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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

1.3. Peculiarities of the form of the power and the profit of commercial banks

The main mental bank dyalnost є the manifestation of a worthy oath of penniless resources. Bank resources store the entire amount of money, while a bank can be a quick way to complete your operations, before credit. Warehouse resources of the Bank of the United States and the United States have acquired more legal and physical features, and their structure and retail are designated as intensive operations and are in good condition with a free credit.

Prior to the bank’s bank resources, there should be funds, like I’m trying to pay a fee for the bank and the bank and the bank. õх by method є development of the material and technical base, covering of the small zbitkiv, protection of the minimum level of payability, incentive prazvrobotnik. I’m going to talk about the statutory fund, a vidigra virshalnu role in the responsibility of all high power and form for active participation and shareholder outreach and participant. One of the laws, establishing the oath of the statutory fund is the right of a successor to a commercial bank, but no less than the minimum amount, and notices of the National Bank of Ukraine.

One of the most important gambling opportunities is that of the most powerful resources of commercial banks - this is the first and middle part of the business, the regional and the most important folders. I dialed at the third edition of the national bank of Ukraine, and registration of the Ministry of Finance. Potentially, when organizing a commercial bank, you need to make a reservation for formulating the statutory fund for the state budget resources, but you can get it on credit.

At the zagalny obyazі bankіvskih resources in water koshti become insignificant part. In the minds of the courtyard banking system (Central Bank of the National Bank and Commercial Banks), the National Bank for Commercial Banks has a reserve function, as it became a bank bank. For such commercial banks, for such a circumstance, they can transfer to some part of their resources a reserve, so at the same time consume more than one kind of money.

Depends on the number of specialized banks, on the other hand, there are more commercial banks, competitiveness on the market for credit resources, and I will become more economical that the bank has a small business structure. Particularly important is the responsibility for bank management. For example, for a bank, it is characteristic that the bank has universal versatility, then for operations with a short-term credit, most of the resources are mainly acquired in short-term deposits. For banks, it is important to invest in money for the most profitable loans, you can borrow from other financial and credit mortgages, as well as special funds of sovereign fixed-income structures.

Urakhovuychi revelation at the bank structure of a significant part of the number of available and acquired resources, the purchase of new gentry and opportunities for them is more important for the bank manager. For the weekend, the main zavdan to the management of bank resources is important to classify them behind the main signs.

Deposits to the bank for an economic interest rate are divided into three groups:

• string deposits;

• deposits to power;

• Saving the contributions of the population.

The skin of the group is classifiable for singing signs. Deposits after the lines can be subscribed to:

• up to three months;

• three-six months;

• six to nine months;

• nine-two-twelve months;

• ponad 12 months.

Deposits before meals are classified according to the nature of due diligence, as well as on rachunas:

• cats on the line, budget and correspondent rachunas;

• koshti pidprimstv that organization at rozrahunok;

• Coshti budget budgets.

Oshchadny deposits fallow special features їх zberіgannya buy:

• strings;

• strings with pre-natal extravagances;

• vigrashnі;

• penny-speech vigrashnі;

• youth-premial;

• on the predecessor;

• before feeding.

Deposits up to meals for a client - hairline rakhunka є naybіlsh with liquid cats. Relocation for the hairline tsikh koshtіv so_:

• pennies are introduced and will be returned as often as possible, so I will repeat them without any confusion;

• It is allowed to deny the pennies from such forms in the form;

• the greater the security of these accounts, the fragments of the bank may be in the NBU, the minimum reserve reserves for the surpluses on these banks.

The main shortcomings of vikoristannya koshtіv on such mahogany for ix holders and bank rivals, such as:

• on a daily basis, the payment for zberigannia koshtіv on these rakhuns is not very large (for owners of rakhuns);

• the need for trimati to maintain a large reserve for the correspondent rahunka in the NBU for the protection of the right persons for such grievances (for banks).

String deposit cards may be read clearly by termination of terms and conditions, the bank will pay for them to fix payments, as well as to sing songs without delay by knowing the price of the item.

Relocation of string deposit rahunkіv for ix owners and banks as follows:

• the bank for the surplus on such rakhunas I repay the letters of circulation (positive for the hairline):

• lower reserve ratio and higher term rotation rate (positive for the bank).

The main shortcomings for the owners of rachuns are seen in such a way that they can have a lower level of knowledge, as well as their hairs do not have the slightest drawbacks of the need for more accurate opening and closing of the money.

Prior to the value of the deposit value, credit resources must be acquired purchased at the bank's credit market. With the help of the method banks carry out such operations:

• Operational REPO (please contact us for sales of valuable folders with a zvorotnymi Wikup);

• the position of NBU is removed;

• Rejection of bank loans.

Along with that, dzherelom pribannya poshichnyh kosht в emіsіya bankіvskih bills.