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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

The ideological attack of steel

Independent of the great moral incentive, which gave the Bolsheviks a break from other friends, Stalin won the rebounds, and won the Radyansky suspension of serious ideological gates. Abi to bring the fighting spirit to the people half an hour, the reigning power of the Russian Federation and Russian patriotism, weakened the obscuration of religious relations. The protagonist who was most interested in the regime cried out for nearly 70 million people - quietly, who lived in the zone of Nimetsky occupation, praised for primus robots and spent in full, - they learned about the vivid way of living. In addition, a million people turned up to the warehouse of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus with a whip of anecdote; they were put before the ideological, political system and economic order more often than not, in principle, skeptically. To that, at the thought of Stalin, the regime was guilty of new control over suspension, especially in tsarist ideology.

Stalin Dovіriv zavdannya vіdnovlennya іdeologicheskoy cleanliness to his close friend Andriy Zhdanov . Vlіtku 1946 p. Zhdanov Pishov at the offensive is very quiet, having hit the liberal cultural climate and having fallen into disarray with the reach of civil society. Vin stjerjuv, scho such a position of krill in their own displeasure with a glad culture. But then, at the thought of a yogi, the bulo is unacceptable. “Our zavadannya,” after saying a whisper, “is a pole in order to wage an offensive against the bourgeois culture, so as to interrupt the station of separation and non-victory.” Ale yakshcho by the method of Zhdanov and that of the newcomer to the culture of the world, then stink of guilty people to respect the people’s more attractive alternative. Vidtak ideological campaign Zhdanova gave a new pochtovv ospivuvannya rossiysky culture and science reach. For the skin-borne prominent wine-walker of radiant propaganda, a Russian was known, a little bit apart from the old idea, for the skin-prominent beloved author of the book, the author was new to Russia, and for the skin-borne sovereign talk, I came to know more and more. The emergence of a new form of Russian nationalism was not inevitable: now the equals 1945 p. He became a yogi in his famous toast for the people of Russia, who yogo yak nayvidatnіshu with usіh natsіy, scho enter the Radyansky Union.

Yak tse often tramped past, Ukrainians appeared in front of Stalin’s initiatives in a particularly dodgy camp. They’ve stolen better than Russians, they tried to pay Nazi occupation, they themselves took them home for primusova pracis to Nimechchini, and the very same ones in Western Ukraine have the most uncompromising boules. In the western Ukraine, the former became known. Zauvazhennya Stalina, who won the deportation of bi Ukrainians to Siberia, yakbi ikh didn’t mean so much baggage, no wonder, nothing good was seen. About the near pogrom in Ukraine there was a hangout in Lipno 1946 p. Central Komіtetom partії in Moskvі zlovіsne zvinuvachennya of Ukrainian komunіstіv in fact, scho stink "not nadayut nalezhnoї uwagi pіdboru kadrіv that їhnіy polіtichno-іdeologіchnіy pіdgotovtsі in the Branch of science, lіteraturi i ... Mistetstvo de іsnuє witch bourgeois natsіonalіstichna іdeologіya" i "toil Location Ukrainian National Concepts ”. Tsebu bhv funeral dzіn according to the modest warren renaissance of Ukrainian culture.

After a month, if Ostap Vyshnya is a supernaturally popular poet and humorist, he has performed at 30 years of rock music, having fallen in love with thought, the artist has the right to have mercy on the children of creative writing and self-determination, from Moscow, I’ve heard about it all. Sprinting at a freefall, leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine Mikita Khrushchov, who was the patron of ideology K. 3. Litvin immediately gave a shot to the volley at the Ukrainian, speaking in Ukrainian . Tim spent hours concentrating on the specific right-hand sides, closed on the mercilessly published “History of Ukrainian Literature”. Win Sturdzhuv, who praised the small number of “shortcomings”, depicted the development of Ukrainian literature, studied the classroom wrestling, outstripped the lack of energy and positively increased the temperature. Through rіk podbnіy criticism bulo pіddan the first volume of "History of Ukraine", a yiy viishov in 1943 p. edited by M.N. Petrovsky.

Lazar Kaganovich i Mikita Khrushchov at Kiev. 1947 p.

Lazar Kaganovich i Mikita Khrushchov at Kiev. 1947 p.

Unfortunate attacks of boules are hidden also at Ukrainian composers for victorious traditional Ukrainian themes. K. Dankevich’s opera “Bogdan Khmelnitsky” was criticized for those who have little knowledge of the Russian language, while Ukrainian literary journals and music journals rang out in the middle of the “high schools” of Ukraine. Particularly horrific costs of love in the real and stranglehold of Ukrainian nationalists in 1947 half an hour of a short commotion in Ukraine, Kaganovich, who, having been able to, having denied a sadistic malt, was terorizuyuchi representative of the Ukrainian Іntelіngentsії.

The apogee of this ideological “tightening the nuts” was instructed in 1951, if V. Sosyuri’s love of Ukraine! Fell into vainness of “nationalism”, and the author of this article was publicized by lowering the kayattya. Poshuki ideological vidkhilen scored more grotesque - the mortal - zarlevlennya, as long as they revisited they turned on. Bagato єvreiskih scribes, students, artists Bulo repressed for zvukovachennyam at "cosmopolitanism". The police wanted to fabricate a “group” of the group of the Jewish nteligents, who planned for the help of the “international Kingdom” to be rewarded with Krim and Vidokremitsya vid of the Radyansky Union. At the same time, it’s seemingly more convincing, more noticeable for radio propaganda, more than one Ukrainian nationality with the other countries on the Skoda SRSR.

Proof of this, there was a lot of evidence, about the preparation of steel-wise off-road cleaning, the intelligence of Ukraine was populated by the panic. Practically, the creative work ceased, and the intellect rushed to recognize the power of the grace and ask for vibration. For the sake of obviousness, the Ukrainian language learned a lesson of 30 rockies: that is more beautiful than the previous year, but you really want to live tomorrow. Ale Yakraz, if they all fought with their strength, so as to survive the onset of the Stalin cleaning, 5 birch 1953 p. The "great leader" died. Hey, Bulo a little, as Ukraine felt better.

In Ukrainian, until 1939 they lived on glad rules, and the holy rock did not like deja vu ("even baked"). The stench was stolen from the health of the grandiose new-born weekly projects, the new life was experienced through the ideal period of cultivation before the orthodox culture, and the real prospect of hunger brought them a new perspective.

The prototype for the old Ukrainian rockers saw a new dob, because they had a little more light, and with a little stench, it’s less short and merciless to know from 1939-1941. Inclusion to the warehouse of the SRSR now meant ххнє відмежування від political and cultural values ​​of Europe. The result of this also became the loss of the most respectable side of the Western Ukraine - the widest organization of measures, the most important and the most important warehouse of the Greek Catholic Church, and the most important - the most independent country, the most independent . But not all the hopes of the gladyansky annexation were negative: as a result of the dictatorship of the dictatorship, the Ukrainian-Polish conflict was ruled out, having won through both of these suspensions. In addition, the Radyanska Vladya had a long time ago recorded the suspension of the industrial and modernization of the region. I didn’t mean anything there, but she herself won the truth about all the Ukrainian people from the United State.