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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest



Persha svitova vіyna has become for Europe the first and foremost bawdy dosvidom of a well-known wisdom of the war. About the catastrophe of the scale of this conflict I would like to have in good time taken statistical data: 33 countries, as early as they took part in the war, they mobilized 65 million soldiers, and some 10 million were lost and 20 million were injured. Victims of the middle of the civilian population boule may be such. Wijna gained not less than the mass, and the total character. Schob pidtrimati majestic armies, scho fought on the front, the whole slurry with their economies harnessed at the headquarters of the war. Zrostayuchi three times led to a terrible exertion of forces on the fronts and in tila, they fussed and drowned out the fatal political and social-economic and wadi old people of the old order in Europe. As a result, for the Nimechchini, the Turkish and the Austro-Ugric empires (the so-called Central Powers), as well as the Russian Empires, as soon as the United Kingdom, the French and the United States entered into the Antarctic, it became completely unavailable.

With the first peep in the clutches of vii, the Rosіyska іmpperiya fell apart. It didn’t seem to be unsurprised in the fact that ЇЇ Kinei superconducted at the fastest days of the new Rosy’s parties, since then, since then, they have been protesting against the Tsar’s regime, and now they have been magnetized by a completely new and completely independent regime. Ale bagatokh was living by those who were rumored to be different people and the number of empires also felt that they had the right to own their share of the power of the rosary. One of the expansions looked at the revolution of 1917 p. Yak to the titanic battle of class in Russia does not give an adequate rosum in Ukraine: here the Ukrainian revolution vibrated, what’s more, because of its nature, it’s so national.

Ukrainian perviy svitovy vіynі

Injuries for the Ukrainians, the most vicious battles from both warring sides, were blameless, without serious consequences. By extending the effort, Galicia served as the arena of the largest and most violent battles in the Front, the population of the country recognized the terrible tortures of all the ruins of the country, as well as the other team. In addition, the order of the physical losses of the war has more than offset the share of the Ukrainians, who were not the least powerful country, which has captured the most concrete interests. Greatness of Ukraine (with the Russian army of 3.5 million Ukrainian soldiers and 250 thousand served in the Austrian army), they fought and died for the empire, but they didn’t lose more and more national rukh. Nigirshim Bulo those who are Ukrainian - as a participant in the battles from both sides - were driving one by one. The one positive aspect of the bulletin is that those who won the fight for the empire, are self-reliant on the new political possibilities for their fitted piddanich. Alya, first and foremost, for the sake of the possibility of having a new name.

Ukraine Austria Austria once upon a time on the cob of war. On the occasion of 1914, in order to protect the Ukrainian people with a single representative body, the Ukrainian party approved the party of Lviv Zagalna Ukrainian Parliament in honor of the authoritative parliamentary speaker Kostya Levitsky. Having voted, “we have overcome the Austro-Ugric monarchy, we will have our strength, and so much more have been defeated by Russia, and so my nearest neighbor is allowed Ukraine”, the Parliament has vowed all Ukrainian to concur With joy, Rada hung up an idea to make an all-Ukrainian vijskiy zag. On neid vidguknulosya ponad 28 yew. nationally svіdomikh yunakіv, a bug, then they belonged to the organization "Sich", "Sokil" and "Plast" . Sturbation of the wines of the great Ukrainian vaults, as well as of the Poles in Vidny have done so in order to serve up to the Ukrainian Legion (I would like to name you more than 2.5 times in Ukraine ). Cholovik. Tse bulo pershe ukrainskyske vіyskove form of the hour. Greatness of the last Ukrainian, who served the Habsburgs, were included in the regular Austrian pidrozdіli.

Socialists who violated from Russia in Ukraine also approved a political organization from Lviv, as they were a small buti representative of Ukraine, who had reinstated their royal sovereignty. With important, more important historical information, there are many organizations to organize with Volodymyr Doroshenko, Andriy Zhuk, Mar'yan Melenevsky, Oleksandr Skoropis-Yoltukhovskiy, which is often called the Ukrainian Union, Ukrainian powers. In order to reach the price of the VCA, I’ll need to register with Niemechchina and Austria against Russia.

Ale, the city has been growing, and there are organizing boulevards that were visible until Vidnya coming offensive Russian army, so that on the cob heath broke through the Austrian defense and paid back to the great part of Shіdnoy Galichini. For the sake of defeating the Austrians, small fearful incentives for the Ukrainian Galicini. Shukayuchi the reasons for his misfortunes, the Austro-Ugrian team willingly believed that the Polish administration was ruled out by the fact that the reason was the “Ukrainian harassment”, which in fact also sympathized with the rise. As a result of the succession of the Habsburg’s Vіyska, in front of the Ugrian troops, they campaigned on the terror against the Ukrainian population. A hint of rusofiliv, and with the help of zagod i zagaglі ukraintsev with hundreds of zareshtovuvali and insured without trial. Thousands drove to Austria; there they threw them to concentration camps. With the most glorious glory of the middle of them, the Telerhoff barked, de in the sassy minds trimming the ZO yew. rusofіlіv that ukrainofіlіv, so many thousands drove the twig. In the wake of the parliament of Vydena he’s shaken a scandal near such a shutter to the Austrian masses, and in 1917 Tsei ta inshi kontabori bulo punished to close.

An unenviable share of the sale is also the same of Galician Ukrainians, who spent money on occupation. The Tsar’s detachment has made it possible to make it easier for us to live in harmony with Shiddin Halychyna, we are new and we’ll be able to conquer, we’re not called inseparable, like “long-standing Russian land”, now we’ve come to see it again. Potim vin holding on to the life of the myth about the "growth" of Galichini. Count Georgy Bobrinsky (brother of the conservative Rosii Russian conservative, who had long since stepped over Galicini’s burial place) was appointed General Governor of the Bulo, having once made a backstroke attack on the Ukrainian rukh, but the Tsar’s officials called it “greedy”. Yogo with entuziazm pidtrimali rusofіli; such as leader, Yak Volodimir Dudikevich, Semeon Bandasyuk and Yulian Yavorsky, they went off to Russia on the spot, and now they turned around together with different Russian armies. zaareshtovuly and deported to the bank of Russia. The Russians listened to Ukraine, the Austrians gave reporters to the Russians, and the people who saw the ideological superechki of Galicians saw it quietly, and quietly more - more than that, the whole amount of Ukraine was bigger.

Behind the orders of the tsarist authorities, all Ukrainian cultural establishments were closed, cooperative and periodic views. Introduced obmezhnya to live in Ukrainian Movies and tried to be sure to miss the schools in schools. The Greek Catholic Church recognized the especially massive attacks as it is a symbol of Western Ukrainian independence. Hundreds of Greek-Catholic priests were brought to Russia, and the Orthodox priests were put there, they schilled villagers before Orthodoxy. They brought and drove to Suzdal Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky , who was kind of reluctant to flow away from the rosiyan. The metropolitan’s fearless behavior, with a stretch of the spirit of supremacy, pushed the fellow countrymen and significantly skirted the further growth of his popularity. Ale didn’t get caught by the Russians for the rest of their entire plan, as the Austrians went to the counter-attack and before the grass in 1915 p. They doubled the greater part of the town of Galichini. The king’s voices took hostage hundreds of Ukrainian dyachs, as well as thousands of people evacuated, including some Russian people, some of them in Ukrainian now, Priyoshov kіnets.

The shutter of the Russians to the Galician Ukrainians, like the Russian politician Pavlo Milyukov rozsіniv at his own door in the Dumi yak “European scandal”, was a promotion of the politics of the country in Russia. Behind the vibrant bulletin is closed even the entire Ukrainian organization of the newspaper. If 1916 p. zagalnovnovaniye providnik ukraintsev Mikhaylo Hrushevsky turned to Kiev, yogo rasshortuvali and hung on pivnich Rosії. The tsar’s ministry of exorbitant justice Sergiy Sazonov said to the restless complaint: “Now you have a listening moment, so that once and for all, you will come to shame the Ukrainian ruha.” Odnak pislya catastrophic gates at 1915 p. self-satisfaction of the tsar’s detachment has deservedly been beaten, and the trochs have pom'yakshiv tone. The Russian society was repaired carefully by the Ukrainian cooperatives, bookstores, science associations, and also a few newspapers. Vidnovila its coordination dyalnost napіvtaєmna Ukrainian political organization TUP, tbto Partnership of Ukrainian progress, more broadly advocate for constitutional rule in the empire of that autonomy for Ukraine.

Tim an hour at V_dnі, on the Austrian front, at the same 1915 p. Ukrainian politicians won elections and renewed their representative body - Zagalna Ukranian Radu . In the middle of that year, the grandfather was more dependent on Austria-Ugorschina, and the vimoges of the peoples of the empire were more likely to smile, the middle of them being Ukrainian. Thus, the Zagalna Ukrainska Rada dashed with its own method the independence of the Russian Ukraine, which, as a result, was able to conquer the Austrians, as well as wide autonomy for the Halychyna Bukovini. Proteus if 1916 p. Having seen the Poles after gaining more control in Galichin, the Rada self-released to protest. Nadal Zakhidnoukrainski іnteresi representing the Ukrainian club videnskogo parliament at the party with Петvgenom Petrushevich .

At the same time, there were also diplomatic associations with the Union of Ukrainian Visitors, which were financially promoted by those who were Austrians. The organization organized a representative office at a bagato in the European capitals to propagandize the help of Ukrainian independence. Although I didn’t have any results, the VCA robot ale had hundreds of thousands of half-shaven Ukrainians, 50 thousand. Of these, they were trying out special camps, not less than bringing up the national army of soldiers, and the first brought to the ranks of the so-called Syrozhupanno and Sinozhupanno divizii, who can fight for the right to fight in Ukraine. Viddak for sales didn’t give a hint about the fact that the Ukrainian, as well as the indigenous people, indefinitely set up the grandfathers who were too discreet at the most powerful and less expensive ones.

At 1917 p. the warring parties leaned on the front side. That special hospitality was reached by the work of Russia, and the leader of total war, having won the fragments of the old, rotten and inferior regime of the bankrupt tsar Mikoli II. For us, the participant of Russia has recognized the worst losses - 8 million people were killed, injured and completely lost. Tse was widely dissatisfied, the fragments were often explained by the impertinence and mercy of the side appointed by the king of the incompetent commanders. Water time through corruption and inefficiency of the Russian officials and promises of hundreds of thousands of soldiers were sent against the heap, and the village didn’t want to bring rushnitsy with paddles. The vina and the pro-girls of the department have called for yet greater crisis in the utmost suspension. With a mobile service for nearly a half of the foster family members, the changed products and promises were increased, and the prices were growing. Starvation became a zvaychaynom clairvoyant, especially middle of the inhabitants of the city, strikes broke out, the people grew rozcharuvannya.