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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

2.2. Basic form and function of the loan

The main features of the credit system and the functional number of commercial banks in the Russian structure are to recognize the nature of the functions that will help them to get bank loans for a penny market.

The following functions are to be considered for: redeployment to the market of large grocery resources; economy vitrat obigu; concentration in a groshovі form; servicing goods exchange.

Re-function. In the minds of the market economy, the market for posi- tive capital is its own pump, there is a certain amount of financial resources in some sectors of the penny market, and they are more often in demand, however, they are still in great demand. Pererozpodilna func- tions to the loan so that I can help the winners to maximize their efficiency, to reduce the water hours to structural changes on a macro basis, so as not to be optimal. It can be clearly seen on the application of Ukraine that the overflow of capital and the sphere of virobility in the sphere of obigu filled an intrusive and rudimentary character.

Economy vitrat obigu. It is practical to realize the cost-effective functions of the uninterrupted supply of loans with an economic loan, a certain financial resource, and hourly growth in the process of selling industrial and commercial capital. Timothy razrev mzhzh nadhodzhennymyam and vikoristannyam koshtiv sub'kktiv in state dyal'nosti dyalnostі mzhe visnachiti not only an extra charge, but the first loss. To this very reason, poses are widespread on the occasion of timothy instability of the most powerful objets, as well as almost all posiichniki and significantly accelerate the process of obigu, and from now on, you can save the economy of the other vitality obigu capital.

Concentration of capital. The process of concentration of capital є the unequivocal mental and stable development of the economy and the primary method of a sub-grant of state donation. I play an important role in the development of credit cards. Stink in a short term. I can help you to extend the oath of the law and in such a way to express the pre-adolescent trip.

Servicing of goods. In the process of realizing the value of the credit system, the credit system is actively taking advantage of the acceleration of not only commodity, but the penniless exchange, which is much lower than the price of cash.

The loan is granted in two main forms - penny and commodity. Відповідно розрізняють bankіvsky and commercial loans.

A bank loan is granted at a penny form and is drawn up on a loan place, as it is settled between a commercial bank and a bank agent.

A commercial loan is granted in a commodity form. The sub-accounts of such credit reports are, as a rule, б business partners, as if you were responsible for deliveries. The seller (post-seller) offers credit to buyers at the form of payment for goods delivery. Such a loan is issued with a bill of exchange - we’ll forgive the refund.

A simple bill of exchange - which is insane goiter'by buying a pay off borg at the meanings of terms.

A resale bill is the order of the lender to his bourgeoisie to pay the borg the third person.

Prior to closing the term, the promissory note can be redeemed as payment and the amount in the rozrahunki between sub and final state grants. Vin is passed on as a purchase to a seller on the basis of an endorsement

(I will write the transferring letter on a revolving botsі bill). Yak і be-yak іshshiy іnnі papіr, promissory note є nomalnalu and course rate. The peculiarity of the vartosti promissory notes of the country is that of the first course of the course, wait for the lowest rate. To that, the bill of exchange is wrapped up for the exchange rate, and paid off for the nominal. Dokhid for a bill is paid in the form of a discount, so I will repudiate the creditor of the principal. The rozmir discount discount rozhovuєє зал зал зал зал залеж в вііі заг заг заг заг заг загально загально заг до хальноххх хххдххност вност в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в та та та та та та та та та та та та та та та та та та та та та та терм терм терм терм терм терм терм терм терм терм терм,,,, я я я я який якийкийкий за за за за за за до й й й й й й й й й,,, йогоthy paid off.