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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Russian Revolution

At 1917 p. vdbulisya dvі rosіyskі revolution . Persha - Lyutneva - soon resembled a bustle, now like a rebel. It was a pity that she won the innocent, if 8 birch trees (23 fierce for the senior art.) Petrogradsky robots laid bare a strike to protest against unstable products. Ale, having rejected the command to civilize people, Tsarskiy Vіyska switched to bіk robіtnikіv. For kіlka dnіv podіbne blamed more bіlsha part of the capital’s pledges. The water-time population of the city filled the streets, so that they could demonstrate solidarity from the airmen. Extensive demonstrations of the whole empire of Mikola II were reflected on the throne, the yogic ministry of the Holy See rose, and the independent gendarmes took in. Until 12 birch, the tsarist regime rose, like a kartkovy dim.

If you want to knock down the king, it’s easy to get it right, it’s easy to know yomu’s deputy, to take it for everyone, it’s extremely super important. There were two pretenders to political power. One of them was Buv Timchov’s detachment, formations of the Liberal Deputies Dumi, who, having started to recognize the functions of management until quiet, docks in Russia did not become permanent form of rule. Timchov’s squad wasn’t in great real power, the pieces of administerialism were in chaos, and the police of May were completely disbanded. Until then, on New Year’s Day, unprecedented popularity among the people. Petrogradska Rada of Robotic and Soldier’s Deputies appeared from the ear of the superman of Timchasov’s order. It was organized by the socialists, in the middle of those years the bolsheviks piled up one less. The Petrogradska Rada was a vipadkov assembly of the radical intellectuals, robots and soldiers. Podbnі organ shvidko otvoryuvalsya across the whole country. Meta Radi was convinced that in order to “ruin” the revolution, it would be shy of it until the rebellion of suspension in socialist ambushes. Permanent entrapments between these two organs, supertribes and interchanges contributed more to the plutanin in the food supply, to whom should the residual vlada be retained in the number of empires.

In the absence of chagrin, it has become the all-enlightened sign of the life of the revolutionary Russia. Conscious of the revolution, the need for doing so in the eyes of bagatokh, I am especially glad, attacks on a number of principles and establish, as early as possible accepted. So, for example, the 14th Birch of Petrogradska Rada saw the summant command No. 1 (some Timchasov’s orders couldn’t block), for such a part for managing the right they could democratically cut off Radi. Vlada ofіtserіv was separated by more than fighting situations. Tsey instructed to thoroughly pidirvav and without that a whistle of discipline in the army, on whose heels it began to fall apart. Before the year, if there were many demoralized soldiers, those who had thrown the front and the avalanche destroyed the house, the enormous order of the remaining buv pidirvaniy. Since I was able to get behind the marshes, try to find out that I’m very much in that chaotic period, not to have forgotten, but before them, who were reeling in order to win, there was a challenge, the same way that I was able to wake up.