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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest


In the first decade of its existence, the Radyansky regime has manifested itself as the most radical and innovative in the regime. Proteus until the 60s of rocky type typical sign of internal politics became extreme conservatism. We are afraid of not having to distribute and do not need to know what’s the case, the old bureaucratic leadership of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus has been cherished before it can be saved - this is the system that I’m able to build. For Ukraine, tse meant, not Kiev, but Moscow, and we would accept all the necessary principles for the Ukrainian decision. But russification, is fixed on those who want to trimmatically, together with the number of people of the Soviet Socialist Republic of the Soviet Union, didn’t only sell themselves, but they prevailed.

But to navigate the almighty and the omnipresent Radian administrative apparatus did not show the strength of greater control over the suspension. The middle of generational wandering is that rich is impotent in steel rock. What’s more, it became obvious that you have a look at the party policy of Ukraine, it’s obvious that you’ll be at a non-stop hour, and the Kremlin’s political course has been enhanced. Although the Radian system was deprived of a whole indivisible system, the middle of the population lost its skepticism that it was especially effective and especially healthy. Until the mid-80s, the rocket needed to become a non-transcendent guest house. Vіdtak radyansk oligarchy has turned to herself a lot of people for the proof of the incoming reforms. In Ukraine, the stench was won by the wind and on an objemlenny scale. But he didn’t get the bullet of the fact that they were far from recognizing the baggage of political, cultural and economic problems, about the development of some kind of earliest deafening regime.

People "Uplands"

Rosiyanin Leonid Brezhnov , like the successor of Khrushchov, priysh to the limit, may be quiet sounds from Ukraine. On the other side of the irreplaceable and indefensible Khrushchov’s bank, Brezhnev’s coastline has increased its strength and security because of the safety of the police and the guarantee of a stable stability. As a result of 18-year reluctance under power, conservative tendencies have been identified, although it may not be more totalitarian (the home radio scientist Merl Feynsod has given the full regime a new license, which is completely legal). Ale Yakshko Vlada zasosovuvalsya now streimannishe, lower for Stalin, won’s all, pose in all sorts of ways, prevailed in the hands of the party and got used to it with the help of the broadened radiosity of the independent control of the whole.

Shelest i Shcherbitsky. The Brezhny period of Ukraine has two small leaders of the communist party - Peter Shelest and Volodimir Shcherbitsky , politically loyal people who want to , they all have the same opinion, they have come across the same situation.

Reclaiming Shelest at the meeting of the first secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine was torn from 1963 to 1972, and the characteristic self-improvement was the re-enactment of Ukrainian self-determination. It’s quietly stingy, so you can get more analytics, howls of energy, how to self-preserve the blame on the front side of the village store of Shelest in Ukraine within the boundaries of the Radyansky Union. The rustle is not buve, as it were, is consecrated by the nationalist. Navpaki, at bagatokh vіdnoshennyah vіn having appeared more and more like an unfortunate communist, not so many high-school men in Moscow. To clear up the need for those who want to keep quiet against the admission of the Congress, having gone ahead with the intervention until the Czechoslovakia in 1968, restless, that the reform of the country did not “infect” Ukraine, because it was important for them to stop It is probable that it was inaccessible for quietly nourished nourishment that caused trouble for Brezhnev.

Ale іsnuvav іnshy aspect of the policy of Shelest, aka not vlashtovuv the Kremlin isn’t more. I looked at those that the Ukrainian curvier earnestly took the charge of the Ukrainian Autonomy, as well as the transfers of the Radian constitutional principle of the equal rights of all the people of the SRSR. Vidtak vin not having a bosom about the role of the "big brother" in the Union of Radyansky. It is possible that Shelest, having started striving to achieve a status for Ukraine, is similar to that of Mali Polshch, Czechoslovakia, Ugorshchina, so that they can thoroughly communicate communal suspensions, specific economic and cultural needs of a kind that was recognized in Moscow.

Head turbo Shelest boules economically consume Ukraine. Win in Ukraine for a greater role in the process of economic planning in the Radyansky Union without having manifested great enthusiasm before the plans for economic development of Siberia, which means a change in investment in Ukraine. If a group of Ukrainian economies has brought some tribute to those who are in the economical union of the Radyansky Union in the whole of Ukraine, Rustle has become an active contributor to the principle of parity, since Ukraine has a small share of the contribution, the contribution is shared, .

Having seized the rustle of the cultural rights of Ukraine more. In yogo promos, the moon was casting calls, “like a spy-bearer belongings”, take care of “beautiful Ukrainian move”. In 1965 p. Ukrainian Minister of Education and Sanctification Shelesta Yuriy Dadenkov, having appealed for the extension of the Ukrainian Movement in the Universities and Institutes. And in 1970 p. at our book "Our Ukraine Radyanska" The rustle of order under the list of the hostile achievements of Radyansky Ukraine is directly veiled by the history of Ukraine’s autonomy, and the role of cossacks is progressive. The rustle was written in words, which, from the agrarian region of the second republic, was shyly redirected at the present moment with the advanced industry and technology.

How can I explain such a "misconception" in a disciplined, well-respected broad commune, members of the Politburo - the most attractive body in the Radyansky Union? The whole group, The rustling of that number of natives in Ukraine, made me happy to declare about the nationality at face value. The stinks did not inject protection against the reach of foreign foreign policy and modernization of Ukraine and the protection and culture of Ukraine. Similarly to Skrypnik in the 20 Rocks Shelest, chantingly, having respected the most effective hobby for the good luck of the joyful politics in Ukraine, the satisfaction and not the strangulation of economic and cultural needs. Ymovirno also, Scholest zrobiv the gingerbread, shcho nogo specialties managed to lay down in management of Ukraine with Ukrainian cultural, scientific and political elite. And so much respect for the specific turbo її.

Equals 1972 p. Shelests were shoved into the third place in Kiev for calling from the “yakosti” to the Ukrainian nationalism and the secret economic “ministry” . Having become an offender, Shcherbitsky is a long-time member of the Dnepropetrovsk clan and baked a political supporter of Shelest. For ancillary methods, they fraught with fraternal political dukes for hetmanism in Ukraine of the 17th-18th centuries, having guilty of discrediting Shelest, who was repeatedly called in front of Moscow in "Miscellaneous Patriotism". Pislya padіnnya supernik Shcherbitsky dovgo having taken the seat of the leader of the Ukrainian Communist Party after himself, having shifted to it became a record for the triviality. What are the reasons for this success? With a great stink of peace, they shout at the police without intercession before Moscow. By our earning visions of Moscow visits, by the willingness to sacrifice the economical interests of Ukraine, by the need for Russian russia Shcherbitsky mig bi enter the history of the wisdom of the type of "little deer."

Leonid Brezhnov and Volodymyr Shcherbitsky. 70th Rocky

Leonid Brezhnov and Volodymyr Shcherbitsky. 70th Rocky

In 1973, spinning around to the aid of ideologist Valentin Malanchuk and the heads of the Ukrainian KDB V.V. Fedorchuk, Shcherbitsky Providence was cleaned up a little, there were about 37 thousand prisoners included on the party. members, a large part of the world, probably, were stored by Shelest's henchmen. At a glance of its own successor, the Shcherbitsky camp was gradually bored by my Russian office in official business, and by updating the public policy in Ukraine, there are big public centers. Win too, having stepped up for the horrific and uncompromising stifle of dissidence.

I didn’t bring any zusill to you who you wouldn’t be afraid of when you weren’t the most profitable — you could appoint a Brezhnev as an offensive for a temple in Moscow.

To that, the ears of the 80s of rock showed signs that Shcherbitsky, having come to pay more respect to his camp in Ukraine, are encouraged to cut back on their cultural background and relax the obscuration of the Moscow city. With the arrival of 1985 p. the gossip of the reformer Gorbachov began to loosen up about those who didn’t want to take advantage of Shcherbitsky’s camp at the Ukrainian Communist Party. Ale, having drunk the bagatokh, who didn’t become old, could be very busy with the Kremlin’s counter-reformist reforms.

How can I make a difference with the policies of these individual warriors about their look at Ukraine and that role in the Radyansky Union? I didn’t have to summarize, but like Shelest, so Shcherbitsky got the Maybut of Ukraine in the light of communal and ideological and in the context of the radio system. Zhoden iz them not having at winter time to think about the independence of Ukraine. I was leather, showing itself as the butt of that hard control, which Moscow regained above the Communist Party of Ukraine.

However, two people should point out those who could have control over the radiant systems could win two different views, two different political points of Ukraine. Being the primer of the nationality in the SRSR and the fairness of the economies in their economies, Shelest pragnuv, shchob Ukraine treated as an autonomous state in the warehouse of realy radyansky federation. From one side, that means a half-word, with which she rustled Shelest is not less than the middle of the Ukrainian Intelligents, and the middle of the Ukrainian Party apparatus, has shown a wide range of Ukrainian nationalities, but there are several more languages. From the side, the Shelest є nagaduvannyam, so that look and nadalі lost unacceptable for Moscow.

Before the songwriter’s behavior, the policy of Shcherbitsky can be compared to the duty manager. Such is lyudina sprimaє SRSR, which is clearly visible to the magnificent corporation galuzevih factories, and which they are successful (because the people are pretty satisfied with the Kremlin) to manage, you can go to the top of the structure of the rule of corporation. Viddak, if the interests of the corporation dictated the standardization (Russification) in Ukraine, Scherbitsky rumbled to robots, looking at the "special features" (national culture) as the code. If in front of Ukraine they put vimogu, almost all the power resources, I’ll help them to develop a new corporate “corporation”, Shcherbitsky ishov nazustrich, we demonstrate our own “large-scale intelligence” by ourselves. The problem is connected with this mentality of the manager of the corporation, so you can take into account the modern form of the colossal “little affinity”, I believe that you often forget about those who want to remember, but it’s very important that you have a lot more to do with administrative peoples.

Komunistichna party Ukraine. The strong and significant value of Shelest and Shcherbitsky dragged far from the pose between the Ukrainian Republic. The stinks were blown up by the main political graves of the Union Rivnya - the leading order of the residents of the kyrkysnogo zrostannya of the Communist Ukraine of Ukraine, especially in death Stalin. Since the arrival of Khrushchov’s home, the number of members of the Ukrainian Communist Party has grown rapidly. This process, active, is already in the lesser republics, having torn 60s and the cob of 70s rock. Yakshko at 1958 p. 1.1 million members in the Communist Party of Ukraine, then 2.5 million members in 1971, having become equal partners in all of the republics. Earlier, the stinks got over the top in the Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk regions - the regions with the strongest overwhelmed Russians. For Khrushchov, the middle members of the party almost certainly showed a representative of the central and western regions of the republic, and overwhelmingly the Ukrainian populations.

Zіni have been recklessly struggled in the appearance in Ukraine of a new generation of political events. In Ukraine there was a lot more, be it as much as possible. So, in 1964 p. Of the 33 most prominent party officials in the republic, 30 were Ukrainian. A part of Ukrainian at the warehouse of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1961 pulled an unprecedented figure - 20%. Zavdyaki supervisingly shvidkuyu zrostannyy і tіshnim zvіazkam іz Kremlin KPU earned its reputation соб zrazkovo ков party. Ale novice of the vnemnennosti vlasnogo vlasi vagi created the middle of Ukrainian elite dissatisfied with the centralized political and economic course of the Kremlin. Sounds and autonomy trends Shelest. And those who have been encouraged by the great strength of the Ukrainian party apparatus are obvious: there were more than three out of 25 secretaries of regional party committees who voted for this call.

Padіnnya Shelesta became a failure for the Communist Party. Satisfied with the growth, and the representation in the Central Committee of the CPSU fell to 15%. But the health of the orthodox Shcherbitsky, by the stretch of such a trivial hour, is being abridged by those in Kiev who want to, in favor of the Ukrainian Communist Party, who lost their faith and lost the important political officer.