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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Rosіyska expansions

Recovering from the XV century Russian expansionism as the chief official of the historical Europe of Ukraine. Z 1462 p., If young, a Moscow state power was ostensibly ostensibly 24 yew. sq. km, until 1914 p., if Rosіyska іmperіya occupied 23.8 million square meters. km, only one shosta to the dry land, the territory of Russia grew from the average 80 sq. km per day. For example, XVIII century she straightened her zusilla on the great conquest of Pіvdnya. Here lay the neo-shores of the Black Sea steppes (they belonged to the Crimean Tatars), as well as the Turks controlled the sea hats, and they protected access to the Middle Sea and trading. Docks for health expansions on weekday of the trip were supported by the Ukrainians, Getmanshchyns allowed permissions. Ale z pispisannyam at 1774 p. Kyuchuk-Kaynardzhsky peace, which ended with the success of Russia in the Turks and the presence of the Black Sea in the Black Sea and the sovereignty over the Krimsk Khanate, was recognized for Ukrainian. Most of the part was checked for the first land, which was lying between Russia and the Black Sea.

Zruynuvannya Zaporozko Sich . Pislya turn at 1734 p. On the other hand, they settled in Zaporizhzhya on their own lands, having forgotten about the old old New Sich. The Emperor’s squad wondered ambiguously at the turn of the line. In the upcoming battles with the Turks, the Cossacks fought so kindly, so Katerina II showered them with praises and medals. However, the stink also overshadowed the rye bagato trouble. Oskіlki in the lands of Zaporizhzhya in Kyrgyzstan didn’t remove the bulk of the vast lands, Sich became a place for the villagers. Until then, since the rebels against Panіv, the Zaporizhzhya invariably took a new fate. So, in 1768 p. the stinks played the role of the crooked insurgent guydamak on the Right Bank, and if the rosy goat Omelyan Pugachov was seen in 1772 p. majestic rebellion on the territory of Russia, the Zaporizhzhya people shoved people of the world.

In the midst of the Zaporizhzhya themselves, they’ve been a sound apprehender of the boules of social conflict and violence. In the densest populations of the lands of Zaporizhzhya (about 1700 inhabitants lived here in 1770, most of them did not belong to the cossacks), fisheries, bargaining, and tvarinnitsvo began to develop. Gospodarsku dyalnist controlled zaporozkі elders. Zokrem, to the bastard kosovy Petrovі Kalnishevsky who was left to the bastard, was imposed 14 thousand yews. Goal of thinness. Most of the elders of the Buli are such bagatimi. Yak і in Getmanshchіn, at the same time, with a startling foreman and an unquenchable hunger, rzkі social and economic vіdmіnnostі rushed apart, through yakі often confused conflicts. Zokrem, at 1768 p. Especially baked cheryuschka zmusila sergeant major knock black and white pick up and rutuvatisya on sushіdnіh rosіyskyh pledges. The order of the bulo was more recently than the letter of the handwritten imperator's. Permanent confrontation in Sich, as well as the oppressed opir, who repaired the Zaporizhzhya migrants from the colonies of the Chornomorsky uzberezhya, overthrew Katerina II because of the need for a radical problem. In addition, yak tіlki skіnchilasa vіyna 1768-1774 pp. the Tatars didn’t even threaten, they suddenly punished the sudden Zruinuvati Sich. 4 worms 1775 p. , if the majority of Zaporizhzhya had relocated to the Turkish front, the Russian army was commanding General Tekeli , who had turned around in the wilderness, she was honored to protect her from the land. Kalnishevsky first sergeant, independent on the first course, the Bulo was sent to Solovkiv. Naibіshiy zagіn s 5 tis. kozakіv znayshov sobliy lane in the Turkish territory near the city of the Danube. Nearly half of all the lands of Zaporozhye were blown up by rossiysky nobles, and the reshta was transferred to the Nіmetsky and Serbian colonists. Kateryna II got the urge to erase Zaporizhzhya Navіz from memory of the people’s. Having overtaken about іх liquidation, she won over, «« living the words зап creepy goat ’’ we can see as the image of our imperial magnitude ’.

Іstoriya Zaporozko Sіchі maє svіy epilog. Five thousand Zaporizhzhya, who flowed to the Ottoman Empire, distantly reached settled in the Danube. In 1784, in order to take out the protivagu, the Russian detachment relocated to the Resolt of Zaporizhzhya Zaporozhtsi on the ground between the rivers of the Bug and Dniester. At 1792 p. They have renamed the Buzky Kozaks at Chornomorske Vіysko and relocated to the Kuban. At 1828 p. the part of the Trans-Danish Cossacks on the wire of Josip Gladky turns to the Russian Empire and the year to share their siblings in the Kuban. Z 1864 to 1921 p. stink buli vіdomі pіd named Kuban goats .

Pіdkorennya Krimskogo Khanate . A drawer to the mayor of the table for the catastrophic campaign of 1686 p. rosiyani magnagia conquer the cream. МіЛс 1734 і 1739 pp. rosiyskim and ukrainian vіysk retreating to break through the river, through the twigs and marriage, the marriage stink musuli turn back. At 1774 p. the stinks took over the whole country, for the minds of the Kyuchuk-Kaynardzhiysky world, the Turks condemned to be closed to suzerain over the Khanate. Nareshti, in 1783, the remains of the Getmanshchini lattice were known a little, Katerina II was stunned about the recognition of the Khanate before the Russian Empire. For the history of Ukraine, such as all Europe, the price is very good. Turkic Kochoviks, whose remaining bastion in Europe Bulo Krimsk Khanate and whose remaining attack on Ukraine vidbuvsya in 1769 p., On the spot, tidy. A step, a thousand years old with a dzherel merry-go-round for the mainstream people, who inhabited this place, for the time being, we started as a steed for a peasant plow.

Presentation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth . Navigate to the Commonwealth of the populations of II million people and territories 733 thousand. sq. km is not a Bula that was captured by the Rostov Expansion Center. Heavily praised by "golden liberties", who actually actually secured Polish gentry and the inalienable rights, it became impotent to govern the country. Mayzhe Tsilkovita anarchy, wanted by tycoons and alien powers, so she was blown away by the relaxed central order, panuval with a stretch of not all XVIII century. Vicoristovuyu its role as patron of the Orthodox Rzeczpospolitos, on the other hand, Russia especially erected an effective way to carry out the reform of its power. Three of the most important sushi of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth were entrusted with the rule of law: Russia, Prussia and Austria . Innocent trekh podil_v — 1772, 1775 and 1795 pp. — The Polish-Lithuanian state ceased to exist. Levova chastka, tobto 62% of the territory and 45% of the population of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the distance to Russia; 18% of the land and 32% of the population - Austria; vіdpovіdno 20 і 23% відійшло to Prussia. The radical numbers on the political map of Europe are directly indicated in Ukrainian. At 1772 p. Ukrainian Galicini and Bukovini have been beaten by the Austrian Panuvannya. Until 1795 p. all Right Bank has been issued to the Russian Federation. History of Ukraine has entered a new phase.

The mayor of the stoltya Getman region reached a center of political life of Ukraine. Although the Russians controlled the third century and the military campaigns, they also got involved in the internal help, all the same management and social policy were available in the Ukrainian courts. Samovryaduvannya sprydnitsennyu ukrainian Ukrainian gentry elity, proud of their traditions. Navigate at 1767 p. senior officers before the Legislative Commission voted for reform of Katerini II, echoing the statement: "Our laws naikrashі." For Hetman, itself, for the political dyaches of Ukraine, the cob of the 20th century precedent of Ukrainian self-liberation.

Bіlsh nіzh through pіvstolіttya pіslya lіkvіdatsії Getmanshchiny Taras Shevchenko writing:

"Bula kolitsa Getman, But I can’t even come back! Bulo kolis panuvals, We won’t be bigger. We won’t forget the glories of Kozatsky."

Hetmanism wasn’t forgotten only - they remembered about it because it helped them to get a new doboo in Ukrainian history, they had a chance to play with the elders, they’ve got a bagato dyachiv, they’ve spelled out the form of national Ukrainian. Istoriya Getmanschini became the key clandestine of the national history and power-building zmagan. The butt of self-liberation, right there and now, has given the hottest Ukrainian people at their homeland to take their own power over the national power.