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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

Rozdil 4. Organization of ready-made roses

4.1. The characteristic of bezgotovkih rozrahunkіv

Bezgotovіvkovі mіzhgospodarskі rozrakhunki , formuyuschuyu will cross part of the penny obigu, to realize the hiring of businessmen and economic agents of non-financial sector of the market.

Undertakings in the process of state subsidiaries are constantly limited in price to themselves, redeeming money on credit cards in banks for realizing comrades, completing work robots, providing services, and so on for commodity operations.

Significant is the part of non-productive retail sales of the so-called non-productive operations: retail sales with the budget, social insurance authorities, management, and sudo shipments.

Wanting the order of roses in these two spheres of the same, prote regulatory framework іх organizations іnotno vіdrіznyєtsya.

For commodity operations, the formation of rozrakhunіv, the order of payment, the indemnity of the parties for the non-repayment of paid goiter'yazan are clearly indicated in the contracts. Understand that order of roses є obov'yazkovim and oversightfully important distribution of skin and skin. That’s why there are great opportunities for the vibrator of the forms that are found for them and the payment methods.

For non-productive operations, the payment procedure and the legal basis for the violation of the payment discipline are designated as the latest legislative acts. That’s why the rights here are due to the order of the order of roses.

Correct vibration of the form of payment and the method of payment for commodity transactions є an extremely important help for the payer (buyer, bourgeois), so for payment (seller, lender).

Payers of guilt: save yourself the non-delivery of paid goods and the delivery of goods with the same characteristics, which do not specify the contract; buy a comrade for the daily availability of the sums of paid interests; to raise to the minimum of their vitrati to pay for goiters' skinny.

Hold on to pennies to save yourself a guarantee that I don’t pay to the side of the buyer (Borzhnik); take a quick change of mind for realizing your own products (work, service) and not losing the market you have won; MINIMIZE YOURSELF VITRATI TO THE HEALTH OF ROSRAHUNCIS WITH TARGET CONTRACTORS.

I wish you protection to the participants of the city’s rozrahunkіv moglivost successfully vikonuvati viznavlya vishche zavdannya, svitova practice virobila a wide range of small payable instruments, leather and other small shifts and shortcomings. Vrakhovuchi ’and I’m calling for a real financial endowment and the nature of a particular commodity operation, leather and counterparty to commodity operations can vibrate the most affordable and most effective payment instrument and sign it for you.

You can apply to the Bank of the International Banking Departments (metro Basel, Switzerland), you can register in the most important countries and you can pay for the following tools:

1) ti, which are based on a loan renegotiated cost:

• commissioning of a credit refusal from the Giro system;

• handing out about credit denial at the systems of automated rozrachunkovyh chambers;

• payment of commission;

• commissioning of a credit refusal in SWIFT systems;

2) ti, which are based on debit refunds of money:

• debits and assignment;

• bills of exchange;

• checks;

• direct debit write-off;

• bank spending;

• інші;

3) plastic cards, which may indicate signs of credit, and debit and tool.

Paying tools with a credit-denied reckoning collapse in the very same way that the payee himself is a payee until he is paid. Payer є the initiator of the payment transaction and the issuer of the vіdpovіdnogo tool. Now I’m able to more closely control the activity of the counterparty and the security of their interests.

Paying tools with a debit refusal of money is collapsing at the top-down payment (pennies) directly. Possessing a penny by an investor of a payment transaction and an instrument of such an instrument. I can help you to trimmatically control your account with the counterparty, to realize your interest in it.

In the meantime, the importance of credit and debit instruments is not expected to be realized in practice. So, as a rule, you have pennies (seller of goods) to buy and pay in advance and not to pay by credit;

In Ukraine, the range of payment instruments, which can be stifled with ready-to-use razrahunoks, is significantly higher than that of retail practitioners, and base on credit is renegotiated. All this is stipulated in the main chronic payment crisis, which has covered the economy of Ukraine in the period, the benefits of which sellers of goods are tempted to pay payers in advance for paying with credit tools. Debit instruments, such as a bill and a check, I want to be registered in Ukrainian practice, I didn’t notice a significant increase.

None of the ready-to-buy small city roses in Ukraine are subject to the following payment methods: payment cards, payment cards, money, checks, letters of credit, payment cards, cards.

Legal basis for the recognition of the value of tools and the organization of ready-to-go business in Russia is designated by the latest banking legislation of Ukraine and the instruction in the free state of law in Ukraine, 1996 2. Vimogi ikh will expand on the payment of all forms of moisture, on the physical basis, banks of the lower sub-systems of the payment system.

It is a good practice to call payable instruments folded for a fixed form of a document, to give to banks legal and physical persons with assignment (of which I am responsible) to re-issue of the official name of the word.

Paying tools is strictly uniformed, may be one for the whole country in a standard form, designations are set for requisites. Significant part of requisites - split and obov'yazkova for all tools.

Before obov'yazkovih requisites follow:

• name of the document;

• number, number, month and number of documents;

• the name of the payer and the holder of pennies, the number of the identification number and the identification code are shortened; If a payer is a non-resident, then the country of the first registration shall be designated;

• the name and number of bank payers of the payer, the number of the MFI (bank code);

• amount to payment (in words and figures); payment amount for reissuing chi gain:

• signature of a clerk and chief accountant of a payer (chi oderzhuvacha) and a second bit of print;

• the amount of the surcharge on dodana wart_ abo wrote “without the surcharge on dodana vart_st”.

Establish the correct design of payment and banking instruments to give great respect, so as to protect the interest of participants in payment vidnosin. We fix the provisions for the lack of support for the main vimogs prior to the execution of the payable tools:

• may have been filled with all the requisites of a skin document;

• a large number of documents to be submitted (number) to the number of participants in the rozrahunkovo-payment process;

• regular cleaning, facsimile not allowed;

• at the date of the document, the number and number are put down in numbers, and the month in words;

• the name of the payer may be specified exactly as indicated by the statute;

• a payment document may be signed by an individual, such is entitled to such a statute and signature on a card, submitted to a bank with a credit card.

Damaged be-it-yourself vimog to inform about the inadequacy of the payment document and the illegality of the payment transaction, so let the bank do not accept such documents before the weekend.