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Credit-rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

1.2.2. Characteristics of active operations of commercial banks

Activate a commercial bank ahead of time to classify beyond the current level. Likeness of assets - the total health of singing is transformed in pennies, but in general, there is a need for it. For the most part, the government has active assets, so the very same managers of the third bank would like to see their goiters in front of the clients in the line of the song and the sum of the songs. For the sake of all the known assets, they are divided into primary reserves, secondary reserves, loans, bank loans, investment in valuable shares, and mainly bank and non-financial assets.

Prior to the first reserves, there is an asset, like at any time the bank can be a good way to pay off your goiters. In the words of the past, all the activity is to interchange in absolutely liquid form. Іншой їх peculiarities є those who stink not to bring income to the bank. The following groups of assets should be:

• koshi on the correspondent ragunks at the central (national) bank;

• banknotes and coins in a bank;

• koshti on correspondent ragunks in the banks;

• pay documents at the process of investment.

Oskilki primary reserves may not bring income to banks, stink to hit the maximum amount of money. Ale tse is possible until singing between, and it was established by the normative vimogs of the National Bank of Ukraine to the minimum level of liquidity of commercial banks.

Secondary reserves - activate the bank, so that in order to finish a short term, you can be transformed into the first reserve for the end of the day payment payments for goiters to the bank. A group of assets, surrounded by high liquidity, ер dzherelom denying a little to the bank. The following shall be assigned to the bank group of assets:

• investment in short-term power borgovy goiter'yazannya;

• Mіzhbankіvskі credits for termin up to seven days.

Found a group of assets of commercial banks to become credited with a bank. After the execution of this operation, it is tied with a high step to rhizic. In addition, the process of updating the loan portfolio to the bank by the singing world is controlled by the NBU. So, the National Bank of Goiters ’Commercial Banks reserve a part of the loan to cover possible loans for credit operations. Also, the normative standards for the maximum credit risk are established with the diversification of the loan portfolio.

Investing in the main part - the price of the active activation of the bank. For its material form and functional designation and assets є for the bank name of the bank. Ale stink to look out for the important role, to ensure the normal functioning of the commercial bank.