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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Bukovina and Zakarpattia

As many as 80% of Ukrainian migrants lived in Galicia, then 20% reshta in two small regions: in Bukovina and Transcarpathia. Prior to the song of the world, life was similar. Among the Ukrainians of Bukovini and Transcarpathia, peasants recaptured; Non-Ukrainian - the Romanians in Bukovina and the Magyars near Transcarpathia piled up the paper. Nebagato Ukrainitsіv lingered at the opposite streets, de recaptured nimtsi and Uvre; Promislovosti practically didn’t. Similarly, Galichin, Bukovina and Zakarpattia were the internal colonies of the Austrian center. In the previous situations, the situation has gradually been revived.

On Bukovinі, yak in 1861 p. viddili vid Galichini in okremu province, about 300 thousand. Ukrainians (at least 40% of the population in the region) lived in the private parts. The population of Rashtu was rumuni (34%), реvrei (13%), nimtsi (8%) and the main minorities. In the middle of the years, the Ukrainian villagers of Bukovynets boulevard were most likely, mainly because the great Romanian earth-goers were not less than such a magnificent flood of water, like the Poles and the Magyars. Oskіlki polіtika Vіdnya was reduced to , while Ukraine is Ukrainian as a protivagi to the Romanians, then the first fair is a little more important. On Kinets XIX century. In addition to the wealth of the good, the system of organization has been organized, the opportunity to come to the Chernivtsi University is very good and it’s really nice to watch the game. We’ve completely ceased to wear a hat for national and political development. Bukovintsi, like Ya Rumuni, were boulevards by the Orthodox, and the church єєrarchі Bula is mainly identified by the Roumins. To that, on the vidin of Galichini, the church didn’t grail that and she couldn’t grab the memorable role in respecting the development of national identity in Bukovina; The process of national budgets in the country was significantly improved.

If, in the 1870s and 80s, the process actually started, the great thirst for it was celebrated by the people of Galicia and the influx of Galicia inteligents. In 1869 p. for the rydnіy culture in Chernivtsi Bulo was established Ruska partnership . Through the rіk of the vinikla Ruska Rada , it’s a political group, but it’s very small to represent Ukrainian on vibrators. Sputniks in these organizations were exchanged by Russophiles, but they won’t be very strong in Bukovina. Until the 1880s, rockets over Bukovynian Ukrainians crossed over to such Ukrainophiles, like Galician Stepan Smal-Stotsky (professor of Ukrainian Language at Chernivtsi University) and Mikola Vasilko (bagatiys zemlyas). Out of place at the edge were the representatives of the Galician national democrats, the radical and the social democrats. Until 1914 p. Ruska fellowship, scho orintuvalosya on "Prosvita", got to his warehouse about 13 thousand. Cholovik. Tim hour at 1911 p. a compromise was reached with greater nationalities, after some Ukrainians were guaranteed 17 out of 63 at the parliamentary elections. At the parliament of Bukovyna, the Ukrainian Ukrainians soundly welcomed respectable news. So, the managers of the unbalanced polity during the Bukovina polite political compromise are real, and the national pressure is better ironed out, lower in Galicia.

In Transcarpathia, on the road of Bukovini, nothing about any compromise could not be said. The Magyars as a whole arranged their own land, especially after 1867: the aristocracy exploited the countryside for their own sake, and the Ugrian nationalities completely smothered the patriotism. In this way, even in our business relations there are about 400 thousand. Transcarpathians, Yakis stocked up to 70% of the entire population of the Territory, bullets were most inappropriable from the most recent Ukrainian.

The national development of Transcarpathians also recognized the serious failures. Zra z pislya 1848 p. By the wire of Adolf Dobryansky and Oleksandr Dukhnovich, the stinks achieved a number of inflows to the administrative and security schools. Ale zrostannya rusofіlskih moods, due not to come to Ugorshchina in 1848 p. rosyyskikh vіysk to stifle gnobotiteliv-madyarіv, he was numbered by a numerically small intellectual Greek Catholic clergy, having diluted the cultural meanings between them and the village. Pislya 1867 p. half the strength of the made-up people is significant for the majority of people who don’t have widespread reliance on the people, they squeezed vigorously and asymmetrically, becoming so-called “Madeyrons”. The Greek Catholic Church, which has a small number of priesthoods at Pryashevі and Mukachevі, did not spin the process more nicely, but threw the yogi up. Oskilki zakarpattya viddilyav vid Galichini was an Austro-Ugric cordon, who had been heavily buried, and contacts between them were traditionally weak, here, on the vidin Bukovini, Ukrainian flows could not develop. Viddak in the rest of the twentieth century XX century in the country, I have come to know one word’s chronicle after the last, the number of students in the classroom is 479 in 1874. It went to zero in 1907, and the Partnership of St. Basil, which was about the development of culture, the life itself was alive. You still need young people, such as Yuriy Zhatkovich and Augustin Voloshin, I have worn off chiniti opir madarizatsії.

The Ukrainian Republic of Russia, who had twice experienced Galicia in the first rock of the 20th century, were constantly opposed to that step, and they had become a source of criticism. In Kiev, more and more publicly booked publications of Ukrainian books were published in Lviv, Ukrainian science partnerships, schools, mass organizations, cooperatives, newspapers of political parties, and parliamentary representations were founded in Lviv. In Russia, the national integration continued to be small and medium, often realized in foggy design, in Galina, there are a lot of recent, frequent contact information. ", Cooperatives, political parties. Those who didn’t have the most optimistic Ukrainians were encouraged by those who won’t be able to: they didn’t need more time for the Ukrainian national day, but they didn’t have an ideal attitude, but they didn’t have to.

The Ukrainian Galicini and Bukovini, who didn’t follow the fight, reached the goal of a hostile step. In spite of all your zusillah zhіdnі ukraintsyі in whole, all the more wrestled in the shaking zlidniv; we’ll expand the uncleanness of the villagers with unclean villagers, and nationally with the house, there are low numbers of them. Prior to that, the university’s representatives had been beaten up by state guests and Ukrainian and Russian people, as well as by liberals, conservatives and radicals, who had been able to further develop the Ukrainian suspension. And all the same, in front of the first persuasive light of the middle of the middle of the ukrainian period, almost a bit of optimism.