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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

4.1.2. Zagalі rules of workflow

Rozrahunkovі documents are stored on the forms, the form of which is designated by the Instruction of the National Bank.

Vidpovidnost for the correctness of the requisites for the registration of the document, including the number of the banknote and the bank code, the sum of the surcharge for the loan and the number of the budget code, I have prepared the document. Banks re-validate the availability of payment documents; the bank of the payer is rewarded with the following details: “Payer”, “Payer code”, “Payer rake”, “Payer bank”, “Payer bank code”, as well as “M. P. payee” and “Payee signature” (it’s possible to transfer the payee) document form). The bank’s possession is replenished with the following details: “Oderzhuvach”, “Code of oderzhuvach”, “Rakhunok oderzhuvacha”, “Bank of oderzhuvacha”, “Code to the bank of oderzhuvacha”, as well as “M.P. oderzhuvacha” and “I’ve registered before” ( document form). The bank of the styaguvach is replenished with the following details: "Styaguvach", "Code of the styaguvach", "Rakhunok of the styaguvach", "Bank of the styaguvach", "Code of the bank of the styaguvach", and also M.P. styaguvacha "that" before the signature of the styaguvachi "( document form).

Rozrahunkovі documents , in such a requisite requisites it is filled with damaged vimog, turn the clint. Also, the banks will turn around without a document rozrahunkovі documents, as follows:

• the rosrahunk document has no desire to use one of the requisites, the record of which is transmitted by the form;

• more than one document, a copy of which was sent at once with a document with a redundant document, was transmitted to the Instruction, but there are ending lines of other supreme documents.

At times the banks are not thoroughly reproved for the benefit of a Škoda payed to a payee who has paid money, they must pay a bank, which is a service team.

A rozrakhunkovy document (for a vignette of a rozrakhunkovy check) is available for signing up for most of the prizes, for all the participants without any rozrakhunks (ale no less than two), from the victorious electronic calculating machines.

It’s allowed to pick up the rosanchunky document with your hands (with a plastic pen, blacked out in dark colors).

The first primitive of a rozrakhunkovy document (it’s irreplaceable in the way of the first visualization) the main identity of the prints (the appearance of the prints is transmitted) and the signature of the main features.

After the hour of signing the rosrahunk document, it is not allowed to vikoristovuvati facsimile, but also to correct that and pick up the rosrahunk document at kіlka priyomіv.

The Bank does not have the right to robust the direction in the rozrakhunkovoy document klіnta .

Clients, from technical opportunities (their own service jar), can submit documents to the bank on paper noses, as well as at electronic electronic documents and a computer-aided banking program. The way of giving the client documents to the bank is to be transferred to the agreement between the bank and the client about the servicing rozrahunkovo-kasov.

As soon as the term for submitting a rozrakhunkov document to the bank of the bank is on a non-working day, then the day that remains on the day is invaded on a working day that comes after the non-working day.

Rozrahunkovі documents are accepted by banks without obmezhennya õh maximo abo minimum amount.

Rozrahunkovі documents, issued by their customers, the bank accepting an hour, signaled in the agreements on rozrahunkovo-kasov servicing of these klintov. Rozrahunkovі documents, issued by the clients of the banks and the authorities of the sovereign treasury, the bank of acceptance by the extension of the operational day.

The bank of the payer on all primitives has accepted the rozrahunkovyh documents and on the registers obov'yazkovo zapovnuyu the requisites "Date of due" and "Date of the weekend", and the bank of the counterparty - the requisite "The date of need to the banknote", which must be requested beforehand. vidpovidalnogo vikonavtsya that vidbitkom stamp to the bank. Documents accepted by the bank upon completion of the operating hour, in addition, shall bear the stamp "Vecіrnya".

If the date of the folding of the rosrahunk document (registry) is saved from the date of the second weekend (written off by the bank account for this document), then the requisite "Date of due" can not be forgotten.

Відміткою about the date of registration of the payee’s bank by the payer about the payment of payments to the budget є stored in the new requisition “Date of due”, the date of receipt of the deposit by the payer of the whole payable handbook.

Initsіyuvannya refusal to enter into order will be completed in an hour after the bank accepts the payer of the rosrahunk document for the weekend. The procedure for the bank to turn over its own documents to supervisory documents and to draw up rozrahunk documents by them is indicated in the agreements on rozrahunkovo-kosov servants of service klіnts. Since such an order is not marked in the agreement, then the documents of the client are rotated on the day of their due to the reasons for the rotation.

I’ve got a pink-and-white document at the time of issuance, registration with the bank’s client and the authority of the sovereign treasury, the bank at the day you need the document to be smoothed out on the first revolving bots_ write about the reason for turning the document over without a notice ( , a broken one), indicate the date of the first turn (see the signatures of the official and the official, the function of the controller is paid, and the bank is stamped with the stamp) and not know the progress of the work On the day of the signing of the document, the whole document was removed at once with the supreme documents from the bank and the authority of the sovereign treasury, a kind of stink of credit.

Writing about the reason for turning around without a rozrakhunkovy document about the primus write-off (tightening) of the letters for the vicon document, follow the signs of the clerk (the first defender) and the chief accountant (first defender), establish a bank.
Paying vimogs on the primusov deducted (contracted) money, which was forced to pay to the bank of the payer of the sovereign Vikonavtsi as a subsidized organization, the bank is rotated, we recommend that you receive a full sheet of non-cash.

Rozrahunkovі documents, scho nadіyshili to the bank by the stretch of the operating hour, win vikonu on the day of their due. Rozrahunkovі documents, scho nadіyshli pislya operational hours, the bank vikonu on the next working day. Rozrahunkovі documents for debiting the cost of paying the payee, who has already reached the bank on the next business hour, the bank may be closed on the day of their due, and is hereby marked by the agreement on the rosrahunkovo-kosov service. For the destruction of this terminiv bank, a certain serviceman of a payer, and a certain indemnity with the sole legislation of Ukraine.

As a rule, payouts have reached the bank within an operating hour, only one hour has to be paid to the payer's bedrock, there are not enough clothes for the next weekend, then the day of the required documents I will come round frequently and be rotated in order. At once there are days to go to the paycheck mantle for the weekend of the rozrahunkovyh documents, they’ve reached the bank by the stretch of the operating hour, so the whole day’s documents will be turned around without a weekend.

Pay vimogi , as if you’ve got to the bank after the operating hour, the bank (without fail, showing the cost of the payer for the payer’s hour for the due time) on the day of the coming business day. As if on the cob of the next operational day on the plahnas market, if there aren’t enough money for the weekend of paying vimogs, then the whole day I will come back often.

If only on the cob of an operational day there will be daily holidays for the weekend of payment, then such documents will be turned around.

As a matter of fact, the bank had to immediately receive a few documents, the following priority should be given to them: they should pay attention to their payments, draw up their documents and pay them on a budget; . Інші documents come to terms with the order of the last post-one nadhodzhennya.

Documents (paychecks, paychecks, etc.), a customer service bank for payment, remaining force to the payee bank on the day of the first day, as soon as possible, the next working day.

The terms and conditions of the documents transferred by the agreement on the credit letter of credit shall be signed by this agreement.

Write-off of money from the payee’s paycheck is available on the first hand of the first document of the deceased document, which can be credited to the payer’s bank.

The first notes of the rosrahunk document, ale no less than one (for the vignette of the rosrahunk checks), the bank was transferred to the payer.

Please understand (terminology, periodically) transferring rozrakhunkovyh documents, including the number of electronic rozrahunkovyh documents, scho pdtverdzhuyut to carry out the transaction for the racks of banknote to the bank, but I have to agree to the agreement beforehand.

Banks independently recognize the order of form and zberigannya rozrahunkovyh documents , more securely suvoru scoronnost. Viznachayuchi termi zberigannya rozrahunkovyh documents, banks can be labeled with a change of documents in the National Bank, installation and organization of the second system, authorized and commercial and commercial banks of Ukraine with the term terms.

Payments from the bank account to the bank health bank within the limits of the surplus cash on the bank on the cob of the operational day. At the time of the technical feasibility of paying for money, it is necessary to go to the customers ’stores with an extended business day (payable expenses), the bank can pay for the necessary payments, and you must have a separate agreement.

The fact of writing off the cards with the payee’s payload is documented by a memorial warrant for frequent payments of rozrakhunkov documents; a documentary documented transaction with re-allocation from bank rachunks on the basis of bank notes (legal and legal principles) made before the bank cash register.

Koshti, insured by a merchandise on the handfuls of an unreliable possessor , turn around in terms established by the law, for destroying any unprofitable possessions , which is valid in accordance with the law. At times of inconsequential losses, we shall hold them for any reason with the meaning of the term ix of the ship order.

A bank, a serviceman of non-cash possessions, does not bear the due consideration for having handed him a rozrakhunkovy document for turning around the bank pledge for the first racket of money.

It’s possible to blame the bank of koshty for insurance on the rachunas of an unreliable possession, then the bank of goitrers од at once to pay for the mercy of the mercy of re-grabbing the money to the merry-go-round of the sweater, which was supposedly stained; Razi nevikonyannya bank vіmogi vimogi possessed, koshty were awarded, the right in the order established by law, vimagati vid bank-lieutenant to pay penalties in rozmіrі, marked by dignified Ukrainian legislation. The sum of this money is paid by the bank of the image behind the mollusks of debitory bargaining until one in the middle of the year with an unsecured possession.

Suddenly, the bank, having kindly repeated the koshti, the crawler’s obligations to inform the unsecured possession of the banker (without any interruption through the bank, the one of the serviceman’s bank) about the second of the bankruptcy ordering, the other one will have to sign out the banknote.

A bank that is a serviceman of an unsecured possessor, having dealt more than once, having passed (on the day of dismissal, but not on the next working day), will have received a written order or a forced transfer recommended list. At times the unreliable possession of money is held by a bank voluntarily, for the sake of such money, it is not insured that they were awarded for shipments.

To be redeemed by a non-cash holder, we will be obligated to redeem the sum of the money in the bank directly for the repaid debit trading. At times of irrelevant turn, we hold a cash bank with an unprofitable one, and we have guaranteed that we have the right to have the statutory order to pay back and hold penalties for a signaled by a dignified rozmіrі legislation. Argue between the bank, for the sake of some kind of clemency refusal koshtіv, and non-permanent hold on to these koshtiv virisuyuschiesya in court. The bank, for the sake of such a thing, was written off due to the junk of a non-profitable payer, the gambling obligations were turned off the deducted sum of money, deducted the deductible from the payee of a certain payee, paid and deducted to the legal tender. Yakshcho contract not transferred to the company vіdpovіdalnіst.

Turning the payee to the payee who has been debited by the bank from the payee’s bank without legal rights, but for the initiative of the unreliable contractor, but at times that the bank has destroyed the order of the payee for the healthy deductible order, but it’s possible to keep it in order. When I charge for deducting money from a payee without legitimate payment, the bank will pay a fine to the payer according to the laws specified in the legislation, but the contract has not been transferred to the validity of the agreement. Practitioners to the bank, for the sake of which there has been recognized a pardon of refusal to bear the obligation to carry out the necessary legislation.