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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest


The death of Stalin’s vidkrila novu doba in Radyanskiy istorії. The wicked, marauding, non-rational method of rule for additional terror and primus is not possible to blame stiffness by the stretch of an unbroken hour. Before winter came the navigating of Radianska Verkhivka. The obvious impudence is the necessary impassioned ambassador of the blender of the hard steel control. Suttvo is important bulo, so that the people of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus have decidedly acknowledged the good things and the great power of the gigantic political and economic needs. But in the world of that, the Kremlin cautiously loosened its grip, again virilized the problem, not even earlier, but the offenders of Stalin at the jaunts of the new réshen had a lot of new problems. Although there was a desire to become a member of the public community, the number of times in the republics of the Radyansky Union was greatly differentiated, and in Ukraine there were especially numerous respect for them.

Now kerivnitsvo

Pershoyu, I want and the hour and hour of the familiarity with Zmіn sto «collectively kerivnitsvo’, which unanimously began to rule Stalin. This is a management committee that has evolved from the best party and official functions, becoming more than a short transitional stage, so that the new strong people can be approved. Hello, I’m up the mountain and the chief chef of the MDB Lavrentiy Bereya . I am willing to expand the base of training, Beriya has given zrozumіti to non-Russian peoples, steadfastly to the Georgians and Ukrainians, who is ready to drink for them to great deeds. Ale vin burst out, having paid for the failure of the lives (all the rest of the stratum of the re-enacted political supernik). The current hour in the foreground George was striving for a vidbudovoy economy, the repeated inclusion of Western Ukraine to the warehouse of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine and wrestling with Ukrainian nationalists. Wanting Khrushchov Buv Bezzhay Malenkov , representative of the government technocratic bureaucracy, who has stepped up for economic reform. Ale the residual mutant viišov Mikita Khrushchov , chiya kar'єra bula tisno povyazan in Ukraine.

The Russian Khrushchov was born in a small village on the border between Russia and Ukraine. Zhittradradna lyudina, ale typical party assistant, winners to the top of the town, who are not very fit for work and unprotected before Stalin, as well as to vacancies at the party and the public. As it was, I know it in 1938. he was sent to Ukraine in order to complete the “Great Purge”, and almost vidbudovu Ukrainian Communist Party. Through the rіk vіn controlling the process included in Western Ukraine to the Radyansky Union. And in the time of the fate of Khrushchov, a clear-cut vicar of steel vazіvkіvoks, vіn zdobuv deyaku specialist popular popularity zavdyaki esteem, yakuvrut in "the color of the world", often appear in Ukrainian vishivanki imenimyustyuchi for.

Having crossed to Moscow in 1949, Khrushchov zberіg tisnі vzєєmovigіdnі stosunki with the Ukrainian Communist Party. Tom Won has become the first republican party organizer, as if I tried to persuade him in the struggle for power and was paid off for him with supreme support. Khrushchov viddyachiv servant for the servant. Through a month and a half after the death of Stalin for calling at the Russian Orthodox Church in Western Ukraine, that discredited majority of people was utuno zusuto and planted the first secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine, the most prominent Leonid. The Bulat’s name was awarded to Oleksiy Kirichenka , who was the first person to sit in Ukraine (as the first secretaries of the Communist Party of Ukraine are designated only Ukrainian). The Ukrainian posters also abolished the temples: Dem'yan Korotchenko, having ousted the detachment of the republic, and Nikifor Kalchenko, to Radu Ministrov. The rule “triple“ K ”was indicated by the former appointees, as it was indicated to the Ukrainians. Uryadov planted a distance of singing at one o’clock playwright Oleksandr Kornіychuk and the synonym of Ukrainian prose Semen Stefanik.

Zmіni in a special warehouse superconducted with the number of members of the party in Ukraine: at 1952 p. Won Nalichuval 770 yew. members and candidates for party members, and in 1959, it was already close to 1.3 million, of which 60% were Ukrainian. From the fact that the Ukrainian communes were appointed to the temple, that the quietest kicking was evident because of the new Kremlin, which was new to the Ukrainian communes; tse rіzko kontrastuval z polіtikoyu Stalіna.

The Ukrainian Communities expanded their energy no less than the authorities of the Republic, and in their actions they all shyvidily extended to the Union Rivne. Vіskovі Rodіn Malinovskiy, Andriy Grechko and Kiril Moskalenko reached the high rank of the Marshal Radyansky Union, and the two first boules were also protected by the ministers of defense. Volodymyr Seven-member having taken over the post of head of the union KDB, and some of the Ukrainians - Oleksiy Kirichenko, Mikola Pidgorny, Dmitro Polyansky and Petro Shelest - became one of the eleven Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union - the most popular body in the USSR. The main cause of the last Friday boulevard is the tune of sound with Khrushchovim, and not those who stole the Ukrainians. Yak kar'єristi, who were frightened to climb to the top of the Radian system, and people, as a rule, didn’t swear to show their preponderance before their own nation. І all the same presence on the top of the land I said about the growing vagina of the Ukrainian and the Republic.