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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

1.2. Operations of commercial banks

The increased commercial banks have the independence to form the power, the liabilities for capital and the special operations of three groups of operations: passive, active and operational, as well as open and closed services. Passive operations direct to credit resources. I have an active operation at my place of business - an operation with the availability of credit resources, with the help of which I will deny the benefit and secure maintenance. Rozrahunkovo-kasovі opsії bankіv give to the breech to the customers the health of the day rozrahunki in ready-to-wear form and that otrimuvati gotіvkovі koshti from stream rakhunkіv.

In addition, from the date of the name of the transaction viokremlyuyut base operation bankіv . Prior to them, the cost of deposit operations, rozrahunkovo-kasovі operations and credit operations. It’s sound, since the number of operations, which can be seen by banks, can be significantly wider, but the very same operations are necessary, I will call that name.

Passive operations - which is obtained by the bank of money for the most popular and most valuable drafts with the help of credit resources. Credit resources of commercial banks at their merchandise are subject to availability and availability.

Active operations - the whole bank of credit resources in the country with the help of which I remove the benefit and the security of the bank.

1.2.1. The characteristic of passive operations of commercial banks

Strengthen the merchandising bank, but you can classify the ones for the Dzherelys, the terms and the terms and the sub-accounts.

The particularity of bank business is that there is often a significant number of resources and resources that often become 90% of the turnover. In addition, for a commercial bank, important indicators are є platospromozhnіst і lіkvіdnіst. In view of the bank account, it is necessary for the bank to deposit the financial base, the bank account, as well as on bank rachunas, trim their bank accounts, and the bank has the same credit resources.

Likeness to the bank - the whole health of having your own goiters according to the lines and sums. Likeness is ensured by the singing structure of passive and active operations.

Platospromozhnost bank rozumіyut yak prosperity yogo hairy capital for the protection of possible zbitkіv, pov'yazanih with rzizikom carried out active operations. The minimum acceptable level of payability of commercial banks, which is lower than that of your business, is that you don’t have to admit to falling, normalize by the National Bank of Ukraine. The level of platospomozhnosti Ukrainian banks to characterize the standards of adequacy of regulatory and core capital. Weekend for the commercial bank ком Obov'yazkovim. To that, far from increasing the turnover of the bank, it’s necessary to lay down, around the world’s minds, all the way through the long-term balance (proportional capital) in proportion to the growth of assets.

It is up to the lofty capital to lay the money for the bank and the bank, as well as a side to the bank and the bank for the fund's rakhunok.

Passive operations of the bank in the form of the most powerful credit resources are hidden on the basis of the capital capital, which, in its own house, is formed from the main and additional capital.

The main capital to be invariably invisible and such that it is not passed on, overpriced and redeemable in order to get a fine floss.

Dodatkovy capital є mash й steel characteristics, ogo rozmіr can zmіnyuvatisya.

The main capital is stored in factually cohesive and registered statutory capital and pink reserves (reserves reserved by the bank at financial reserves), incurred for unstoppable rentals.

Dodatkovy capital stocked up with reserves as standard standard trading of banks and banks, a stream of flow and sub-ordinate Borg:

vlasny capital

de VK - power capital; OK - the main capital; DK - dodatkovy capital.

Regulatory capital is as high as capital budget and maximum capital budget.

Operations with the form of healed and available resources are called passive deposit operations . Look at the process of acquiring the first balance in the bank balance and at the same time the maximum amount of money, which can be checked out on regular groceries (string and before feeding). Clients can be legal entities, such as individuals, attend to a bank, and also enter banks, as well as correspondently deposit deposits in a bank.

Posichennye credit resources bank kupuє on mizhbankіvskuyu credit market and that at their own klіntiv, vіdkrivuyuchy іm line of deposit deposit rahunki. I’m able to claim a bank that I’ll deny the customer, so that I can get it from the bank on my own current and correspondent rachunas. Oznakoyu klassifіkatsії credit resources on the basis of that and osuchny є osovy ikh their commercial bank.

For example, for a leather sum of the cost of goods in an okremo bank, there is a warehouse, a deposit agreement with a client, a loan with a foreign bank, and I will buy a loan with a bank credit market. Remember to transfer such terms and conditions, pay the required term, pay the same price and pay for them all, and at times remove the cost of all the other banks (credit cards and deposits), you can transfer money.

In addition, to the extent that interest is vested in investors, such banks can be cleared through the sale and distribution of the most unsecured breeders' goiters (bank bills).

Given the number of commercial banks є the most efficient operational part of the bank’s capital, it’s better to get it, and that’s why it’s nice to have a good time to get a bank of visions of cribs.

I’ll cancel the bank without a deed of okremich of minds of the Russian Federation (paid, turned, strings and security) for a dermal sum. You must have a legal bank, legal entities and individuals, but correspondent banks can be redeemed on their own flow chores, correspondent rachunks, and at the bank. Remember that when you enter the bank, when you enter the bank, the bank has all the sums for all sums, so that they can be used.

Important for a commercial bank є classification of credit resources for the signatory payment. So, the bank and the bank can be paid free of charge. Wait for a water hour for a commercial bank for a fee.

Zdіsnyuyuchi passivny deposit operations, banks to save money can be quietly and quietly klіntntiv cats, scho to go on the most accurate, correspondent and deposit malls.

From here, passive deposit operations are possible to classify : for the category of bank customer:

• Operations with the recognition of the time-honored legal assets for current, budgetary, depository rakhunki;

• Operations with the recognition of the time-honored payments for physical and depository deposits;

• operations with the acknowledgment of time and money of bank-correspondent clients on correspondent and depository rakhunki;

behind the line:

• operations with the recognition of the time-honored benefits for the rachunas before meals (current, budget, correspondent);

• Operations with the removal of the time-limited amount of money on the line deposit rachunki.

Mobile transactions of the operational operations of the bank are due, the shareholders and customers of the commercial banks are promoted through active operations.