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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

3.3. Price Bank loan

The main type of pay for bank credit is є credit card. The order of bank accounts can be set up as an element of the price of bank credit. The commission is usually set up in quiet hips, mostly in the process of lending to a bank and to a robot, due to formalities and control, but also to take a look at a healthy project and get a loan. The commission is possible in conjunction with okremo abo dodavati to bankruptcy.

Rivne vidotskovo rates to lay down such factors:

• regional rates to the central bank;

• rivnya Інфляції;

• terminology poses;

• prices of molded resources;

• riziku;

• rosemir poses;

• food for bank poses;

• forcing;

• for loans, scho credited;

• vitrate for registration poses and control;

• rates of a competitor bank;

• the nature of the business relationship with the bank and the customer;

• Norms for a profit of the most active operations.

Having added these factors to the price of paying money for bank notes, you need to pay attention to the fact that it’s important to see the significant value of the skin, as well as the need for full coverage.

The base rate for loans of commercial banks є region is the rate of the Central Bank, for the remaining stay of banks є refinancing of commercial banks. The base rate may be higher or lower, or lower than the regional rate. Yakshcho commercial bank (є пор є) в ((є є анов пор в пор пор пор пор пор пор пор пор пор,,,,,,,.

Oblikova rate of the central bank to lay down in accordance with the nature of their penny and credit policies, the rates of interest on the international market for interest-bearing capital, I will become the balance of payments at the national exchange rate.

The penny-credit policy of the central bank can be straightened out for expansion, or for restrictive credit. Carrying out the policy of expansion, the Central Bank will change the rate, and with the policy of restriction, the rate will be increased.

As a rule, at the international market for postal capital, the rate is higher, the rate is higher for the Central Bank.

Of course, in Ukraine, the payable balance and the order do not want to allow the national currency to be lower than the singing rate, then the Central Bank’s regional rate should be called to stimulate the formation of foreign capital.

There is a significant increase in yields on the Central Bank’s regional rate, and so on the rate of interest rates for commercial bank representatives. Independently on those that the Central Bank will set a positive interest rate (to pay for inflation), commercial banks as well as an inflation factor. First, the regional bank’s interest rate is not often changed, that’s why during the period of activity in commercial banks, there is no need to cover the price of the budget.

The term loan factor is directly proportional to the rate of return on the bank interest rate. What is the trivial terminology, then the credit dear to the clerk. Such stagnation is clogged up for two reasons. First of all, in case of trivial term poses, the third term is the same as the non-refundable Borg and the other money, transferred to the post at the interface, but not at all in the market. In a different way, the contribution of the pre-prepared character, as a rule, is secure in the future as I look for return.
The price of resources formed by the bank is infinitely inflated to the level of interest rates for loans. There is a deposit from the deposit box of the first and last type pay for the purchase of credit resources. The more expensive the bank of resources is, the more normal interest rate is for the higher minds.

Rizik є nevid'mim attribute of credit. Here you can see the credit and credit cards. Riven tsikh rizikіv to lay down in the form of poses and in the order of repayments. Nayrizikovіshimi є non-secure (blank) posiki. Step up securing secure loans to stay in place and to secure. We wish you a better step in credit lending, a better deal for a bank to know twice as unapproved as the clerk of the main payment and non-repayable bank. For that reason, the poziki can be seen on the other hand, abi compensate the creditor Vitrati on the other hand.

Rozmіr posiki і rіven іvdsotkovoї rates є wrapped up fallow. Zazvichay її lower rivenie with higher posikov, fragments of an ideal Vitrati, povyazanі with a credit servant, here are lower. In addition, great poses are replete with respectable clients, so speak less so much to the risk of bankruptcy. But this rule can be buti and vignette. The Bank may not change the interest rate for great loans, as long as you have a lot of money, you can bring up the risen through the deadline structure of your portfolio, which has been violated by the rule of diversification of assets.

He’s drunk on poses right on the river rivie wager. Zrostannya poitu zumovlyu pidvishchenny vidotskovo rates for posikov. But in the minds of competition between credit institutions and the struggle to expand the market, bank servants may not ignore the rule at the center. You don’t have to pay the interest rate on your loan, pay less, and lower interest rates on loans can help you get more and more competitive money.

If you want to force you, then the lower level of the betting rate for the poses. Shchona won’t look, then for the nths of the same minds lower than the may but vidotskova rate for posic. All this is done in winter, so that an outpost zmenshurizik vrat at the time of Primus Primus canceled poses for a rakhunok realizatsії.

At the rate of interest rates, the interest rate will be credited. So, credits, which are necessary to mediate vitrati, liabilities are profitable because of some speculative interests, lower costs, less so that you can protect yourself from the need for productiveness, especially good.

Vitrati on the issued poses and control directly pour on the rivie posikovogo. If you want vitrati, then for the same minds, the rate is for posic. Inodi Vitrati, due to a credit process, does not turn on at the betting rate, but is compensated for by the contractor from the payee of the payment.

The rate of a competing bank is to be insured when a rivia of a postal rate is established, it is irrelevant to the nature of the policy, and the bank should conduct it. Pragnennya dodatkoy a little bit of sponuka ustanovlyuvischi vіsh vіdsotki іnvіnnі znіshim іnnymi lenders. As a rule, the policy of expanding the market for credit servants, as well as a maximum number of creditors, is lower in competitors.

The norm is a margin of the most active operating bank є one or the other when the established norms of the maximum rate are established. Yakshcho, for example, investment operations to protect the bank is equally varied (on a unit of invested capital), lower posits, then you can look at your business visitor policy.

If you mean the required factors, you don’t have to forget about the maximum result, a certain advantage is that the credit rate is deducted from the loan from the bank by deceiving the amount of posed transactions.

Self-control feed

1. Is it possible to classify loans behind such signs?

2. Peculiarities of giving credit to the contract account.

3. The main types of loans.

4. How to form the price of bank postures?

5. How can the interest rate rise and the competition and the penny market?


Test 1

Overdraft loan:

a) credit of the clerk at the boundaries of the fixed limit;

b) credit from in-line customer relationship at the established limit;

c) the debit balance to the cash flow of a customer’s bank;

d) nadannya poziki on the minds of credit reporting;

e) the debit balance of the court rahunka klіnta;

e) correct vіdpovіdі b) і c).

Test 2

Mortgage loan - ce:

a) pre-hosted poses, which are rejoiced by the banks at the front of the gate;

b) poses, like a bank nadaє pid outposts of priests;

c) poses, I’m hoping for good with the commodity form as a stubber.

Test 3

Riven of inflation, the price of bank poses:

a) so;

b) nі.

Test 4

Popit on posik directly to lie down in the interest rate:

a) so;

b) nі.

Test 5

Give a living loan:

a) legal person;

b) physical persons;

c) physical and legal persons.