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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest


The friend of the svitova vina is small for Ukraine, not less than the poverty of poverty. Ukraine has been rewarded with a lot of important business issues that have arisen even longer than the previous one, such as won earlier. Significantly expanded the cordon, matured politically and economically vaga in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus, the population warehouse has been significantly increased and, moreover, more importantly, Ukraine was relying on a bagato to stand between the two powers. Prior to this, they started to feel like Ukrainian suspension, so the Radyansky regime, otsozh, croc, straightened out on the basis of stability, to become the main theme of the ongoing history of Ukraine.

Ureguluvannya territorial food and winter at the warehouse population

The most important for the Ukrainian territorial nutrition, which was first identified, was the inclusion of Western Ukraine to the warehouse of the SRSR. To the great pity of the Poles, Stalin drove the United Kingdom and the United States to wait until they came to the URSR lands, de zheidnі ukrainіtsі stored a large population. As a result, at 1945 p. at the Yalta Conference of the SRSR removing the priority of favor, the Polish state sacrifices its claims to Galicia and Volyn and hold a cordon from the Radyansky Union on the so-called "Curzon Line" . The Poles were especially worried about the loss of Lviv, a long-standing bastion of Polish culture.

Why did Stalin so add up to the inclusion of Western Ukraine? One of the most beloved bullets of those who are of a little more natural, as a result of which I was brought to grips with the rest of the Ukrainian Ukrainians with their brothers from Radyansky Ukraine. Proteins are summarized, so that Stalin was caught by the interests of the Ukrainians, then, obviously, the singing role here was played by the whole political leader. The Poles were blasphemy to defend you against the fact that they were in vain, because Stalin simply did not see the need to turn Galicia and Wolin. Prior to that, Ovolodshi Galichinoy, СРСР Дістав вигідну strategically positioned Poland, Ugorschina and Czechoslovakia. First, I didn’t tolerate the rogue of Ukrainian nationalism, but for all of them, I extinguished this ruling in Western Ukraine.

Uregulyuvannya territorial food from Poland transferred the same exchange of populations. Відтак у період між 1944 і 1946 рр. the gladyanski authorities allowed to relocate to Poland from Galicia and Volodymyr Mayyonov Poles (including the significant number of people from Ukraine and Ukraine, who recognized themselves as Poles). Natom_ at Radyans'k Ukraine voluntarily chi pid primus immgruvalo about 520 thousand. Ukrainian, Yakі rely on the Polish Botsі new cordon. Tsey vidіd Polesіk having completed іхній of supplementary assistance in Ukraine, scho chtocha in 1648 p., If the Polish gentry lost control over Livoberezhjam. Having taken the win with the stretch of the 18th and 19th centuries, if the nobility steadily lost politically, and with the help of the land and economical possession of the Right Bank. The first axis was written by other authorities of the Republic of Belarus, the signals of the Poles from Galicia and Wolin - land, on the 600 rocky lines the Polish expansion came to that. At the entrance of the Poles to the Ukrainian history ceased to be important, often antagonistic, but not very stimulating.

Immediately pislya vіyni Moscow overtook the Czechoslovakia and Rumunіy vіdmovitysya vіd claim to vіdpovіdno in Transcarpathia and Bukovina. Відтак Західна Ukraine z її ponad seven-million inhabitants that 110 thousand. sq. km of territory became a warehouse SRSR. Під кінець 1945 p. The territory of the Radianko Ukraine expanded to ponad 580 yew. sq. km

The Poles didn’t show up in a single ethnic style, the presence of Ukraine in Ukraine was gradually changed by the previous year. Until 1939 p. about 650 yew lived here. nіmtsіv, overcrowded plots in the colonists of the XVIII century. Be afraid of the fact that they’re able to stink on their bets and their friends, they attacked the Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia, Stalin punished them for the benefit of all Asia for Middle Asia. Similar share of approximately 200 yew. krimskih Tatars, and the homeland is included in the warehouse of the Ukrainian Republic. At 1944 p. Stalin, having respected, the Tatars actively spraved with nimtsy, having given orders to carry out their masque vivezennya from Krima. Less than half of the Tatars, who brutally stole a donkey, drove the road to Middle Asia. Ta naitrahichnіsha share share in Ukrainian єvrev. The inheritance of Nazi political policies, as well as the general evacuation and population of 2.7 million Jews, was delayed by mid-Ukrainians in the 1930s, with over 800 thousand. Okupatsії without having survived even more than that, but almost all the time, the Ukrainians turned to Ukraine practically, even now evacuating to Skіd.

Revealing contrast to the whole avenue of the whole world is the growth of the Russian minority. After reporting in Ukraine, especially in the mercilessly annexed lands of the past, the guest of the institute of industrial robots, powerful officials and party functionaries were seen. For the sake of reclaiming this landing in Ukraine, especially in the city, hundreds of thousands of Russians moved to the Radyansky detachment. About shvidko zrostayayuchu ikhnyu kіlkіst say such statistics: yakshcho 1939 p. 4 million rosiyans lived in Ukraine, only 12% of the population, then until 1959 there were more than 7 million, or 16%. In Western Ukraine, until deign of Rosiyan, it was practically not a bulo, from 1959 p. The number of people became 330 thousand, or 5% of the population.

The inheritance of the national wages in the ethnic warehouse of Ukraine, now there are records of such nations as the Poles, the Hebrews, the Crimean Tatars, the long cultural time of the United States, and the important role in the national history of Ukraine is important Missa zanyali in the main Rosіyani. Tim an hour of the recognition of the territory did not lead to a noticeable loss of coverage of Ukraine, a little more than compensated for the three times the population, which Ukraine recognized was the last hour of victory. For the whole process of Latvia, the suspension of the baggage of the national has been transformed to a highly competitive dwelling, in a certain Ukrainian way there was a constant increase in the rate of growth.