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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

4.1.1. Organizing without prepared roses

In order to carry out ready-to-use retail packages , you will be able to check at any banks in Ukraine with flowing rachunks. Okremo, on the first hand, declare about the credit card for the rakhunka, the rakhunka for the cash register at the store for specific operations (letters of credit, drawer checks only).

Banks have the right to complete servicing of their own services on the basis of the most comprehensive agreements and their internal rules, which are fully legal.

Koshti z rakhunkіv klієntіv banks to write off tilka for the hands of the owner of the bank; tsikh rakhunkіv abo for the orders of the couplers.

Doruchennaya platnik_v i rozporyazhennya styaguvachіv about writing off koshtіv with rakhunkіv payers and styaguvachі store on vidpovidnyh forms of rozrahunkovih documents.

The payer can give a handout about writing off the money from your own form at the electronic document form, which is also transmitted by the contract with the bank.

The commission of the payee about the write-off of tickets for your entire purchase shall be taken by the bank until the weekend exceptionally between the pay-offs for the entire purchase of cash, but the agreement is paid by the bank and the payee once and again.

Write-off of the payee’s paycheck, fall of a specific vipadok, documented in the payee’s bank with a deceased document whose memorial order is registered or the check register is registered under the letter of credit.

The ordering of strangers about the primus write-off (strangulation) of the money from the payer is taken up by the banks, regardless of the kind of manifestations on these rachunahs of the sufficient surplus of money and the chance to come across them often in between the unavailable allowance.

At times of absence and lack of money for payer bank, the bank is not healthy, the region is not banned by the payer, it is not arranged in rows, and they do not keep a register of roaming documents and they are not paid for by the bank, there is no need to pay for them at any time, him civil-legal agreements і in the order viznichannom these agreements.

A bank that can’t see the deceased document written off, which is written off, deducted money from the bank to the bank in terms established by the legislation through the law, because there is a shortage of money at your own discretion:

• read the rosunka document of the payee of abo steaguvach to the regional office for the off-balance balance sheet;

• to pay the payee a fee to get a letter about the unavailability of a deceased document iz of the reasons that are explained: "There is a lack of money on the correspondent bank";

• Live in to upgrade your platform. Payer abo steaguvach, having done away with the bank, with the help of

securing your rights with the opportunity to live up to the law.

When there are recognized rozrahunkіv, you can stole credit, letter of credit, bill form rozrakhunіv , as well as the form of razrakhunіv for rozrahunkovyh checks and from the country rozrahunkovyh documents on paperedovyh noses and in the electronic view.

Banking cards and promissory notes in Kazakhstan are regulated by the law, including the number of laws and regulations of the National Bank. Klіnti bank for the health of roses and self-robbery pay off the tools and instruments (for the vignette of a memorial order) and mean the last hour of the agreement.

Zupinennya vidatkovyh operations behind the cobblestones of legal as well as physical principles are better maintained by the state authorities more than one time before the laws of Ukraine and more than in viaducts transmitted by them.

Vidnovlyuyutsya such an operation for the rachinka tolka body, aka having accepted rishennya about their zupinennya, but for the court rishhennyam.

At times, there is a need to go to the bank to the court on the tightening of the laws and regulations of the juridical and private authorities, for some state-owned authorities, there are several types of operations, as well as a good bank and a second-time bank.

Bank, yaky obslugovuє іnіtsіatora have razі viniknennya obґruntovanoї pіdozri іnіtsіyuvannya perekazuvannya without law pіdstav, Got the right nadіslati (pismovo Abo E-viglyadі) vkazіvku bank yaky obslugovuє oderzhuvacha, zupiniti zarahuvannya sumi perekazu on rakhunok oderzhuvacha abo, Yakscho won vzhe zarahovana, zablokuvati on lines to five working days in total amount of money for the rajunka of oderzhuvach to s'yasuvannya of all furnishings. The entry is in the form and registered with the letters of the clerk (the yogi intercessor) and the chief accountant (the yogi intercessor) to the bank, a member of the service team.

A bank, a serviceman’s serviceman, goiter’s acquisitions, an offer to a bank, a serviceman’s serviceman’s account, an obligation to transfer money to a customer’s loan, but I’m also able to keep an open account.

For failure to disclose such an application, a bank, a service staff, and a service provider shall be obligated to comply with the laws of Ukraine. At times out of business, there is a bank, such as service staff, and no need to carry the required amount of money for an hour.

Doruchennaya platnikov about writing off koshtіv zі their own rakhunkіv and zarahuvannya koshtіv on rakhunki oderzhuvachіv banks are welcome at the terms, the regulations are fixed by the law.

For non-written-off write-off / over- indemnification of bank accounts for banks / bank accounts for banks, the bank shall bear full legal regulation and consolidated agreements.

The payer is responsible for the bank, which will be subject to servicing, we shall conclude with an agreement between them.

For the failure to comply with primitive deduction (constriction) of liabilities, inadequacy of tribute, value of rozrahunkov documents, the violation of the law, the unclear laws and regulations, and the lack of clause of the law,

Payers shall independently penalize the penalty for the sum they paid together with the sum of the deed of payment, registering the gift to the bank in the vicinity of the payment commission for the payment of the penalty.

The payment order for the payment of penalties in the "Applied Payment" requisite shall include the following: "Penalty for stitching ... (type of payment)", as well as the number, date and amount of the deceitful document for the payment of the patrimonial borg, for stitching such penalties. In addition, at all the requisites of a payable hand in hand, a payer can induce a little penny of sums of penalties according to the law, and a separate rozmir is established. Vidovdalnost for the correctness of the total sum of penalties, and that the right to pay back are paid.

The Bank does not bear the due for the availability to the holder of the rozrahunkovogo document issued by the client, as well as for the purpose of the regular payment and the payment of the payment, the collection of the required payments, and the legal regulation.

Representation for indemnity of information indicated in the rozrakhunky document, day of operation, refusal for any kind, payer, some kind of non-formal identification.

Arrange to argue that you can win the first meal among the participants of the razrakhunkіv, virshuyutsya them with the latest legislation.

Spirited meals between banks and their customers are looked at by them in accordance with the law.

Claims for razrahunoks, which are to blame among the clients, are looked at by the parties with the latest legislation without the participation of service banks.

The Bank has been presented with information, which may be covered in rozrahunkovyh documents on paper noses and in electronic storehouse, store the inventory of the analitical area (especially customer relations), in such cases we have the right to credit the debiter.