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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

OUN і nazistska Nіmechchina

The Ukrainian Integrated Nationality was committed by attacking the Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus, looking at some of the most powerful countries, and the establishment of an independent Ukrainian state. That wants the OUN і Nіmechchina mali spіlnogo voroga, ikhhnі tsilі buli far from spіlnimi. From the point of view of the nimtsiv, the OUN's main corymos believed that it served as a diversionary force for inciting chaos in the Radyansky style. With its own side of integral national nationality, enchanted by the policies of Hitler throughout the Carpathian Ukraine, do not be small to the name of the people for Berlin; stinks set themselves up for the meta quickly by the way and expand across all of Ukraine. Viddak skin side struck by the way, by the way, in his own authorities, often protilozhny, goals. In the case of the cossacks of the OUN and the Nazi N_mechchina Mali, there are two folding rooms. The middle of the year is the loss of publicity for the OUN: the abwehr (the maximum) for the Admiral Wilhelm Kanaris, the first time I refuse to open the door to the public, yak seryozny polіtichny official. Before that, although they wanted to have their mothers with integral nationalists, they whispered about the problem: Yaku fractions of the economy were clearly seen, a lot of the weaker millers (OUN-M) were left, but there were few . Competition for those who didn’t have a chance to take a look at them, the two fractions flickered supernaturally, and skinny women started to affirm themselves as one representative of the Ukrainian people.

As a result, they won’t have enough time before the attack on the Soviet Socialist Republic of the Republic of Armenia on behalf of the Ukrainian army with the title “Legion of the Ukrainian National”. It was formed that it was important to try out Ukrainian citizens, mobilize them to territories, take them home, and get ready for about 600 soldiers and not much more than two soldiers with code names “Nakhtigal” . Nimtsi planned ahead of time at sabotage targets, but OUN-B was able to steal the heart of the Maybut Ukrainian army, as well as a widespread flood of Bandera fractions.

Already in the first days of the Ukrainian occupation of Ukraine, the conflict of the interests of the integral national nations and the interests of the forefront. OUN-B (at the time of "Nakhtigalyu") went to the zuhvaly krok, who won’t be reckless, virish without vote for 30 votes of 1941 r. reinstatement of the steadily buried Lviv Ukrainian state. On the landing of the prem'єr-minіstra bulo imagery of the close associate of Bandera Yaroslav Stetsk . Having come to Ricky’s gro, OUN-B rozrahovuvala, I won’t be able to see it soon, but I’ve come to confrontation with the Ukrainians from the very head of invasion.

OUN-B didn’t lose out, but I tried (and I’d have a good song) to reconnect with the Ukrainian population, who’d rely on Banderіv’s music. With a glance of a rizny manіpulyatsіy won, she achieved the old, chained to the feet of Metropolitan Sheptytsky, declare about the half-hearted act of unharmed Ukrainian statehood. Hoch OUN-B didn’t have mercy even better, transmitting a nauseous reaction to the Niymetskiy’s command, a woman whipped up a flawed reaction of the Nazi politic’s kerivnitsva. Less than a few days after the swaying of the Gestapo powers, they rushed to throws them to the Bandera and the youngest. Tim hour OUN-M, a yak vsilyako unique antagonism iz from nimtsyami, rumbled quickly, by the way, the failure of the supernik. We’ve seen through the little one won the same way with the Nazis.

In the framework of their strategy (putting facts before the facts), offensive fractions of the OUN were planned - again without a good life - the organization of control and the administrative administration in the newly conquered parts of Ukraine. With the help of the stench method, they stole nearly 2 thousand. of their members, it is important from the number of the OUN-B, and they distributed them to the last group, allowing Tim Nastanov to go to the Ukrainian parliament next to the upcoming groups. There are small groups of Mali who appear in the skin locality at the national level of Ukrainian citizens, who are entrusted with them along the administration street. I want to campaign for mobile Ukrainians to help integrate nationalism, I gave numerical audits to the vigilance of the young people of the last group, and I also showed them to be united. Naibilsh vartim respect vipad tsієї wrestling became the drive-in of two of the last members of the OUN-M Omelyan Senik and Mikoli Stsiborsky at 1941 1941 p. in Zhytomyr, zdіysnene, I was re-told as a member of OUN-B. After the whole episode of driving and sharing the information with the horrible conflict, two factional OUNs have become a sounding apparition.

After a hasty entry to the Chervona Army, Ukrainian self-organization was organized without incentives from the side of the OUN group. Oskilka nimetsky military authorities were very well placed before the population at the first month of occupation, while the Ukrainians spontaneously vlastovuvali missed self-liberation. We are able to take advantage of the need for independent collective redevelopment of the land between indivisible hairworms, and the villagers have been picking up from the extremely hard minds. Several organizations organized schools, and robots themselves were working in factories.

The priests began to appear, who apparently survived the 30th fate, held the church’s right, the majority of the baptized children and the younger generation grew older.

3 relіynim vіdrodzhennyam received nutrition of church policy. The Orthodox Church in Volyn rose in two - autonomous and autocephalous, as a rule they expanded their influence on Central Ukraine. Persha Bula was the most traditional, unswervingly sounding patriarch of the Moscow Patriarch, she defended the church autonomy of Ukraine, only less than a dot, the patriarch’s docks were lost due to the reign of the people. Insha vidrodila deyak_ traditions of UAOC (Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church) of 20 years, of course for the independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the best of its kind to the national community of Ukraine.

In all of Ukraine, there were 100 non-communist newspapers. The great Mistakhs, especially in Kyiv, have a woven bagato of literary, scientific and enormous groups. Robilia navigate to test the form of political organization. Zhovtnі 1941 p. the members of the OUN-M, who had been known to vigorously in Kiev, took part in the initiative (mainly from Ukrainian) Ukrainian National For the sake of being united, we will become the central government body of Ukraine. Organizations of the civilian population also appeared at Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk. In a word, at the time of the world’s breakdown of the joyful power of the great, cultural and state-owned dyalnosti of the Ukrainians, there were only a few who lived on the ground from which they could establish the Ukrainian state.

The Nazi prototype was plagued by the plan. Rozdratovim tim, scho integrated nationality did not zrobili the previous visnkovіv from smothering Oby-B instill 30 establish worms 1941 r. Holy order at Lviv, the Nazi administration, Yak came to winter authorities, Virishila repeat this lesson with a greater accent. Veresnі 1941 p. Pidrozdіli SS zaareshtuvali stratil bagatokh members of the rest of the group OUN-B. Two months later, the Gestapo attacked the OUN-M, preempting the strike on the вп ки лив лив лив ки ї г group. Bulo rozstrilyano ponad 40 senior members of the OUN-M, including the poet Olen Telig , closed the popular newspaper "Ukrainian Word" . The Kiev Presu Bulo was handed over to the sprouting groups, but they heard the words of the word. For the sake of the Nazi authorities, they stole the Ukrainian measure of Kyiv Volodimir Bagazy and the signals from the government, police and the presidents of Ukraine. Integrated Nationalities were sent to the public; it became apparent that the нетhnі nontrivial "honey moon" іz nazi regime ended.