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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

1.3.1. Operations for deposits

At ordinary minds, Dzherela koshtіv, who will be interested in deposits, to finish reznomanіtnі. All the cost on the handbags of the sovereign and sovereign sectors of the economy, the handbags of the sovereign mortgages and the organizations, the huge and the relevant organizations, the cost of the farmers, the quiet, and the good work. From the point of view of bank management, deposits can be subdivided into two groups: “to be fed” rachunki and row rakhunki.

Deposits before meals are closed on time before transferring to the customer. Vlasnik rahunka can be robbed of all the different forms of payment: by payment of handicrafts, by credit, by check, refusal (Chi bill). Vіdkrivshi such rakhunok, klіnt transferred to the bank the right of technical maintenance of their own payment transactions. Deposits before meals are classified in the fall due to the nature of maturity of clothes, which are kept on rachunas, the form of koshma on rozrachunkovy flowing rachunok sovereign and uncontrolled consumer goods, organization, installation.

Today, I need to pay for banking operations, I will need to see bank special offers, I want to, I want to go through the lack of computer technology, and I can mean that I have to pay in bank cards. However, you can compensate for the fact that you have been able to eat, eat and drink rachunas before eating, and do not have to impair your victoriousness of your cats on the rachins. It’s not enough for him to win so much the title of a solid surplus, like a bank for his commercial purposes, because you can push them at the posic. The average person has a surplus оч singing ochuvannuyu size and assimilate in addition to the fact that without a bank, the bank regularly know the cost of their flowing reunions and update them through the song hour. Ale bіlshіst klіntiv for the payment of their goiters'yazan not for the benefit of all contribution. Navigate today, if the payment is mostly paid, on the rachuns you’ll get insignificant song pennies. As a matter of fact, by stretching the trial period, the flows of safety and vitality on the rachahnas are lost in balance, the dynamics of the magnitude of the solid surplus on the rakhuns are reflected in the main, cyclical nature of the pridprimnitsky process. Such a surplus of money on rakahnas before meals are fully completed for the expansion of active operations, and later, for more profitable robots to the bank. Without a special riziku, one can have one of the best in short-term loan credits.

You can make deposits to food on current rakhunki, or on contractor rakhunki, mіzh yakimi є vіdmіnnіst. The mate of the flowing market can know the total sum of the actual surplus of money, because I could probably have more than the oath of oversized pennies. If the bank has its own customer account, then there is a plus in it, so there is a surplus. In other words, at any time, you can spend as much as you like on your bank account, and get a bank loan from the bank established by the bank for the debit balance of the store.

To another group of deposits, confirm the lines of contributions. The commercial banks accept the lines of two types of contributions: contributions with a mad string and contributions with forward payments about the delivery of money. All deposits, generally in the short-term nature, are made, as a rule, not less than one month. For the contributor zmіst string insertion of penny pennies in the previous year’s list of high prices.

The Bank also has the opportunity to save money for deposits, and then, earn money.

Often, at the time of crazy insignificant line deposits (without the previous increase), if the contract is terminated automatically, we will automatically deny the right to receive money from them at any time, then with the small deposits from the front you will have to pay a special deposit at the bank. The term for submitting such a statement about the contribution to the contribution is to be considered as soon as possible and the amount of the contribution to the deposit will be reinstated before the whole. If a client wants to pay a penny, then he / she will be immediately advised about the whole bank by means of the terms specified in the agreement. Bank managers, urakhovychi maybutny operations with viluchennya deposits, may refinansuvati signed letters of credit with the latest dzherel.