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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

Rozdil 3. Rzdnovidy credit operations

3.1. Klasifіkatsіya credit_v

Dependently on the basis of direct credit, the loan can be viral and live.

Violation loans are sold at the sphere of distribution and sale of a full suspension product.

Living credit is rewarded to individuals on good living: shortening of living minds, building up a good home statehood, adding money to a loan, satisfying consumers.

At my place of residence there are violated loans and credits for loans in cash and investment.

Credits for streaming business are replenished for those who want to satisfy the needs of hourly consumption in cats by the method of adding more active assets at least once an hour to the necessary cost and health.

Credits in the current business include credit, donated for the purchase of sirovini and the majority of viral reserves, for seasonal expenses and for the increased prices.

Before credits, I will establish the following:

• lottery cards for overdraft;

• loans for internal trade operations;

• loans for export and import operations;

• Investment loans in line.

Credits for investment are given to clerks for satisfying time-consuming consumption in cats with a healthy investment. Prior to them: loans for business and land development; loans for purchase, sale, equipment, land and property; on a dandy of valuable folders; financial leasing skinny.

For terms of credit, credit is granted:

• on short lines, as one is rejoiced with a term to one rock;

• at pre-hosted, yaky indulge in terminom ponad one rik. Dovgostrokovі credits can be pressed on the increase, expansion and creation of fixed assets (fixed capital). The loan assets can include more capital investments for reconstruction, modernization and expansion of other fixed assets, in new budgets, for privatization too.

For methods of credit lending, I’m hoping for:

• one-time order;

• vidpovidno to vidkrito vidklichno ї ao without a non-vidklichno credit credit line.

Schodo termіnіv repaid loans are as follows, as repaid:

• water hour;

• for viplat;

• Dostrokovo (for the creditor’s vimog, for the application of the clerk)

• Pislya zakіnchenennya perelumovannogo period (months, quarter to a skinny). Dependently vіd kіlkostі creditors credits can be but:

• credited with one bank;

• consortium banks, so that you can rely on timid hourly revised banks (bank consortiums).

Dependently vid vidiv zezpecheneniya vikonannya zobov'yazan credits follow on such vidi:

• loans secured by an outpost. The outpost may take over the lighthouse (non-ruggedness, transport hardships, space issues, comrade in circulation, but re-processing, valuable documents to the skin) or lane rights. The interlocutor may be the representative himself, so the third person (lane guarantor);

• loans secured by bail, for the financing of a third person, as if you are in front of the bank, as a rule, I am in solidarity with the bank at once;

• loans, secured guarantees, financial resources of a third individual, and I bear a subsidy to the bank at once at once;

• loans for the most insecure people (insurance is thin), in the event of a loss of credit, as well as for the security of loans and repayments;

• non-secure (blank loans).

For individuals, the bank must:

• living credits, as well as relying on loans in national currencies for on-line consumption for the arrival of goods at the pre-settlement period;

• Credits for the payment of payment cards of international payment systems, which are generally expected in national, as well as in foreign currencies.