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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

National communism

Zavdyaki of appearances of communism, which have been developed in such countries, as China and Yugoslavia, have thought more and more have established themselves about those people whose skin people can go to communism with a great grudge. Yak mi fell in love, Ukrainian itself, as well as Georgian and Turkish bolsheviks, helped establish the power of Radyansky in 1917-1920 pp. The Persians killed the Kroki in full, directly capturing the venge of national communism. The tutors of this country are straightforwardly bullied by the communists, as if they believed in those who Marxism-Leninism propounded the best way for humanity. Immediately iz tim stink respected, scho to achieve optimal results communism maос to stick to specific national minds. This meant that the Russian nobility didn’t take one and two steps, guarding the peoples of the past, to have the right to freedom. In addition, it seems, it’s better to get into the communism of national-arbitrary arbitrariness by pushing the song “nationally revealing”.

Oskilki in Skhіdnіy Ukrainy і having lifted the trivial zvazok mіzh ukrainsky national natsionalnym rukh і sotsіalіzmom, іideї natsіonalnogo komunіzmu easily bucketed by Ukrainians at the big camp. Shche at 1918 p. two communes - Vasil Shakhrai (the first commissar of the last-minute reference in the Ukrainian Radyansky detachment) and the first colleague Sergiy Mazlakh (old bolshovik, заvrei for similarity) - presented a pair of mercilessly criticized Ukrainian citizenship. Obviously, we are straining on Russian nationalism, having scored the main part, in our pamphlets “Revolution in Ukraine” and “About the current camp in Ukraine”, they rekindled, but “we’ll be more and more independent we don’t mate mimic socialism. ”

Through the river of national communism I virinu again with the Communist Party (b) In the form of the so-called federalist opposition to the party with Yuriy Lapchinsky. The whole group appealed to the utterly independent state of Ukrainian power, as if I were small in power, including the government of Ukraine, as well as the center of the party, not the party of the Russian Communist Party. If Moscow vidmovlsya rozglyanuti і vimogi, Lapchinsky and his comrades went out of the party, scho screaming shouted.

With the typewrites wrapped in the policies of Ukraine on the first plan, in Ukraine, new trends of national communism have emerged, which, soundly, have come to grips with the names of the main ideologists.

"Khvilovism . " Naybilsh vіdkrito and awkwardly calling out vidkinuti "rossiy shly" Mikola Khvilovy . Tsey vidatniy dіyach (reference address Fіtіlov ) virіs in Scheme Ukraine in the homeland of other rosіysky nobleman. Reconciling the international, winnings of the hour of enormous viniyas to come to bilshovikiv, pragnuyuschie take the fate of the buddhism of all-sagging and fair communist suspension. After all, Khvilovy became one of the most popular Ukrainian happy Ukrainian writers, the father-in-law of the avant-garde literary organization "Waplite", and also the Ukrainian-Russian brother-in-law, who is especially good at it.

For the best match, the commune Hvilyovy gorko to have a close relationship with the shouting lack of good practice, the better power, the better choice, the more Schyob uryatuvati revolution of the toothache and the Russian nationalism, Khvilovy virishuy vikriti yogo. Winn up to say, "passive-songwriting Russian literature has curtailed my intercourse and pinned up on the road", that she pleases the Ukrainians to see the other. Khvilovoi’s awesome response to the Ukrainian nation with the greatest hat of the Bouv hangings at the famous yogh extinguished “ Get out of Moscow! "

Wanting Khvilovy drew himself in front of young authors, as if they were joking for themselves, they won’t literary creativity, yogo position, without a lazy sum, little political motivation. However, the next vote, which is why anti-corruption was not primed in the Ukrainian nationalism, but in the revolutionary internationalism. Khvilovy bouv of reconciliation in that, who won’t be able to reiterate the Sovets revolution, doki one people, will be able to win a rossiysky race, to be monopolized by monopolization.

"Shumskizm" . He was happy to see Khvilov’s eyes for the state’s regime, he was tempted by the fact that they knew a lot more in Ukrainian literary colleges, and in the Ukrainian Communist Party, especially in the middle of the year orthodox condemn Khvilovoy and stepping out of the vile criticism of Moscow. The number of fighting bastards in Mali is to respect the hypocritical policy of the nation in national nutrition. The go-ahead for the Radyansky squad of the “Ukrainian squad”, the Shumskoy comrade, the yakis went to bilshovikiv, the bulo was designated for the temple of the post. Ale Odraz zh p_slya peremogi bilshovik іv May even all іх іх lowered in posad or they turned off the party. On the cob of Ukraine, so that you can take hostility, and let Ukraine rule the Ukraine, who quietly, having lost in the party, Shumskiy’s secret, for Moscow’s words, they called me to the temple. However, the only time that komіsar sanctify virіshі vikriti makhіnatsії Moscow.

Yak I Khvilovy, Shumsky, suguyuy rosiy chauvinism, to put behind the head a meta against the sacred principle of centralism for the bolsheviks. In a cob written in 1926 p. list to Stalin’s case for the loss of the processes of the Ukrainian national vidrodzhennya, which is reinterpreted in that, for the good of the party dynamically and massively control the Ukrainian communists, and not to representatives of non-Ukrainian. Inland Ukrainian, national identity of some kind of impolite zrosta and no nikoli were not put with a special sympathy to bilshoviks, you can, by the way, take off the water, stink like a foreigner. For the sake of recognizing the whole, Shumsky dropping the sign on the occasion to plant in the Ukrainian happy squad and the Communist Party of Ukraine of such Ukrainian Communities, as Grigory Grinko, and the For the sake of proposition, it was pretended to be an ambush by the wider communism , the Bula didn’t have anything else to do, as if by the response to wipe out the political currencies of Ukraine, not in Moscow, but in Ukraine.

Shumsky also succumbed to Ukraine, as if by the guise of a guilty party service, they walked central Moscow. Equals 1927 p. at the meeting of the Ukrainian Communities vin stating that "the Russian communist rule in the party with unprincipled and unfriendly. Win in edit when there are no more small children, as if in good times because of their day they blasphemed hypocritical, slavishly dishonorable and zealous. Now there’s a question about a false fake internationalism, a good idea to buy everything in Ukrainian and wait for the ready to spit on him (in Ukrainian for an hour), so that you can take it easy.

Criticism of Shumskogo scandalized the scandal yak at the Radyansky Union, so behind the cordon. Stalin began to respect: “Comrade Shumsky can’t understand that in Ukraine, there are only a few weak people, such a ruff ... can you please type in the character of fighting against“ Moscow ”? As long as the party orthodox in Harkov and Moscow Suvoro condemned the idea of ​​Shumsky, then they knew the message to the Communist Party of the Western Ukraine, in Galicia. The leader of the communist communes Karlo Maksimovich repeating throw Shumsky on the forum of the Communist International and skorostya naked, so that you can go through the shutter of Moscow to Ukraine. Conclusion at the “right of Shumsky” has evolved to act in vogue in Europe. Nimetsky Social-Democrat Emil Strauss declaring that “European Socialism is all necessary to fight for the freedom of the Ukrainian people.” Reconstructing the Marx’s struggle against social and national liberation was imposed to the very best of traditional socialism. ”

"Volobuvshchina" . On the cob 1928 p. mid-Ukrainian communes having appeared a new scam. Having become a young guy, becoming a young Ukrainian economist of Russia’s race, Mikhailo Volobuєv . Similarly to Khvilov’s literature and Shumsky’s politics, Volobuyev’s hot and cold day, the theory and practice of the tsar’s economy are higher. At two articles published in the official theoretical chronicle “Bilshovik of Ukraine”, Volobuєv brought, for the reign of Ukraine, as a king, to be deprived of an economic colony of Russia. For the most important reason, I’ve had to carry out a retrieval analysis, I’m very nice about those who are, by some demands of the Ukrainian periphery, a detachment and a long way to roaming about the importance of business at the Russian center. In addition, Volobuєv ереруверув ,авав,,,, щ щ о С С С ек ек ономоном о оо о ооном оо о о The first leather component may not be independent in function, but without any part of the gospel of statehood, flailing around in the power potential, without the middle of the Russian economy.

Tim is an hour of communist party, just like a bula, I’m ready to take such actions, like Ukrainian. I’ve got a look at the deeds of my shortcomings, yak, secrecy, panovannya in the lavas of the Russian chauvinism. Alevona could not admit the widespread glances of Khvilovoy, Shumsky and Volobuyev, the flippers with their singing rank, having dominated over Ukraine. Navigate the rest of Ukraine Ukrainian violin player, having learned that they are "nationally scammed" to shout from their own mortal threat to the party. For that reason, when you see a dermal zihuhil uhhnih ikhhni virazniki recognized gostrich attacks and boules zmusheni condemn their look at a number of pardons. On the back of the bed all three were captured, but they were reproved. Під кінець 1928 p. Khvilovy turned to literally creative work, Shumskogo was sent to Russia to get busy with another party robot, and Volobuv vanished from oblivion. However, the first hour of the steel repressions of the 1930s rock and tones of “grіkhi” is to be appreciated by the national communists and the opportunity to pay for their lives.

Feel free to describe the trends of national communism in the right perspective, to take a look at the sound of the party. The death of Lenin in 1924 in Bilshovitsky Verkhivtsi near Moscow rozgorіlas gostra wrestling. for the lord. As a result, having relaxed control over the party, it allowed the development of different fractions and ideological flows. But the period of vidnosnogo liberalizmu and pluralizmu, vidkritogo zmagannya protonezhnyh idey zapstoyu raptovo ends.