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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Viina in Ukraine: another etap

Nastup Nimechchini at 1941 p. 22 worms 1941 p. Nazi Nimechchina unsupervised attacked the SRSR. Because of two of the total systems, a huge amount of titanic and unhealthy incidents took its toll. Uzdovzh front, scho having stretched out bіlsh yak on 3 yew. km of the White Sea at night to the Black Sea at night, the balance of the city of Nymechchini and the Allies attacked the Radian forces, as well as 2 million people. Gliboka vira Stalina, in those who didn’t ruin the Nazi-Radyak pact , called before the rady detachment, who knew the numerical zagrebayuschimi signals about the attack, after being flooded by him a whole znenatska. Prior to that, the generals had begun strategic clemency, having rooted to a great extent, almost twice the cordon. Tse gave the snake shvidkohіdnymi tank columns nіmtsіv great obkhіdnymi maneuvers otochit і znishchity ikh. At that time, the yak of Chervon’s army recognized the same fearful defeats for the future, like the Radian’s carnival, including Stalin himself, dawned on the panic, as if in the ranks of the chaos - the fall of the Radyansky Union was inevitable.

Naybilsha part of the German forces - Army Group "Pivden", under the command of Field Marshal Karl von Rundstedt - Ukraine will not be big enough. First in Ukraine, a number of opposing Persians prevailed, the most important of which is the lack of freedom in 1941 1941. majestic radian forces at the district of Kiev and the tombstone 650 yew. stout. Universidok tsogo through chotiri months and the cob of invasion nimtsi paid back to all of Ukraine. Until the breast 1941 p. the stinks controlled nearly 80 million people, but 42% of the population of the Radyansky Union, the great part of their economic potential, were also flooded with 3.8 million Radyansky’s full-fledged people (of which, they were completely insured, 1.3 million became Ukrainians). The lightness is clear, because of what kind of people boules were full of hopes, I said about those who, on a rare basis, put a bagato of a red-hearted army into the hands of the Radian system.

More often, there was an increase in the visibility of the regime to the regime on the side of the civilian population of Ukraine. In Western Ukraine, de "Sovєti" bully especially unpopular, nimtsіv often frustrated as a visitor. In Scheme of Ukraine, the reaction to the arrival of the bank was suspicious, but the thought of the stink broadened to bring a better feeling in the old regime. That’s why so often in the past month there were photographs of Ukrainian people, which are very nice to have traditional bread and sugar.

The latest entry to the Chervona Army and the march of trades for thousands of political people at prisons in Western Ukraine. Not in winter time, evakuyuvati ikh, stretching tizhnya, from 22 to 29 of worms of 1941 p., The NKVS provіv masov іvnіshnіv v'yaznіv without looking back at those yakі zvukovachenya against them hung. Masovі vbvstva v_dbulisya at Lviv, Sambiri and Stanislavі, scho in Galichinі, de about 10 thousand. v'yaznіv, that Rivny i Lutsk on Volinі, de 5 thousand yards. Organized by the slave for the mass deportations and the growing terror of the Radyansky regime, they extinguished the entire Ukrainian population to the Radian rule.

Dollyuchi on the cob of chaos, rejoicing power began to organize more orders of access. The stinks zastosovuvali tradition rossiysku tactics of "burning land", scho, according to Stalin, is small "zrobiti unbearable living in the style of a heap." Viddak usi industrial enterprises, which could have been faster nimtsi, they were able to take care of poverty. For example, after recognizing the worst ruin in Kiev, we’ve seen a lot of the latest equipment, but I’ve come on the road. At Donbas’s bilshoviks flooded all the mines by May; the gigantic factory complex at Dneprilstanstan and all 54 domains in the republic was also built.

Riznachna rice viddupu Rad fell into the mass evacuation across the Urals and to the Middle Asian factories, qualified work and important students specialists. As a result, you can’t find the best in the history of evacuation, the Radyansky detachment vivis, the position between the available positions, nearly 1500 plants and 10 million people; ponad a third of the whole bulo was evacuated from Ukraine. The capital of the Bashkir Autonomous Republic of Ufa, which is in the Urals, became the fighter of the Ukrainian Radyansky detachment. Tsya masova evacuation of industrial enterprises and the population has significantly strengthened the health of the SRSR to sell food.

Particularly active is the hour of the evacuation of the NKVS. Pridozryuychi at the zhrad_radyansky owner of the dermal, who waned off as a displaced person, having won and stratified the great number of people. Silently, in fact, there’s a greater number of triple rockets, rooted, aby not deprived of any antiradyansky elements, potentially cinnamon nimtsyam. For the Niletsky Til, the NKVS agents had a lot of baggage for penetrating the Nimetsky administrative apparatus, especially to the police, and for keeping up with the non-occupancy behavior.