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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest


At the hour, if the majority of the Masovih rebel at Europe, the fight hit the new hour, Velika Ukrainska rebel 1648 p. overcame, as a result of the Bula, the magnatska elita was assimilated and the mіstseva administration was installed. Ale wants tsya epohalnaya podiya pretended to bagatokh zmіn, by impersonating them, she lost bagato food. Among the Kozatskys' wagons there were wines at the guesthouse of those who lost the Ukraine and Moscow, who shukati patrons of the middle eastern powers. We have also become more and more social and economic problems. If you become Ukraine with a unique suspension of large goats-diggers, I would like to settle in a row near the village, why did the senior officer just borrow a little gentry?

In the middle of Ukrainians more than a dozen years after the death of Khmelnitsky sharpened baked superachki alongside this food. The time has come for suspension rivalry, foreign interventions, further desolation, even spat out over the edge. In the Ukrainian historical tragedy, in some Ukrainian, they mourned great energy and rebuilding; After 20 misses after the death of the Khmelnitsky, we will overcome the death of the villain; we will know that the Ukrainian people are free to reach for the achievement of safe living. As a result, a bagatoobitsyachu was spent on the possibility of politically self-appointed, on the verge of the rebels of Khmelnitsky.

New device

If Khmelnitsky died, the Cossacks had better land on the right and left banks of the Dnieper (the number of Kyiv, Bratslav and Chernigiv provinces), as well as the Galicia and Volyn lost. On pidleglikh to the Cossacks lands with a surface of about 250 yew. sq. km lived 1.2-1.5 million people. In the first decade, half of the land rebelled, which had previously belonged to the Polish Crown, became the power of Vіyska Zaporozky, yako handed over a large part of the self-possessed settlements to the villages, and donated money for it. Pributki from part of these lands (the so-called ranks of their ranks) were used to pay pennies to the senior cossacks, and they were transferred to services. Nearly 33% of the land belonged to the Cossacks and the Ukrainian nobility, 17% were blasphemy to the authority of the Orthodox Church.

Kozaki shvidko restored their form of rule. On the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the number of blocs was 16 for 16 districts , but for the regiments, they were given regiments to the regiments of Kozatsky. The colonels, who were sent an hour of war, commanded 3–5 thousand regiments, blamed the main administrative and naval officers at the peace hour at the peace hour. The territory of the skin regiment lasted for hundreds, in some cases the administrative functions were restored by the centurions. Organized by regiments and hundreds of regiments, they were seen by the great cities of the virgin lands, and they wore their name. On the lower side of the administrative administration campus there was a village called Mistechko chi, a village owned by a Cossack otomanov. A hibernation of the Cossack elders was robbed by the Cossacks of the entry corrals. In the course of an hour, the planting became decline.

Hetman is standing on top of the high administrative-administrative system. Theoretically, in the order of the Cossack general’s sake, the yak was robbing him. Ale through shvidke zbіlshennya number of goats in 1648-1666 pp. the fulfillment of this joy became unapproachable, to that the hetman repeated the click of ix. The nature of Khmelnytsky and that of the offenders delighted to be happy with the grandfathers of the most powerful elders. The prototype of the practice of Getman could have been completely recognized by its prerogatives and respected by the actual rulers of Ukraine. We’ve covered the command of the Cossack’s winter, the stench carried out the official policy, looked at the system of management and convictions, and the control over the Cossack skarbnitsa and the land fund. The fund has taken shape from lands confiscated by the Poles, and the hetman’s right to have a high-power rozpodil ikh has significantly improved his political vaga. On completing the confiscation of land, it was overwhelmingly victorious to exaggerate the Kozatsky officers, the skarnbatnik won 1 million gold coins of the highest rank, the minimum rate.

The general foreman asserted vikonuvati lodged with a new hetman’s function, which was an update of the General Staff for the sake of ministry. The most active member of the general secretary of boulevard, having established the order of the day’s sake for the sake of collecting the main text and that’s the best look for all the znosinami.

The main key post is in the general foreman of the Boulevard - the Posada, analogous to the Ministry of Public Administration - for 40–60 thousand people. regular Kozatsky vіyska, including artillery. Judges help by controlling the general judge, and two general servants and the general coronet hetman vikoristovuv for special handicrafts. Wanting the Khmelnitsky, the offenders waited for each other to respect Kiev with the head Mist of Ukraine, the Getmansky detachment grew up in the small Cossack town of Chigirin, and from the 18th century in Baturin and Glukhov. Formally, the Cossack power of the first order of land was called Vіysk Zaporozky. The proto Muscovites fondly implanted for the sake of the name of Malorosia, and the Poles promoted the name of Ukraine.