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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

1.3.2. Management of passive operations of commercial banks

By the method of passive operations є the bank obtained the necessary credit resources and the expansion in such a way that the active operations are possible.

I have a duty to dermal bank specialist special knowledge and creativity to rule out the principle of lying in the basis of passive operations.

Managing deposit and out-of-town operations needs to be organized in such a way that you can keep your post safe for a short time, but if you have some perspective, you need to know how to fix it. Realizuyu vidpovidnu deposit policy, thoroughly expand the number of clients, keep them before you understand the contribution, as soon as possible vidpovidali іхнім інтересам. In case of significant deposit operations, it is important to secure your account at the time of penny sums with credit transactions. In the management of deposit operations on the day, significant control over string deposits, especially short-term ones, is possible, so that you can secure a safe and balanced balance sheet. I plan the dynamics of deposit and outsourcing operations, bank special services, change the organization to practical work in such a way, so you can reserve big bags on deposit rachunas, so that it is quiet for an hour, but you don’t need to pay any extra money. It is worth noting that reserves of hourly large bank resources are deducted in the total amount of excess cash on rozrahunkovyh, more accurate and smaller deposit rahunah value of the amount of bargaining for loans. Bank managers with the help of efficient efficiency of their loyal operations may have a permanent offer of services and services, as well as a wide range of service opportunities.

Oskіlki banks pay for string deposits the other way, the same for deposits before feeding, the more resources for the string deposits for the banks, so there are banks. However, in the commercial banks on a daily basis, differentiated rates for deposit rates have been thought out, and there isn’t enough incentive to get money on money for large sums and trials. For this reason, commercial banks could have paid a fee for servicing clients from a separate part of the penny resources, which can be kept on rachunas until they are fed, and if you do not threaten the operation key, you can transfer them to line deposits. Soundly, it’s necessary to calculate the sum of the pre-admission fee, as if in such a big time to keep an investor. For such a lot of money, there is a big deal about paying for the rozraunky rachunas of the club, the average amount of money for the cost of the rozrakhunkovy flow, and the total amount of money for the redundant amount of money.

Efektivnіst zahodіv schodo formuvannya Vlasna i zaluchenih resursіv komertsіynogo bank deposits od postіynogo analіzu bankіvskimi spetsіalіstami structuring th largest koshtіv scho zberіgayutsya on deposit rahunkah, i Vibor such sposobіv i shlyahіv їh zaluchennya that vikoristannya, SSMSC boule b maximum pributkovі for Demba i vіdpovіdali іnteresam klієntіv.

Pidsumovuychi is considered a rule about the particularities of deposit operations, as well as those that control the role in organizing a bank operation, you can ignore the basic principle of performing such operations.

The principles of organizing deposit operations are as follows:

• depository operations may be taken away if I’ve removed a benefit;

• deposit operations may be completed and carried out with different sub-accounts;

• I especially respect the process of organizing deposit operations Varto to line operations;

• it is necessary to secure interchange of deposit and credit operations for terms and sums of deposit and credit deposits;

• by my bank at the moment of deposit and credit operations, but the minimum amount of money;

• to the bank, as you need to live, in order to receive more convenient bank services, as well as receive a deposit.

For example, before such services you can zarahuvati:

• the ability to pay well after the closing of the operating hour (16-18 years.);

• the ability to pay well for a day;

• recognition of an automated system and a bank-client;

• payment of utility bills, for cable television towers, the servants of the mobile phone’s skinny;

• credit cards for students of NAU-rakhunkіv (stream rakhunki for penniless surpluses, for some bank narakhova bank loans).