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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

2.3. Characteristic of the minds of the mind refusing credit

Schob deny credit, the clerk to get to the bank with a loan application, as if to be stored in a singing package of documents. Warehouse of necessary documents to be deposited in accordance with the nature of the credit operation, and for high-quality customers.

Credits are credited on the basis of the loan arranged by the bank and the principal of the loan (agreement). Prior to arranging a loan agreement, the bank carefully analyzed the loan for the principal, please review the project for state operations, apply for credit, familiarize yourself with the bank rate and the total cost, total, term.

The loan agreement has the following information: meta, sum, term, order, type of form and repaid loan, form of security of goiters, principal, rate and order and form of payment of principal, rights, governing, pay and pay credit, transfer of information, drawings and other documents, necessary for credit, periodic bank submission, bank transfer by bank to the bank, availability and pre-commissioned mine tozhno. In addition to a loan agreement, the parties to the deposit agreement specify the specific credit operation.

As a rule, you go to the clerk for hours and hours of financial difficulties due to other reasons, and now, you aren’t able to repay the loan from the loan, the loan is transferred, the bank can pay off the loan in the next few months. Prolongation of the loan is made out with additional pay before the loan agreement.

Zdіsnennya credit operations komertsіynih banks і ma ma vіdpovіdati singing vimogam umov.

Credits are seen only in the boundaries of obvious resources, and є in a disordered bank. About a skinny loan for a loan to a loan, I will transfer 10% of the capital capital (large loans), a commercial bank is a good idea to build a national bank of Ukraine. Sukupna stolen for loans, stolen bills and 100% sum of off-balance goiter'yazan, which is one of the clergyman, can not override 25% of the rozmiru regulatory capital bank.

An overseas rozmir of great loans, given by the bank completely all posichalnik in urakhuvannyam 100% off-balance goiters'yazan bank, you can not overturn eight times the rozmiru regulatory capital bank.

The credit is a positive one with respect to the holdings of a commercial bank of economic standards and regulation of the banking branch of the National Bank of Ukraine, which is necessary to formulate a reserve, insurance and reserve funds.

Posics are rejoiced at all sub-grants of the state granting, regardless of form of power, for thinking that the pochik is a legal special, registered as a sub-directive, or a special special.

Rishennya about nadannya the loan should be accepted by credit (credit committee (committee) to the bank, viddlennya, filії) and drawn up by the protocol.

Credit to health in the range of parameters, to the designated bank, so as to include: priority directly to credit; loan commitments and loan portfolio structure; border loans for one person; the methodology for assessing the financial camp and the credit and interest of the clerk; Rivne of the betting rate is skinny.

Credits are credited only on commercial ambushes with the following minds:

• Estimates of the establishment of a bank for credit facilities for the clerk, financial stability, profitability, liquidity;

• credited only with the appointment of a clerk, with the transfer of a statute;

• The initiator of the majesty’s charity secured credit, and in denyy vipads, take the fate of the financial community, who will be credited with the singing sum of the lofty capital.

In addition, in order to protect your own plateauing, you can set up reserves for covering your most valuable activities and ensure that your bank management is secure.

When assessing the financial camp of the clergyman - the physical individual, they may buti vrahovana:

• social stability of the client, so that the manifestity of the property is not rugged, the broken mine, the back door is thin, the post is robotic;

• sіmeyniy stan klіnta;

• vіk i zdorov'ya klієnta;

• profit and vitrati klіnta;

• Intensive banking by banknotes at a glance and the right to pay off them after them, as well as by banking bank servants;

• the sounds of the client in the business community.

The main source of information about the financial camp of the potential candidate for the first call is balance, the call is about incomes, the call is about mine, as well as the song list shows, and the call is shown. Ale tse doesn’t have any of the vidomes about the client. Adzhe є y іnshі dzherela, to some extent belong to the archiv bank, the information of the vіd іnshih financial and credit institutions, is economically beautiful.

The creditor bank has the right to vimagati vid clіnta list of banks and financial institutions, with yakimi vin mán i mav vidnosini in the past. Vin is guilty of feeding about the camp of the flow of roses in the classroom with the post-wrestlers, their own princes.

Only the results of a user-friendly and robotic bank robbery cards about the health of the client to turn the borgs, and later, about the possibility of arranging credit for him.

Banks can grant bank loans (so as not to be secured by the main form of these forms), there are only two banks between the largest banks and less customers, and the bank does not have to pay more than 40%.

Banks can not lend money: to cover the state budget of the postal attendant; on the form and that of the statutory fund of the client; for payments made by the client to the budget and budget funds (for the credit vignette for the current account); to enterprises, in spite of which the bankruptcy certificate has been destroyed; to enterprises, contracts have not passed on insurance of the opportunity to return non-delivery of goods and materials; on business, such as stitching stranded for earlier recognized postures and unpaid payments.

Bank credit to health and credit for such posh rachunks: simple, special, contract.

A simple posikovy rakhunok є in the form of bank string credit credit. At a different date, the balance is more active (debit), the skin fact of a certain repaid loan is drawn up with the latest documents of the client’s bank (payment of a loan, ordering of a loan of a business bank).

A special posikovy rakhunok is locked by a bank in okremich vipadki, for example, with a loan of a posichnik pіd outpost bills. Win є the shape of the region posik to power. As a result, on the whole winery winery there is a credit balance, but on that very day the mother was insured on the flowing razhnichnik of the clerk. The loan can be repaid, for payment of handicap of the clerk, so that the banknote will have to pay for the bills of the clerk for bills, with a loan of a special posik rachunka. The Bank has the right to tighten the bargaining for a special posikovy rakhunku at any hour without an alternate client, but the price has been transferred by credit facility.

The contractor rachunok is an active passive rakhnuk, on which the entire operational bank with a client is limited. On one side, for one side (for debit), a client is bargained for the account and all payments are due for the assignment of the client, and for the other (for credit) is the required cost of the client in the bank paid.

The contract account is one by one in its own position and account and can be debited or a credit balance. Operation on a new basis for additional written handwriting of the client. I will cancel the loan for overdraft from the bank with the client, so that the loan will be in the form of a debit surplus for the bank.

The Bank is in control of the loan by the clergy of the loan agreement, the loan is secured by the loan, the loan is repaid on a regular basis, and the loan is paid after it. At the time of singing out the drain on the credit agreement, on the side of the clerk, the bank has the right to secure economic and legal sanctions.

At times there is a loss of economic interest for a borrower who owes him a loan not for full assignments, more control over the bank, overwork of insufficient credit and lack of credit, over all credit and security. in addition, the number of people who are directly constricted for security in the order transmitted by law.

As a matter of fact, the fact that the loan was not granted for the whole amount awarded was approved, the bank has the right to terminate the loan agreement, which is necessary to tighten all the money at the cross-section of the principal loan contractor.

At times of non-repayable loan repayments for loans and bank loans and non-repayments by the bank, prolonged repayments of loans are unimportant, the right to charge penalties in installments transferred by a loan agreement.

Yakshcho posichnik v_dmovlyaetsya pay borgs for posikov, the bank will tighten the borgs in a pretentious posture order.

As a matter of fact, the clerk systematically did not systematically pay off the loan to the borg as soon as possible, the bank can get out of the way of the law transferred from the bankruptcy order and filed for bankruptcy.

With the help of accelerated rozrakhun_v for stern loans, the bank can vikoristovuvati such form, as an assignment of the right to vimogi and transfer to the borg of the special person.

Legal article 197 of the Civil Code of Ukraine during the period of civilian duty, may be the deputy lender of an over-bourgeois. The lender (bank) can transfer his rights for the goiter to the third party, having drawn up an offer for the transfer of the right to vimoga, which will be formalized with a written offer for the purposes of the sale of an immigrant.

Transferred to the Borg to be executed as a letter of favor between the first and the first Borzhnik and the new Borzhnik. Laying the lead about the transfer to the borg is possible only for the misfortune of the commercial bank, having seen the pose of the original bourgeois.