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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

2.4. Form a secure turn of the bank posic

By submitting a security policy, bank bank posi tions of barto rosumi are specifically dzherelo repaid to the borg, the legal right of the creditor to the next public law, organization of control of the bank for the prosperity of the whole jerel.

The main pre-revision of the bank posture є full-time pennies, income, income from realizing pro-loan objects. Ale be-yak credit operation is tied to a song rizik, because a situation is possible, because a clerk is not able to get enough money for a good deal, income, money and no way to protect him from turning his time to the borg. For insurance purposes, the form of insurance is stagnant; the insurance form is turned to the Borg, but the guarantee is guaranteed.

From now on, bank practice has two repaired repayments - the first and second.

For financially stable employees, keep the bank in good condition and close the loan at the first place to repay the loans. And if you don’t have to dominate the foreign masters, that’s why the best banks to keep order are the first and second (additional) ones to get rid of the credit card, so that you can get the rest of the loan.

In Ukraine, the most recent legislation allows banks to have the same form of security :

• outpost;

• guarantee;

• reassignment (cessium) to the bank of a vimog and rakhunkiv bank to the third individual;

• mortgage;

• insurance policy (policy).

The outpost is a way of securing goiters. Naiposhirenіshoyu а outpost, contracted, if the bourgeois voluntarily entered the outpost and executed the place by the creditor.

The Mogu Buti outpost secured tilki dіysna vimoga. This means that you must force a contract not of an autonomous character, because you cannot put a pose in a contract, and I will not be able to see through it.

The subject of force may be but-yak mino, yake відповідно before the legislation of Ukraine, may be but-yakuzhdene the supporter, as well as the price and the main rights.

Forcing Mayo to lull mothers:

• to the temple of liquidity, so that the health before conversion to cash;

• health to the trivial zberigannia (as a rule, by stretching the term coristuvanny posicion);

• stable prices;

• low vitrati schodo zberiganny i realizatsії;

• easy access for control.

The creditor, the outpost, will have the right to realize the outpost of the mine, as a result of which he will be protected by the goiters and will not be viscon. The lender is entitled at one time to be rejected by a bourgeois compulsor of a non-custodial goiter, obligated to repatriate from an outpatient outgoing lane earlier than existing lenders of bourgeois.

The outpost is not secure only by turning poems, but by paying a fee and a penny for the contract. Vartіst make má buti vishche, nizh rozmіr posiki.

2.5. Methods of managing credit riser

Credit risk is identified as one that a posichnik isn’t able to, but no longer wants to see his own goiters from credit. Managing a credit bank to a bank is welcome on two separate occasions for the reasons for the previous loan on the same leather loan portfolio and the entire loan portfolio.

The main reasons for winnings of credit loans on the same level:

• unpretentiousness of the clerk to adjust an adequate penny;

• rizik lіkvіdnostі force;

• moral and ethical characteristics of the clerk.

Prior to the official, in order to get the loan portfolio of the bank , apply the following:

• Concentration overhead - extended loans in one sector of the economy;

• supra diversification, yak lead up to maturity of management for daily availability of high qualifications, as well as special features of economy halls;

• foreign currency loan portfolio;

• portfolio structure, as a rule, there are fewer forms of insurance than consumer goods, not the bank itself;

• Rivne qualification staff bank.

Methods of managing a credit riser on two groups: 1) Methods of managing a credit riser on a regular environment; 2) the method of managing the credit risen on the bank loan portfolio.

To the first group of methods to follow:

1) analysis of credit and interest posichnik;

2) analysis and assessment of credit;

3) the structure of the house poses;

4) document credit operations;

5) control over the loan and camp force. Specialty of different methods є Necessity of the last

zastosuvannya, osklki stinky water hour is itself a process of credit. As if on the skin side, the credit officer was assigned a credit card, then rightly examine this credit card as a method of controlling the credit card position.

Methods of managing a bank loan portfolio :

1) diversification;

2) limitation;

3) creation of reserves for credit transactions for credit operations of commercial banks.