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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Livoberezhja pіd dominion of Rosії

Through proximity to Russia, Livoberezhja was deprived of Moscow’s orbital influx. With the chaos of the 1660s and 1670s, these lands won the lesser number of attacks by the Turks, Tatars, Poles and Rosians, and they began to curse the right bank of the right bank. І all the same, Livoberezhya survived its portion of ruinous conflicts, the cause of which was not foreign aliens, but the main order of the little thing, among the senior people.

The internal struggle wandered unceasingly with the writing of the first Getmanuvann Yury Khmelnitsky. Vihodets iz from a bagaty mishchansky family і vidvertiy prichik starshinskogo elitarizmu, Yakіv Somko ob'єdnazhsya with his own colossal supernikom - nizhinsky colonel Vasily Zolotarenko , so that you can take care of the unclean old man. Prototype fractions Somka - Zolotarenka stepping out of Ivan Bryukhovetsky , having come from the lower verities and zavdyaki his demagogic health, becoming an otaman of the Zaporizhzhya. Wait a minute, Moscow took up one fraction for the Inshu. All in all, I’ve been given the pro-Polish sympathies to the foreman, she won the coup to Bryukhovetsky. In cherries 1663 p. Representatives of the Moscow tsar iz from pleasures went on to overtake the famous Ч Black for the sake ’- those who had lost their lives, the hour of some foolish festivities, the children of the country and their hometowns were better off than before. Zgodom new hetman punishing stratity i Somka, th Zolotarenka.

Ivan Bryukhovetsky (1663-1668) . Relocating to Moscow’s valuable deposits, Moscow’s Bryukhovetsky robbing the tsar’s departments one act for the Soviet Union. Vіn іz preparedness, having praised the immovable Pereyaslavsky agreement of 1659, having been denied, besides that, by a powerful cat, utterly increase the liens in Ukraine. At 1665, having hung up the bazhenya “stand before the clear monarch’s ochima,” we’ve sent a letter from the hetman’s to the supervisor’s post office for five hundred goats from Moscow to Moscow. Generously honors Muscovites (they gave him the title of Moscow boyar and knew the squad of a noble noble family), he won the war by signing a favor, and so more often distinguished Ukrainian rights. Behind her, all the great Ukrainian cities were placed under Russian control, royal officers were allowed to take money from the Ukrainian villagers and citizens, they were given the chance to appoint the Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and the new hetman is now guilty of bouv атиkhati for pіdtverdzhennyam to Moscow.

That was past the end of the hour, Yak Bryukhovetsky paid dearly for the unintelligible Ukrainian interests. If in the Ukrainian cities they felt the pledges of Moscow pledges, the royal censuses began to be handed over to the private lives of people, and the people who drank money impatiently obediently, the Muscovites were especially dissatisfied with the demand, especially. Representatives of the upper echelons and middle ti, who had earlier seen the promotion of the Moscow Region, were protesting against the strength of the Moscow festivities. Ale Naybilsha Oburennya mid-Ukrainian wiklikav Andrusivsky agreement 1667 p., A certain rishuche turning by the way against the Bryukhovetsky and Moscow.

Yak і spіvvіtchiznikіv on the Right Bank, lіvoberezhnyh Ukrainіts і thwarted аnd rooted by those, who the king, having honored the hardest of the poles of Ukraine, having seen half of the independent gentry. In 1667-1668 rr. on Livoberezhzhu the hvilya swept up against the tsar’s pledge and the Ukrainian pribichnik. Zrozumіvshi, who are far removed from their own pro-Moscow polity, Bryukhovetsky species є a number of universals, from some ubolіvє for "the desolation of the co-nenya-Ukraine", and entering into the right to do so in good faith. That’s the bullet, it’s literally. In the spring of 1668, if Doroshenko’s regiments crossed to Liviy Bereg, the rogue members were numbered in the bachelor’s season, having scored until the Bryukhovetsky’s death.

Dem'yan the Many Sins (1668–1672) . In the grip of the Poles, Doroshenko, having won the convictions, turn to the Right Bank and punish the hetman of Liberal Ukraine of Chernigiv Colonel Dem'yan Mnogogreshnogo. "Lyudina is simple and unwritten, " The many-sided reputation for a flaunting, a great deal of music and life has not been given to serve, so I want to reproach. From the fall of his nominal nominee, Doroshenko, many years having beaten up and thinking about breaking up Moscow’s nativity, I swore once more to the virnosti princes, and to the dostav to the life of the hetman of Livoberezhna Ukraine.

Protez znizhlennya with Moscow did not mean about the namir of the Polygraphic article by the Tsar’s Marionette, Yak Bryukhovetsky. Of the typical straightforward Dem'yan Straightforward liability of Rosiyan about Ukrainian dissatisfaction and insistence on real estate from the Left Bank of Moscow. Idioms to a compromise, the tsar, having waited for some time to obezdichit kіlkіst pledge of ятьyatma nibіlshimi mіstami. Stosnovno Kyiv hetman unambiguously having betrayed Moscow, who, like him and the Ukrainian citizen, didn’t conquer the tsar, but took his power over the voluntary bazhenya of Vіyska Zaporozky, and that didn’t mean the law of the law. Zagalom reaction of Moscow Bula reconciled. Obviously, the Moscow politicians went to the visitor’s house, and they’ve been impatiently aggressive in the past hour. Masquerade of Moscow’s presence on Livoberezhі was located at the main street

more and more politically illiterate Poles, uninterrupted caring and repressive visits of those who were right on the Right Bank lost their hatred of the population. Apart from the frequent autonomy spent by his successor, the many-sided ones, having also found themselves behind the law and order on the Liberazh Coast, are spinning around the corral of their own companies. Proteins of fatal shortcomings of hetman boules are not tactful and unreasonable. Tse became the reason for the rebellion against the unauthorized Cossack leadership, as the princes denounced the denunciations of the last leaf and many Doroshenko, as well as to switch to the top Turechini. Nareshti in 1673 p. the foreman reached his place. Pobachivshi, scho nepokіrniy hetman vdachaє pidtrimku, tsar v_ddav ordered to re-enter the Multifaceted, piddati yogo torturam і send to Siberia.

Ivan Samoilovich (1672-1687) . Although the Bryukhovetsky’s ass was pretended to be a conflict between the eldest and the first masses of the people, the many-skinned skin was about internal hyperactivity between the hetmans and the eldest. Fighting strong Hetman’s dominion as such, the foreman three months rang out with the vibrators of the offensive of the Many-Shot. The water hour won’t be turned up to the tsar with a proposition to deny the hetman prerogatives. Moscow was deprived of its price. So, if 1672 p. they got Samoilovich as a hetman, they set the mind on you not to judge and not punish the representatives of the foreman, and also not to enter into the znosini’s znosini without consulting with the elders. Prior to that, the new hetman was enthralled to let out the pens of the companies, and, due to tradition, they started to argue seamlessly with you. Naviazuyuchi umovi think, the foreman brokered his own and without any excitement, but he was very much in order to be in possession of hetman’s, and then it’s Ukrainian autonomy.

Sin of the priest, Samoilovich, before joining Vіysko Zaporozke, he had access to significant achievements, while learning from the Kiev Academy. By the stretch of even his whole getmanuvannya vіn, he was magnified by the good deed of good humor with the eldest. Having generously distributed the third land, as well as having opened the corps of the so-called iconic family comrades - young officers, importantly the senior officers, who became part of the getman’s outfit, they stopped to go to work, to go out to work. To the doorstep of the whole corps Samoilovich, having copied the form of the starshinsky dynasties on Livoberezhі.

At the official politician Samoilovich, like all hetmani, having wanted to expand his power to the whole of Ukraine. Win strengthened control over the rebellious Cossacks і in 1676 p. at once iz rozіyskim vіyskom іmіdіvіvіvіvіvіvіvіh regiments, ааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааиг Have a good moment at Kar'єrі Samoilovich’s admonition, if Doroshenko deliberately bowed a hetman’s mace in front of him, after whom he became great “hetman of both banks of Dnipropetrovsk”. Proteus through two rocky Turks Vitisniili Samoylovich zogo rossiyskimi allies z Pravoberezhya. Zalishayuchi tsі land, Samoilovich organіzuvav masoviy wihіd right-bank population on the Livy shore. Unusloc tsogo pervinnna fatherland kozatstva practical knowledge.

A new blow to the hopes of Samoilovich’s reviving Ukraine was the signing of 1686 p. the so-called " Second World" between the Poles and the Rosians. Behind him, Kiev and the land of Vіyska of Zaporozky, passed the king’s post sovereign sovereignty. All right, all the way to Moscow to get the hetman against the Poles of the Right Bank and the Galichini (Rus province), who rightfully belonged to the Ukrainians, who lost their rights to Poland. By his lack of satisfaction with the Moscow policy, Samoilovich was reluctant to give in to the grandiose campaign against Krim, which took place in 1686. Organized by Rosiyani. I wanted a lot of ponad 100 yew. Rosіyan and may 50 yew kozakіv, marriage preparation and hard natural minds brought to failure the price of the great gates. More often the representatives of the foreman rang Samoilovich in saying that they didn’t want to take their own homeland with an illegal hat, and the Russian leaders blamed him for the failure of the campaign, which was inherited from 1687 p. They threw off Samoilovich and sent to Siberia.