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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Bilshovitsky coup and Central Council

As for the Lutnev’s revolution, by the day the landowner has lost power, then the reason for the other revolution is called Zhovtnev’s, it’s the accumulation of power, moreover, there are more people who have more than two members.

On the cob 1917 p. Bolshevik party of Russia, which basically consisted of Russian and Intellectual robots, was less than 24 thousand, and at that time, there were thousands of social partners. Ale bіlshovikam boulevard dominion rice, what in this chaotic part of Mali kudi bіlshu wartіst. The stinks were a discipline, a centralized party, a viddanich and a revolving revolution, as a member of the Lenin’s minor leader, an unresolved leader of revolutionary tactics. The love of Lenin, his desire for freedom, and also the obedience of the Dati Masam “Peace, Bread and the Earth” won the grandfather more than the henchman of the party. Until the fall of 1917 p. bilshovitsky lavas have grown to 350 yew. Virvshi at the Rada from the hands of the highest social parties and all the news went out “All Vlad Radam”, 7th leaf fall (25 days for the Julian style), the thirds were throttled to declare their freedom.

Bilshoviks mainly congregated in the industrial centers of Russia and the Ukrainian Mali with little energy: in 1918. ix of cash here is supposedly 4-5 thousand, with the chief rank in Donbas. Vidtak, mid ponad 2 million robots in Ukraine, the henchmen of bilshovikіv stockpiled the warehouse. For the future: the most Ukrainian Ukrainian social revolutionaries at a time of Mali ponad 300 thousand. member_v. Until then, the fragments of the Bolshovitsky program of the Bula were basically desecrated to the proletariat, the middle of some Ukrainian boulevards were poorly represented, but they didn’t enjoy much. The promo robots of Ukraine bully overpowered by the Russians and Hebrews and stored 75% of the members of the party. Vidtak, according to the words of the gladian historian Mikoli Popov, "bilshoviks in Ukraine were parti in Russia and the Russian proletariat."

Mykola Skrypnik

Mykola Skrypnik

Yak ііlshіst rosіyan in Ukraine, bіlshoviks are more likely delivered to Ukrainian rukh. Yak Marxists, the stench feared, who will ruch pidirve нdnіst robin class; as representatives of the pan-minority, the stench was threatening the mercilessly reckoning of the minority, who were mobile; I’m a sack of men, stink of contempt wondered at the ruch, kotri fleeing to the village. For one of the most prosperous Christians of Rakovsky, it would be more problematic to bring the fact of the Ukrainian people out of business. About the broadening of such views at the party there is one clear need for prominent Ukrainian bishops Mikola Skripnik: "For the greater part of our party, Ukraine did not recognize a single nationality." One of the most important leaders in Ukraine, Georgi Pya-akov vidverto stating that the party is guilty. Often there were no rights to national self-determination. From the first drive to the Cossacks: “We are not guilty of the Ukrainian economy, the remnants of the former rulers are not proletarian. Russia can’t exist without the Ukrainian zucru, promyslovost, vugіllya, groats

Prote Lenin Buv nadto be protected by a politician, so that you can allow such income form a party course. Vin zrozumіv, I want to know what, nationalism є by force, as a party could have been quick. I have formulated the fact that I have to fill up the plutane to strengthen the rule, so that the Bolsheviks have a right to live up to their right to take the people from the cultural roses to the point of revolution and self-reliance, let it be more important than before. So, for example, almost Ukrainian nationalism vіv to vidokremlennya Ukrainian robots vіd rosіyskikh, then, for Lenin, was a bourgeois nationalism, which was something that was imperiously fought. It seems that, in theory of national pragnance, Ukrainians were recognized, and in practice, they were recognized.

The great overpowerment of such an approach was due to the fact that, by allowing a robotic paw, he could sympathize with the beautiful Ukrainians and, therefore, deserve to pay attention to his other side, which, if I did not, would be able to see through socialism. The flow of ide Lenin on the last post in Ukraine showed up at the sickle in 1917, as long as Central For the sake of it, 10 bilshoviks came.

Pislya yak bilshoviks flooded the water in Russia, the food was lost, and then the rule in Ukraine. We don’t have enough strength to slaughter the Central Rada, and have a few hours away in Kiev, as well as have been hiding around the headquarters of the army, most of them have been working for a good hour in Ukraine, we’ll have to pay for the day. The 10th leaf fall in Kiev vibrated more than the 6 thousandth forces, the army headquarters, in the order of a yoke bulo up to 10 thousand. Cholovik. At the last moment of the Central Council punished 8 yew. their bts to come to the rescue of the bolsheviks, having kept the army headquarters up to evacuation from Kyiv.

Ale bіlšovyky otoropіli vіd zdivuvannya, if the Central Council has stripped, scho take the supreme power in these nine provinces, de Ukrainian to become more. Formally, the price of the third third uni versal 22 leaf fall has been heard by the establishment of the autonomous Ukrainian Republic. All the while, don’t pay attention to residual tune-ups with Russia, the Central Council announced one of its goals - the establishment of a number of the Russian Federation of the Russian Federation. Thanks to the fact that the Central Council has become a stable official in anarchy, I have widened my knowledge of the Ukrainian party, I learned about the Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian parties, most of them I want to stay at home anyway.

It became apparent to the protagonist that the conflict was between the Central Rada and the bolsheviks. Since the Central Council criticized Lenin for violence in the possession of the property in Petrograd, Lenin was skipped by those who let the Ukrainian pass through their territory, which is allowed to be limited in form. Tim an hour in Ukraine bіlshoviki recognized the number of political misfortunes. In breast vibra up to the All-Russian Institutional Zborіv, better recognition of the bolsheviks, Ukrainian parties rejected 70% of the vote, while the majority of the votes were less than 10%. Shche vіdchutnіshoyu bukh хhnya misfortune to the All-Ukrainian Zdazdy I was glad that they squealed 17 babies in Kiev and were able to put in their control. Ale Ukrainian parties called out to the village for their visits, having relayed nearly hundreds of delegates from the two houses with too many of their thousands. The rooted members of the small

Bolshevik fractions left Z'zd, crossed to Kharkiv, qualified for the Central Rada as a “heap to the people” and voted to the rally of the Radyansky Ukrainian Republic. Immediately in Ukraine from Russia, an offensive began.

Interventions in Ukraine. From the gathering out of the way, 12,000 thousands of bolshevik forces collapsed at the top of the team, we command Volodymyr Antonov-Ovsіnk and I’m crooked by fellow player Mikhail Muravyovim. Against them Ukrainian Ukrainian ministry Simon Petlyura mav rozkidanikh 15 min. there were warriors, they were stored at the village militia of the “big goats”, there are more and more people , there are more people from the Galician people, there are lots of small corners from the front, and there are hundreds of straight streets.

Here Yakraz Mogue Vinnikuti nutrition: de f_ 300 thousand yew. The baits of Ukrainian corrals, where they turned their backs on, were seized by the Central Radi. They turned to their villages, took a “neutral” position — they were the least, so that they lost their price. Chastina spread to bilshovikіv. The mood of these Ukrainian soldiers (they often flaunted a sharp contrast on aphids of heroic gangs of a seemingly small group of people who fought for the Central Rada was mainly explained by the effectiveness of the most important and strong leaders. I didn’t know what it was for. Dobriy agitator buv varty hundreds of important soldiers: win MiG turn on your opponent’s opponent and, by yourself, we’re wrong to share the share of important battles. ”The Bolsheviks didn’t make a fuss about them, people in order to penetrate the Ukrainian corrals, they were stored by a significant number of people at the policeman’s forensic side, and they didn’t have to take part in the battles, but they had to go to Ukraine for 40 days. Cholovik.

With the first overcoming in Ukraine, the boulevards organized by their henchmen even in the dermal great place of sabotage rebel against Central Radi. Naynebezpechnіse from them vibrated 29 September 1918 p. near Kyiv, if rosiyski robots buried the Arsenal, for a few days they scooped up the Ukrainian vіyska. The water hour of the trochs on the river’s circuit of the Kruty River in the remaining great river by the forces of Muravyov, they were approaching, and the Petlyuri corrals entered. I wrote a bake of fights in Ukrainian boulevards; At the very end, having thrashed zagіn iz from 300 gimnazistіv, they all turned up, their death died in the honor of a mice in the Ukrainian national pantheon. Tim by the hour of the Central Council, she sat on the afternoon and night, adopted a law on radical land reform, so that the nationalization of the great land-growing lands. She saw the fourth and remaining universal (an important document I want to give 22 days, actually the bulletin was added 24/25), having voted in favor of the Ukrainian People’s Republic of Belarus.

Pleasure in Brest-Litovsk. In the face of the inevitable defeat of the invasion of the Central Central For the sake of the Bula, an extraterrestrial helper. Zagagali sympathy For the sake of wanting to bicycle Antanti , and from the cob itself, the busy life of the rivals ’’ members, and especially France, was hastily assimilated. Ale reactsii France, a ya rishuche stood for vidnovlennya "United and that Russia", the ambiguous. Prote 22 Chubby 1917 p. Winik Tsilkom new set of abilities, if Lenin made peace talks with Brest-Litovsk with the Central Powers, declaring about those who are representative of all the people of the Russian Federation. There is no way to give Bilshoviks to represent Ukraine at the peace talks, the Central Council violated the delegation to Brest. On the 9th of fierce 1918, less than a year ago, I heard a voice about the Central Front radio access to the Muraryova’s representatives, the representatives from Brest wrote to the Central Powers, and the Central Government was pleased to hear from them. I will help for the supply of her great products for these powers.

Through a day of writing, please write to Brest- Litovsk, they distributed Austria to the spheres of energy and introduced their own army to the territory of Russia, but I won 450 thousand. Cholovik. For the purportedly three tishnі bіlshoviki, yakі, for ikhhnim hung the pomp, “they brought me joy on the baguettes from the night”, and with a stretch of their own, untouched bustle, we reigned the kingdom of kingdom in Kiev, blissed out the tikati. Alece still didn’t mean that turning Centrally For the sake of the Germans vіyski 2 birch trees all the vitali.

Полї politics has exclaimed rozcharuvannya mayzhe in usich faiths of the population of Ukraine. Non-Ukrainians succumbed to tune-ups between Ukraine and Russia, unrelenting villagers did not repudiate the land, from the suppressed peasants and the great land-goers they were obliged to rejuvenate them. For their part, they have endured patience for young and less polite politicians, and they have been relocated to Central Radi. The stinks were shyly remarried, but there’s not so small a practical administrative device for taking tons of products, so they really wanted hunger and hunger. Uninterrupted crises, little things from the debate between socialist parties at the Central Rada have overthrown the fact that the “young Ukrainian utopia” is ruined by the rule. Volume 28, Ukraine, as long as the Central Council. She put together the constitution of the Ukrainian state before the beginning of the war, the name of the country and the opening of the fence. On the next day, the Central Council fell into existence - without a swaggering attempt to be captured.

Beyond that ryk, a protest of a kind of Central Council, she acted as the main official in Ukraine, won over significant accomplishments, and she recognized the terrible misfortunes. Looking at the weakness and discrimination of the Ukrainian intellect to revolution, the lack of transparency of the Central and the Central Blvd. The land has left its dyalnistyu vastly wider sums to the very fact that the Ukrainian people have been restored. Vona transformed the Ukrainian power supply on one of the keys of the power supply of the revolutionary period. At the very political point of view, the Central Rada, in the wake of the war with Timchov’s detachment, has achieved a better result.

Vaughn also knocked the mountain over the Ukrainian bilshoviks, having lost their mind to get out of help to Russia. Pragnuchi to establish a democratic parliamentary device, the Central Council was deprived of its own identity, independent of those who were in a situation that incurred horror. An allying butt of the growth of the world was the alms of the Jewish minorities of a wide cultural autonomy - in case of criticism from the side of the Ukrainian government. Tsey Krok For the sake of becoming a precedent for Maybut. But if you didn’t find the far-reaching central footsteps of the Central For the sake of it, I could hardly forget the Ukrainian self-indulgence, I won’t be seriously and early to stop the principle of “One and all of the time,” I said. Cows ”of the Russian Political Art.

Alya is obvious in the activities of the Central Radi for the sake of defeat. Prior to the most important reasons, there were two major support pillars of power, and itself - a free army and administrative apparatus. Without looming, the Central Council couldn’t utter the tune of the governorates and the village, which was more attractive than the most feasible people. Not a little Škodi wondered for the sake of the good fortune, moreover, as I carry out the policy. As a result, the dramatic nature of the visit was made at the time of the opening ceremony by the Vinnitsa and Petlyuroy - two of the last ministers in the department. Vinnichenko advised that the Central Radi to conduct a more radical suspension, better at the bolshevik, policies, and so on. Tim hour Petliura vvazvav, schlo sdіd pіdіlati bіlshu respect respect budіvnitstvu institutesіv natsіionalnoї sovereignty. For the first time, the causeless cause of the end of the Central Radi became the lack of help to satisfy the nimme vimogi.

І all the same, like John Reshetar, at the Kintsev rakhunku defeated Central For the sake of clarity, the impunity of the Ukrainian national ruhom was buzzing. The Central Council in fact, the Bula is in the mood to repair the empowerment until the completion of the formative process. Due to the repressive nature of the tsarist regime and the socially-economical peculiarities of the Ukrainian suspension, there were more people in Ukraine than the Russians, but the Russians. The Ukrainian rush did not penetrate the city, and the important part of the series of words, commissions and professional robots came from the strengths of the Russian minorities, a few warlike moods against Ukraine. The guest marriage of competent people for the organization and staffing of the Ukrainian administrative apparatus of the Ukrainian state was seen to him. At present, people were young and underexposed: Vinnichenkov boulevard 38, Petliuri 35, Kovalevsky (provincial Ukrainian party - socialist-revolutionary) 25, Mykola Shragu (22) We are asserting the instability of human and material resources, a member of Central Radi Sergiy Fremov, calling out not to take possession, motivatingly appreciating the miracles of miracles, and the Ukrainian detachment, without summation, of roses. I look at everything, if there is a lack of accomplishment, I can help you, who, describing the efforts of the Central Radi, Vinnichenko respected: “Indeed, let me be quiet for a long time gods, so I took nothing to create a new light”.