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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest


With all the different rockies of the world and the huge unrest, they called for the ordering of the majority of the Russian Empire to the camp of Russia. In one defeat, the Ukrainian massacre, the disruption of the epidemic, and the great number of people who were especially enormous, took about 1.5 million lives. Nestacha kharchiv, gritty, unprotected zmusili hundreds of thousands of people who violated the village near the village. Practically prinilosya virobnitstvo goods_v. It’s obvious that the residual visceral suspension is not ready for radical social redefinition, which was planned by the bolsheviks.

Independently reluctant, bilshoviks, who in the great and in the middle of time were becoming more and more tuned in their populations, they began to shriek, they didn’t want to sell in real life conceived. The death of Lenin in 1924 p. pretended to krizi kerivnitsva, the baked dishes of the super-girls in the communist party about the straightforward movement of the new slurry were suppressed. For such furnishings, the part was delivered to the audience carefully and stretched out with a stretch of twentieth rockies. Entering the order at the right of the individual and the suspension group was separated by more than one reactive response to the anti-corruption system.

Regular actions for the villagers and the magnetics I am glad to conquer the broadest middle school among the 20 peoples of Ukraine, the Ukrainian authorities, the Czech Republic experienced a great deal of gold, and often

War communism and NEP

Politics bіlshovikіv pіd hour of enormous vіyni with a significant world caused the fork of the economy. Pragnuchi at once to establish a socialist way in the economy of water consumption for food to Chervona Army and the hungry Russian people, the bolsheviks introduced the Suvor economic policy and the name of the war commune. The won included the nationalization of all land and industrial enterprises, the primitive labor mobility, the rationalization of the product group and the commodity and the most independent distribution of grain ( rural ).

At the official meeting, officials, the militant of the Saran, discussed the village, confiscated grain for the consumer. Selyaninov allowed to deprive themselves of about 30 pounds in total for a month. They wanted to ask for details, the party organized a committee of unfriendly villagers (komnese), members of some small villages, vagi when the land was distributed, they rang out that they paid 10-20% of the "good". At the meeting for the better, the villagers zovsim pinned virobnitstvo. The water hour from the most recent deficit of food products in a large region of the Pivdenny Russia and Ukraine has been covered by dry land, since it became a famine in 1921-1922, taking hundreds of thousands of people living in Ukraine more than the Volga region. Ale - on the way to see his Maybutnian behavior - the Radyansky detachment did not come to an apparent hunger and organized the country’s campaign to help the hungry for the cordon of Ukraine.

The catastrophe in the economy was called up to the height of discontent by the bolsheviks, who were wagging at the riot, the great robotic strikes and the village rebellion, since 1921. they’ve saved Russia and Ukraine. Khochvona Chervona army and Cheka mercilessly smothered the rebel, Lenin buv instigated by the failure of politics of war communism and the need for action, especially for the villagers.

The first time I came to gri was the enviable tactful mastery of Lenin, who’s ready to zrobit the crook back, so you can push socialism two steps ahead with your head — the famous Leninsky “tango” . 21 birch trees 1921 p. At the end of the war, the effort to reconcile our comrades was delayed in the implementation of new economic policies (nepu), which was still less than that of the Kronshtadt rebel , which shook up a long time ago. Not becoming a compromise, an entrance to social services with the help of the country, we can recover from a huge society. Basically, zavadannya was not limited to the fact that in order to worry about the settlement and protection of the stimulus to the promotion of viral products. Zamіst requisite grains detachment rounding up the village with a donor surcharge. Having paid off the yogh, the peasant may sell grain surplus for the same market prices. Bidni villagers zagaglі not Mali rallying a tax. The order also entered into the politics of collective collective statehoods. In Ukraine, the majority of lands nationalized by the Central Council in 1918, were now redistributed among the middle peasants.

Schob stimulate the economy sector by not having squeezed government control over internal trade, again by giving in rent to the colossal hairline owners a small virobitance and wanting to feel foreign capital investment. Protein Lenin ishlov’s for a time-consuming compromise іz capitalism and not daring to enter into social wisdom. To this the order deprived itself of control over such “command visas” in the economy, as a matter of importance, banks, transport and trade.

Nep has appeared in great reach. Mayuchi was guaranteed to be able to sell products to hungry sacking women, 5 million Ukrainian rural peasants thanked their productivity very quickly. At 1927 p. It’s gotten even 10% bigger than the earth, lower than in 1913. Tim an hour of virobnitsvo subjects ogivannya, as stimulated by the so-called Nepmani, as well as others pidpriєmtsі, scho dyalya permissive order, it also curtailed the pre-rivnivnoy. In addition, the importance of promo was less important, and I was trying to control the order. In the wake of prosperity and erasure from the memory of the nightmare of horrible rock of the great war, the Ukrainian peasant became reconciled with the Bolshevik regime, and at first he wondered at the great deal.