad the princes over the boyars of the minimum. Prior to that, the role of trade in life in the life of Kyiv Rus was great, as well as the presence of overly unrestrained villages to report about those situations in which people came to the country. For those who want to see history of Kyiv, Russia will soon be a unique social system, rather than leading a social system to the category of feudal suspensions.