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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest


He is troubled, schyuvshyvshissya in the utmost joyful rejuvenation, not a bit not to hustle Khrushchov and the one Kremlin odnodumtsіv. At the breast 1962 p. win the wiki about myself to the group of the leading Russian scribes and followers of the world of radical radicalism. Through a few months of critical criticism, a number of representatives of the Russian intelligence were presented in the presulo. It has become more visible, and the regime of lack of respect is much worse than the pogrom of the liberals. Having received the signal from Moscow, party officials in Kiev were prepared to train the "undeveloped elements" in the Ukrainian literary community.

Hinged 1963 r. offensive, Andriy Skaba , Ukrainian party official, ideal for ideological purity, beggarly defeating the creativity of such literary students, as Yak Sverstyuk, Svitlichny i ​​especially Dzyuba . Valentin Malanchuk , the head of the Odeologian ideology in Ukraine, having stared at the large number of young and underwritten writers who want to be with the “first wrestlers of the individual and have to acknowledge that you have to acknowledge that you have to acknowledge the negative I’ve got the whole cordial call to fight with the viyavas of the Ukrainian “bourgeois nationalism” , win with pride in bothering about your successes in fighting and relying on your prayers.

The real fact, having pointed out the turning of singing aspects to steelism, was the belt of unofficial anti-Semitic publications. Naiharakternіshoy among them, the treatise "Judaism without embellishment" , which was published in 1964. published the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the whole group, for the invitations of Moscow, part of the rest of the life of Steel, the propaganda apparatus fabricated materials, in such a way they showed close proximity to Ukraine. The Liberal Ukrainian Intentional Publishing Book of Suvor Criticism. Ale spravzhnіy vibuh oburennya wailed about the fact about those who have the same 1964 p. Vscent zgorіv vіddіl library of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, in which thousands of priceless books and documents from Ukrainian history and culture were collected. The original “unreceived zlochin in the history of the old culture of culture” confessed that they were Pogruzhalsky - Russophile with psychopathic stigmas.

The prices have become promoted to the best practices of Khrushchov in the new discipline in the middle of generation. Prote will turn around to the politics of “hard hands” blazingly. A number of failures in the internal and external politics, the middle of the failure of the missile confrontation along the Cuban side, breaking up with China, unreasoning, spawned by reforms, and a catastrophic neurosis of 1963, fatally weakened the position of the happy leader. In the city 1964 p. Yogi colleagues have been patient and amused Khrushchov’s food at the front desk. Add reforms, experimentation and liberalization prizes.

The hours of Khrushchov, the whole group, obviously, were in the middle of the radish history. Independent of the number of failures, the lack of responsibility for the implementation of reforms and experiments, I have also gone ahead with the retooling of the Central Development and Trade Council of the Republic of Belarus, the administration of the state-of-the-art technology system and the implementation of the new system. Tsey perekhid viduvovavsya in Ukraine, de stalinizm narrowing the search for the hlivshih forms.

Yakі zmіni vіdbulisya in Khrushchev’s rocky і - schcho not less important - yakі not vidulisya? Sticking masovі areshti, terror and cleansing. The police, prerogatives of some kind, separated, now exclaimed “not safe elements” for “sincere” rosemas, and as a rule, they mumbled calls to robots and divisions of powers and, by the way, bless them. That, as it were, didn’t give a bazhan result, were conducted areshti (but they didn’t even open it up), labor discipline was not such a suvory. Actually, there is a lively life. For the present hour, scribes, sing that indigenous culture have reached the widest scope for self-expression. The independence of the Republican Communist Party was growing in strength and that of the important important economic value of Ukraine at the SRSR warehouse. Ale Naybilsh is hostile, especially looking at the thirsty thrice, who won the Ukrainian intellect in 30s, she became the belly of a new bagatoobitsyayuchy generation of cultural culture.

Proteus in the lack of fabrication of the preserved bagato of the underlying rice of the Radyansky way of life. Censorship continued to strictly regulate the fact that it was allowed to read, bachiti and hear. The absolute monopoly on political power was conceived by the communist party. In the process of reforming the economy and the rule, the bureaucrats ruled over, and all the populace praised the sovereign enterprises and in their installations they bought a comrade from the sovereign ladies. The growing importance of Ukraine in the SRSR and political success in Ukraine did not mean that the interests of Ukraine were deprived of the whole interests of the radiant empire as a whole.