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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest


The Galician ’front door to Ukraine and that country with the help of the Director’s bulo was an important step in the history of the Ukrainian national rukh. First of all, we wanted to communicate with each other for a long stretch of our brotherly sounds, and we got in touch with each other by the masses. Now, as long as the Ukrainian Revolution has entered its final stage, the reward vinicles are reissued, and the stinks are up to date.

While cleaning up a small camp in the small valleys of podilsk land, I lost my nadia, I have two army units, with both sides separated by thieves, and I’ll look at one in one. Vіiskov’s vіdnoshennі ukrainskі shche nіkoli didn’t have such a big deal. Galician army nalichuvala about 50 thousand. bіtsіv. Among us army, they fought in Ukraine, - Ukrainian, bilshovitsky, bilogo, won the boulder, which is not the most disciplined and second. Thanks to the ongoing reorganization and reappearance of the most superbly talented teams, the 35th Army Director has become a strong team. In addition, 15,000 guerrilla corrals were conducted with her by wire from the Green and Angel Angels. Thus, the Ukrainian Mali 100 yew. zartovanogo in battles vіyska, scho zmushuvalo rakhuvatitsya with such a supernik.

The administrative office of the Director of Positive Influence was also managed by the General Galician Services , as well as the praise of others. Up ahead on the territory of the Director was the similarity of law, order and stability. The day’s effectiveness in management and the dedication was much better for the villagers in the Bolsheviks, and the population included in the mobility, the Director spent on the Right Bank. The protégé instability of the zbroi and the provocative party was annoying Petliura vidsiliti to the home of the new recruits. I have a bagatoobіtsyayuyuchy moment, so you can be quick in your minds, as if in front of me, Ukrainians were imposed by the vision of two. Boni guilty boules would like to bring harmony between the two parties, and also reconstruct the Entente as necessary to post the first quarter.

It was not out of place that it was clear that there was a difference between the two Ukrainian departments, and the lower level was necessary. In the first place, the Director, Petliuri and the dictatorship of Petrushevich, were unsuccessful in completing the humble stoops. Theoretically, the Director of the Bula by the All-Ukrainian detachment claimed to be supremacy; Protein on the practical side of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, a strong army, an effective management unit without having to go through the politics, because I couldn’t wait for it. In a different way, offending squads dispersed in the ideological reconnections. The director was stocked up even more exclusively from the representative of the party, and at the same time, the Ukrainian squad was heading for the liberal arts with the most conservative tendencies. On their own, the scholars znavuvvuvalis Galicians at the “reaction”, and the rest, vidpovidayuchi a compliment to the compliment, called the first “napivbilshoviki”. Galicians, who have learned more about the higher level of organization and nationality, are more amazed at the organization of more love for socialism, more social radicalism and shyness. to impromptu. From their side, the Ukrainian people respected the Galicians, who were bureaucratized and unhappy because of the increased conflict in Ukraine in a wider context. From now on, on the front plan, due to obvious evidence, many cultural, psychological and political distributions have come into being, as many have accumulated between the last and most extended Ukrainians.

The number of hours has risen during the hour of the onset of the Ukrainian attack against bolshevikov on the cob of sickle 1919 p. Winning in the distance, until the last month in front of them, the Ukrainians flooded the great part of the Right Bank. The main reason for entering the bolshevik bouve is not the Ukrainian attack, but the loss of the bilo army. In Siberia, the forces of Admiral Oleksandr Kolchak were busy; near the Baltic states General Mikola Yudenich was ready to attack before attacking Petrograd; the army of General Denikin was a menace to the threat; В 'кінці літа 1919 p. Bilshovitsky regime, hello, from-from mav to save. ''

30 sickle from the quietly abandoned bishops of Kiev saw the Galician part, and the Director got ready to triumph before the rest of the day. Besides that, on 30 sickle, the most advanced part of the army entered Denis and they met there from the Galicians. I don’t know, because I reacted to a big deal (a foreign Ukrainian squad often saying that there was a slight conflict between them and Denim), Galicians went ahead - at the height of the Russian language, they’ve heard a little bit of English. After a day, if Petlyura was sure to finish the Galicians, they would enter into the country, and two times the place would be completely clear. Ukrainian armies, one by one thrown into one’s lack of respect, a conflict with bіlimi, vіdіyshli to zakhіd. On the whole day zmagannya ended for Ukrainian power. Dalі yoshov is already entangled and tragic epilogue.

Bіlі. Unequipped by the old age, the old-fashioned suspension and the “one and the same Russia”, who, by the forces of some kind, commanded the reactionary generals, hated the “social adventurer” Petlyura and the unavoidable part of Ukraine Galicians, getting involved with foreigners). The position in Ukraine was rightly hung up by a good ideologist Vasil Shulgin, as long as Denykina was flooded by Kiev: neither in front of the Ukrainian zradniki, nor in front of the Hebrew Katy ”(a tight fit on the number of Hebrews at the warehouse of the Bilshovitsky Check).

Vrakhovuchi, who’s got the best mood, have outstripped the middle, not so much, but more than one’s overwhelming self-repercussions. Such a reaction of the Bula with one of the most rude deeds of Denikin, no matter how much you’ve done, by losing the message of the Great Ukrainian Army, and the second, having given your own words, ordered them to attack Ukraine, taking the chance to do so. Tsya samogubna negnuzhkіst, as with obvious evidence emerged in the reactionary social polіtitsі bіlih, the great world caused the defeat of Denikina in the fall of 1919 p. There were also more than one way to go to the Director, - Reconcile, for example, patronize the Entente, do not recognize the Ukrainian nation at the Paris Peace Conference, which is especially important, provide Ukraine with additional assistance.

Until the fall of 1919 p. the Ukrainian settlement became just a tragedy. From one side, they attacked the Bolsheviks, from the other side from Mali vdariti bilshoviks, and the aggressive Poles and the old-fashioned rumuni chatted in the style. Tsey “the blackworm of death”, who shouted indiscriminately, becoming intolerable, if he was hungry, hungry, was amused by the inculcation of the Ukrainian army, was struck by the epidemic of typhus. For yakos kіlka tizhnіv great kіlkіst-soldiers_ they either died, or they died, but they were beaten with firewood. In Vlasna, Todd collapsed proudly chopped Galicia army. Before kіntsya zhovtnya in її warehouse nalichuvalosa less than 4 thousand. warriors. Petlyuri had a total of 2 yew bul. bіtsіv. Tі, scho lost alive, hid, as they could.

6 leaf fall 1919 p. Galician general Miron Tarnavsky perev in their b_ytsіv p_d command, I want to understand that you won’t be able to fight against the rest of Ukraine and to give you the opportunity to increase your strength. Tim hour Petrushevich іz breeders reached until Vіdnya, having formed there a unit at Wignann. You know yourselves from Petliura’s side of the Directorate (at the side of the lane in Poland, and at home they went to the partisan corrals, they played in the big style).

Petliuri Union of Poland. Protera izstoryya the defeat of Ukrainians in the fight for independence tsim did not despise. 21 april 1920 p., Having witnessed a huge claim to Shіdna Galichina (who already exclaimed the ouster of the middle of the Galician Ukrainians), Petlyura laid down a pact against the attack on Ukraine against the Poles against Poland. The fate of the Poles in the lack of reason was motivated by the fact that they were to take their place and that Russia was in a state of buffer power. The stinks came along, with the appearance in Ukraine of the Ukrainian army Petlyuri’s offensive in dastane with the anticipation of a good protest from the settlement of the country. Like, wait, on the back, everything was good, and 6th grass of allied strength, but we already knew about 65 thousand. Poles і 15 yew Ukrainians, gadgets Kiev.

Odnak och_kuvana p_dtrimka not nad_yshla. Obviously, there wasn’t enough special authority for Peti Luri to ensure that Abi dawned midway down the villagers' tradition of dislike for allies - Polish “Panis”. The bolsheviks went to the counterattack at the time, a kind of lively grafting to the Polish-Radyans peace talks and a break between the Poles and Petlyuroy. The Ukrainian army, which has grown up to 35 thousand, sold the war itself with the bolsheviks to the 10th leaf fall of 1920 p., The docks of the country made up for the deprivation of their small land in Volodya, which is occupied by the Poles. Behind the vignette kol'koh not far away partisan operations carried out at Radyansky Ukraine through the river, the war for the independence of Ukraine was resolved.