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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest


Namagannya new kerіvnitstva and by the way a wider piddrimku middle of the non-Russian peoples and especially middle of the Ukrainians blamed part of the great reform plan. Steel before the modernization, which is the basis for the Terror, ideological and primitive industrialization, having come up with an effective, augmented method of promoting the joy of joyful advancement. Khrushchov rozumіv, scho in the residual pidumka reinterpreted, and not primus, efficiency, not choking control, the management team, not the revolutionary fuse, to secure the best of the Union of the Union. Schob zdііsniti transition to new methods, laid the foundations of the old rose.

At 1956 p. at the 20th party party Khrushchov voted with one of those found at the radio station of industrial promo. At the trivial and detailed stage, the poor have criticized the Stalin of this malignancy, having seen the middle part of the orthodox Orthodox Great Degree. Qia "secret promo" became a signal to the cob of destalіnіzatsії. Behind her, they felt like remembering the winter in the atmosphere of life in the country. Bulo was weakened by ideological nastanovi, scho became the cob of "vidli" in cultural life. The policy of self-isolation was relaxed - in the middle of that, I wanted to see the trips (I want to and carefully control) to the SRSR because of the cordon and especially tourism in the middle of the country. Nevpinnna rusifikatsіya of non-Russian peoples has become more stolen. It was a pity to prepare before the summer season in the economy. Tse didn’t mean that the total regime became aware of the regime — the stench was deprived of the great world by the unsung. The protest has almost certainly relaxed in the presence of the pernicious perpetual fear and creative paralich.

Zmіni in Ukraine. A hint of Ukrainian responded to the price of protection and protection, like the stench rushed for steel workers. But if it became clear that criticism of the “cult of the individual” Stalin was carried out on a large scale, the stinks were brought to her by a whole stream of haws and wallets. Yak I was in agreement, the dissatisfaction with the middle of culture was especially strong. One of the Persians was blown away, and more than once repeated the call for that pitiful camp, the Ukrainian movement was allegedly punished. Intelligentsia, students, robots and party officials - they all repeated the same refrain: the special status in the SRSR of the Russian language does not mean that the Ukrainian movement is guilty of recognizing discrimination. So it went out, like “ Zakhistimo ukrainsku movu!” And “Rosmovlyaymo ukrainskoi!” , The grandfather was often moonlighted throughout the republic, especially in the midst of university students.

The rivals ’nutrition, which has now become negotiable, have been non-Western Ukrainian science. Historians, on the basis of the number of party members who called themselves historians, went through the rigorous ideological control of Moscow in the official galaxy, and called before the “history of history”. All of the cramps prevailing at the provincialism, the slavishly accredited party line, the overwhelming sound and the disputes with the Russian and the simultaneous lowering of the “Ukrainian historical” self-reliance. Analogous skargs at the camp of speeches at their dylyantsy hung up literary knowledge.

The Kremlin, obviously, had heeded everything. At 1957 p. Ukrainian history has reached the right to grab the power of the chronicle under the title “Ukrainian History Journal” . Through two farts, the publication of the Ukrainian Radyansk Encyclopedia came to my senses, often at the idea of ​​a detailed project, which was most welcomed by Ukrainian emigrants at Zakhodі. For this, we have sent such a number of publications, such as the Dictionary of Ukrainian Movies, History of Ukrainian Literature, History of Ukraine, and more detailed history of Ukraine.

You are encouraged to bring Ukrainian science and yourself to the prestige of the Ukrainian culture, the intellect has not gone beyond the traditional humanitarian disciplines, and you have to learn more about it, so that you can learn more about it. So, in 1957 p. in Kyiv Bulo a computer center was established, which in 1962 Becoming the Institute of Cybernetics and Viviv Ukraine for a prominent role among the galuz in the SRSR. Numerous Ukrainian journals from the natural sciences and the suspension sciences were published. Ukrainian ’intellectual’ elite, it’s obvious that the whole team was apparently climbing on the way to the best possible knowledge in order to expand the knowledge that is common to Ukrainian, rather than Russian.

Oskilki Khrushchov recognizing the bagato of the victims of the Stalin Terror, the boules were illegally repressed, the grandfather was guilty of the moon, and the vimogs of rehab’s revival . Pershimy, who were posthumously turned good ’im, became repressive for the hour of purges of the commune. In Ukraine, the vimogs of the rehabiliation of such national communes, like Skrypnyk, Khvilovy and KPZU members were growing up. With reckless reverberation of such a key cultural status, as a playwright Mikola Kulish, theater director Les Kurbas, film director of glory Oleksandr Dovzhenko’s famous writer of the 19th century Mykhailo Drahomanov, leather and other means of success in reaching the Ukrainian people to bring Ukrainian culture over power for non-government. Pozayak vіdnovlennya good іmenі Tsikh dіyachіv Torquay such polіtichne chutlivogo power, yak cultured nezalezhnіst Ukraine that її "Vlasnyi Way to komunіzmu" partіya reaguvala on tsі vimogi oberezhno th ambiguous. Along with the fact that Ukrainian News promoted to achieve reunion dyyachiv, communicative about those who ideally represeed and nadal zerigali their attractive force.

For the citizens of Ukraine, who were interested in the Siberian camps of primitive countries, destalinization brought unbridled will: a lot of them were denied amnesty and dialed up to turn to the house. I am in charge of a frequent liquidation of the gigantic system of contingents by speeding up a number of tabernacle rebels, a secret near Vorkuta and Norilsk (1953 p.), Karaganda (1954 p.), In a certain role there are more than one member. The Proteus Kremlin made it clear that it would be safe to prevent the integral national nationalism of the OUN. In 1954, at the time of the revelation of Svyatkuvan, the relics were blown up, about the stratum of Vasil Okhrimovich, a prominent OUN stranger on emigratsi, who threw an American to Ukraine. And in 1956 I saw a series of widely hanging among the preschool processes over the colossal members of the OUN, which ended in mortal virok. I didn’t see the sums, but the regime and the distance didn’t try to get rid of the skin, while I was far away in the defense of Ukrainian interests.

National food. Whatever the case for Khrushchov’s riches, the main ambushes of the Radian national policy — to act like a clock and water — were dealt with in deeds of other acts — reform began in 1958. That position of widespread awakening, the rush of vivchennya national movs, rushing over the supersignificant baggage. Otozh, schoolchildren’s brawls of goiters, vivchati vidchat, and also Russian language. Pozirno liberal Khrushchov’s reform transferred the right to father’s rights to move to their children. In practice, it meant that you can go to Ukraine without having to start a Ukrainian Move. I’ll look at a series of formal and informal discussions before the birth of the Russian word for a lot of money, but for the big days, my children, and the other way around. In spite of the storm of protests, Ukrainian officials had come to see some of the party, the regime wound up a blow to the national movement, demonstrating in such a way that there was little time left for them to remain in operation.

Protein delight destalinizatsії having stretched far the pose of political and cultural flows and protects, in some kind of crumbled Kremlin policies and Kyiv ntelektuali. Outside of the relaxation of ideological control, new moods have emerged, and the middle age of young people has come to a head. Yakshcho stick the minority of the Bula has been reformed because of the greater accuracy of the Stalinist Terror, then the great majority did not appear in the ideological and political nutrition of the great interest. І all the same among young people, the mood for rebellion uncontrollably prevailed among those who were clogged in life by ambushes of individualism, so much so much became orthodox. For young people, the one-dimensionality became unbearable. I am glad of the Yansky life, vigil morality, the old-fashioned manner of pulling myself in and out. The ideological system is started. In серед 'серед mediums ’, the fashion for the old jazz and pop music was expanding, which shouted from the older generation. And young people who are deceased, so called “dudes”, have come to hizuvalysya their neuvuvanim (for happy world) clothing and “anti-behavior”. In Ukraine, as in the Union of Radianism, it is inconceivable to become materially centered and self-centered (even more well-formed at the entrance), even more so as to give rise to such communalities.