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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

Rozdil 1 Bank yak pіdpriєmnitska structure

1.1. Understanding the credit system. Characteristics of commercial banks

Credit so that the object is stored with the elements that are specific to each other. Such elements є override sub'єkti of credit loans - a creditor and a posichnik. The lender is the party of credit loans, yak gave a pose to the clerk in the rozma on the minds transferred by credit facilities. Pozichnichnik is a party to credit loans, as a goiter, please go to the minds to turn the freed posture and pay back the loan.

Surrounding the creditor and the clerk with elements of the credit reporting structure є transmission information - those that are transferred to the clerk by the creditor, and then pass through the best way. On the basis of the transfer of the credit cards of the clients, the wartime is often very frequent.

Sub'єkti credit vidnosin constantly establish between yourself the number of calls, as well as approve the credit system. There are stockpiled credit institutions, middle-sized banks, central banks, commercial banks, specialized credit and financial institutions, financial institutions, brokerage and financial insurance dealers

However, with all your bagatomicity of all credit, establish an activity for the standard scheme, which will help me to clear the main risks between the credit system, and if there is such a stage of credit credit.

Loan lending is an important moment for the practice of lending. For a specific type of skin loan, a lender will have a lender of less than a second to accept the most effective credit risk deposits. To that, the lender, first of all, to take the decision, reliably vivcha financial institution of the principal of this loan project.

Letting go of the loan with the clerk. At the stage of development, the credit for the goods is so that the goods pass from the timochov koristuvannya to the middle-aged one - the clerk. In other words, the clergyman may have the posi tional cost for the attainment of reliable goals from the state, the form of concealment for the repayment of earlier borges. For that reason, it is important to manifest fundamental credit — for a rahunny, a person can be satisfied with less than his / her own hourly consumption;

Victory loan is a stage, on the basis of the change of credit card to the hourly order and the credit card, I can help you realize the possibility of transferring.

Vivilnennya resources іn characterization є the completion of the circular circle of wartosti in the state gifts of the posichalnik. Likewise, since akumulyatsiya timicho hourly major loans won the credit of kostіv creditors, so і vivіlnennya bartosti in the state thanks to the clerk even if I can turn around tichchasovo posichenarty.

Turning poziki - on the other hand, hourly posed vostostі posidnik to the creditor. Credited by the creditor of the loan, granted in the hourly corpus, - the remaining stage of the loan.

From now on, the credit system idleness is divided into functional designation. The credit system - a whole range of bank and special credit and financial institutions, as well as mobile loans and a loan based on the principle of lending.

There are more special features of commercial banks.

An official commercial bank is a commercial bank, as well as the right to submit a license to the Central Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the market of physical and legal rights. An important and familiar commercial bank - those who are in pracency for the sovereign’s control over the side of the bank’s organs.

On the penny market, commercial banks will see the role of financial intermediaries, so that they can share and distribute money in the middle of state-owned business. Look at the same functionality: accept and deposit deposits; see koshti from flowing rakhunkіv and viskuyut rerachuvannya; give a shred of good money with a look of a kind, a purchase of valuable folders.

In Ukraine, the current banking system has been established, commercial banks, for the form of power, are affiliated with the state, private and cooperative.

The sovereign bank has the entire statutory capital to possess the powers. Rishennya about yo osnuvannya praise Cabіnі Minіstіrіv Ukraine. When I take into account the law on the State Budget of Ukraine for the Republic of Belarus on a supplementary transfer of funds to the form of a statutory capital of a sovereign bank. At the same time, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is guilty of making up the positive bank of the National Bank of Ukraine by bringing us a sleepy state bank.

Registration of state-owned banks in health The National Bank of Ukraine has been identified before its regulatory legal acts.

The State of Health regards a volsnik through the organization of managing the sovereign bank. The governing bodies of the sovereign bank є naglyadova glad that governing the bank. The control authorities of the sovereign bank є revision commission, personal and small warehouse of such a kind shall be designated as a visible joy.

Prior to the warehouse for the sake of the sovereign bank, members of the sire for the sake of the bank should be included, as the Ukrainian Parliament and the President of Ukraine. Termin is a reassurance of members for the sake of sake — five rock.

The President of Ukraine has appointed the first member of the executive committee for the sake of the sovereign bank through the adoption of a special decree. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has also appointed the first member of the Council for the sake of adopting a permanent resolution. The head of a pretentious sake is to be taken away by a pretentious glance in the warehouse of the members.

Rishennya naglyadovo for the sake of taking advantage of a simple greater number of voices in the entire number of participants in the presence of registered members.

Private banks are subordinate to the organization of the form of activity and are subscribed to joint-stock partnerships of closed and closed type (joint-stock banks), partnerships with an unbundled business bank (joint banks) and cooperative banks.

Cooperative banks are committed to the principle of territoriality and are central.

The minimum number of participants in the cooperative bank (between the regions) is the maximum amount of 50 banks. At a time of varying numbers of participants and the inability of a cooperative bank to reach one bank, the number of people who need them is the minimum number of such banks that need to accept a legal form.

The statutory capital of a cooperative bank is shared. The minimum rozmir of statutory capital of the commercial bank is established by the National Bank of Ukraine.

A leather participant in a commercial bank may independently choose to participate in a capital bank (share) and have the right to one vote.

The functions of the central cooperative bank, including the main ones, include centralization and redeployment of resources, acumulative community cooperative banks, as well as greater control over the activity of cooperative banks in the regional region.

Joint-stock banks form their own capital on the basis of individual capital through the start-up and retail joint-stock bank. Vlasnik kapitalu є Aktsionerne partnership, tobto bank. Aktsіoneri not to hold the right to vimagati bank to turn over their own open. The very fact that the banks are getting involved in more and more.

Banks set up in a partnership with an indemnified bank account (share banks), form a capital account with outgoing funds (shares) at a statutory fund. For the skin participant, the right of ownership to the second part of the capital is taken into account, because the bank is not the owner of the capital. The principle of delimited viddalnosti, which is the same as when you are involved in bank shares, vidpovidnost of the skin participant, I interchange with the bank outside the bank.

Dependently on the scale of commercial banking, banks are divided into regional, regional and regional banks. I take a look at this classification, the National Bank will set the standard for minimum regulatory capital (N1), such as all banks of goiters that are subject to restriction.

Minimum rozmir of regulatory capital (N1) of bank banks in the economy :

a) for Moscow cooperative banks:

on September 17, 2003 rock - not less than 1,000,000 Euros,

for 1 year 2004 rock not less than 1150000 Euro,

for 1 year 2005 rock not less than 1300000 Euro,

for 1 year 2006 rock not less than 1,400,000 Euros,

as of 1 September 2007, rock no less than 1,500,000 Euro;

b) for banks, in order to maintain their activity in the territory of one region (regional), including the number of special out-of-town and mortgage-related:

until 17 September 2003 rock - not less than 3,000,000 Euros,

for 1 year 2004 rock not less than 3,500,000 euros,

for 1 year 2005 rock - not less than 4,000,000 Euros,

for 1 year 2006 rock - not less than 4,500,000 euros,

for 1 year 2007 rock - not less than 5,000,000 Euro;

c) for banks, in order to maintain their activity in the territory of all of Ukraine (among the regional), including the number of special investment and rozraunkovih (clearing), the central cooperative bank:

until 17 September 2003 rock - not less than 5,000,000 Euros,

for 1 year 2004 rock not less than 5500000 Euro,

for 1 year 2005 rock not less than 6,000,000 Euros,

for 1 year 2006 rock not less than 7000000 Euro,

as of 1 September 2007, rock is not less than 8000000 Euro.

The minimum rozmir of regulatory capital (N1) of new banks in the world:

a) for Moscow cooperative banks:

up to one fate dіyalnostі - 1,000,000 Euro,

to two rokiv dіyalnostі - 1,100,000 euro,

to trekh rokiv dіyalnostі - 1200000 euro,

to chotirokh rockіv dіyalnostі - 1350000 euro,

repairing the fifth year of dyalnost - 1,500,000 Euro;

b) for banks, in order to maintain their activity in the territory of one region (regional), including the number of special out-of-town and mortgage-related:

up to one fate dyalosti - 3,000,000 Euro,

to two rokiv dіyalnostі - 3,500,000 euro,

up to three rochiv dіyalnostі - 4000000 euro,

to chotirokh rockіv dіyalnostі - 4,500,000 euro,

repairing from the fifth fate of the year - 5,000,000 Euro;

c) for banks, in order to maintain their activity in the territory of all of Ukraine (among the regional), including the number of special investment and rozraunkovih (clearing), the central cooperative bank:

up to one rock dyalosti - 5,000,000 Euro,

to two rokiv dіyalnostі - 5500000 Euro,

up to three rokіv dіyalnostі - 6000000 Euro,

to chotirokh rockіv dіyalnostі - 7000000 euro,

repairing the fifth year of dyalnost - 8000000 Euro.

There are more commercial banks, which function in the Ukrainian banking market , є regional. Moreover, a significant part of them is concentrated in the Kiev and Kiev regions, as well as in the city, as well as in the traditional tradition of industrialization (Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk).

Commerce banks for the oath and the nature of their healthy operation, they are universal and special. Universal banks to conceive of us banking operations for their customers. Specialized banks, for servicing a certain sphere, a gadget of statehood, a group of citizens, or visually insignificant number of operations.

Specialized banks:

a) service to the singing category of the class - banks with a special specialization;

b) service of overwhelmingly legal and physical features at the boundaries of the singing gallus - banks with a special galleus;

c) to offer a small aspect of the services for most of their customers - banks with functional specialization.

Nayyaskravіche is violated the functional specialization, the flaws are fundamentally infused to the character of the bank’s activity, the purpose of the particular form of assets and the bank’s balance, the bank’s balance is encouraged, and also the robot’s specificity is closed.

For functional specialization, banks to invest, to innovate, to spare, to pay, to be paid, to be paid, to deposit, to deposit.

Investment banks and innovative banks accrue timly hourly money on trivial lines (including the number of posits) and credit cards.

Sorry banks specialize in lending to the population of small strings of deposits.

Clearing banks specialize on rozrahunki і zalіku vzєmozoborganostі.

Mortgage Banks, grant credit operations on trivial lines, on the other hand, an outpost. Significant part of the passive form for the mollusks of the hairy capital and capital, mobilized by the release of the mortgage regions.

Oblasts and deposit banks are historically special to practice short-term deposit and credit operations. That is why in them mid-active transactions transfer credit and regional transactions with commercial bills, and in the middle of passive ones-operations are received by hourly maximum value of deposits at deposits.

In Ukraine, we will declare a representative a bank with a functional functional bank є Ukroshchadbank, with a passport of about 90% - the cost of physical transactions, and the main special operation - with good credit.

There are a lot of special deposits of significant number of deposits in a wide range of areas, as well as a number of special features of a public gift center, which can be used in different season. All of the benefits are on the specifics of the form of assets and assets of banks. In Ukraine, there are about 20 banks with a special Galiza specialization, middle of which are Legbank, Energobank, Avtozazbank, Donvuglekombank, Ukrnaftogazbank and that.

More step-by-step detailing, differentiation of views in banks of performances of special specialization for servicing a particular type of class. It is typical for foreign bank reference that general bank services are exclusively operational and insurance structures, insurance are insurance institutes, and cooperative banks are provided with credit and credit service cooperatives. To that very reason banks with a special specialization are called "intestinal", so that they are fit for financial servicing of a singing group of companies.