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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

4.1.3. See the payment documents and the form of the ready-made roses

There are several types of payment instruments and the order of their turnover that are different from the forms of non-completed purchases : by payment handicrafts, payable handicrafts, handicrafts, letters of credit, payable bills and money.

For the skin form of bezgovіvkovih roses razrahunkіv can be stiffened by the way of payment. The skin of them is represented by the order of minds and visions of the reciprocal reciprocal groshovy goiter'yazan. For this criterion, there are different ways of payment: non-payment, if leather delivery of goods is paid non-payment, and due to payment, if the goods are sold with credit; for the ragunas of lavish clothes of the payer of the third flow rachunka chi for the rahunok of bank credit; ahead of time, if the cost of being overpowered is on hold until the goods are released; for skin supplies, chi for the supply of supplies for the hour of singing before the contract (scheduled payment), direct overhaul of the courier and the payee of the vimog.

Rosrachunks with handrails

Paying for assignment - a written document, registration for the standard form, with the assignment of the client bank, the first service team, and the re-allocation of the total amount of money for the second handbag. Rosrachunks by payment handrails - one of the most common forms of razrahunkіv in Ukraine. For the price of the bank’s form, you can spend money on commodity and non-productive operations: for buying comrades, servants, vicon robots, for goiters in front of physical persons (aliases, pensions, salaries, pay, pay), for insurance and financial authorities, legal entities.

For merchandise transactions, payable handouts, healthy payments, with forward, non-cash, long-term and late payment. For non-mercantile operations, payment, handing over, health, all and all payments.

Paying an assignment to a VIP payee, who clearly understands the rules for issuing payment documents, and submitting to a bank, which should be serviced, with a length of 10 calendar days after receiving a VIP receipt. The amount of money taken by the bank for the weekend of handing over is charged to the payhorn rachun (debit rahun) and to insure on the possessed rahun (credit to the rakhun); If you have a valid credit card in your bank, then deducted money from the payee's bank card will be insured on the correspondent bank card and the lower bank card is issued in the latest order.

When there is a fixed form of pay-as-you-go payer and pay-per-night voucher by the singing world,

Riziki payer (buying) pov'yazanі perevozno with the advance payment of commodity operations. For the first time, the payer has a few guarantees that products (servants, robots) will be delivered (paid, viconan), properly dressed, transferred by the contract. In addition, you can know the gates through the trivial viluchennya on the turnover of clothes and on the post-ochalnik bezvidsotkovo posiki.

For possessing pennies (seller, creditor), there are two to see the rizika. The first one is from them, and I’m forced to pay by paying a paycheck through all days of cash on a flowing grocery store, it’s not possible to get poziki in a bank, because of subtle reasons, it’s skinny. Uniqueness of the whole rizika is possible for the transfer of official sanctions in case of a contract. Another type of ritual is з owed to overreflection of money for paid hand-in-hand banks with rozrakhunkov structures (rozrakhunkov chambers, RCC).

Rosrachunks with hand-made payments - it’s easy, simple, economical to save money, and I’ll save you a small fee for payment.

The payer for the majority of bills can be used to set the date of the payment of the currency of payments, it is also transferred to the contract for rozrahunkovo-cash service by the bank of the whole payer, as well as the order of completing such payments is certified by the bank, you can pay the bank by such payment hand, it was transferred to the contract on rosrahunkovo-kasov service staff oderzhuvach.

A bank, a serviceman’s oderzhuvach, and a goiter ’obligation to pay money to a rachunka’ possession on a business day, the date of the transaction is due.

Paying money is accepted by the bank of the payer until the weekend stretching out ten calendar days from the date of the first whiskey. The day of execution of the payment handicap is not insured.

I accept the bank until the weekend paying the commission of the payer for thinking, I’m not really transferring the total payment of the handicap, I don’t transfer to the second rakhun. Payments of a payer’s handover at a time of lack / inadequacy of money to a bank may be accepted by the bank, but the procedure for accepting and completing such payments is transferred by the agreement with the bank and the payer.

Payments for acquisitions stasis in rosacea:

  • for commodity and non-commodity payments: for actually vidantazhenuyu products (vicon robots, over servants so thin);
  • the order of advance payment, such as the order of the transfer of laws transferred by law but cluttered in the agreement;
  • for the completion of rozrakhunіv for acts zvyryannya mutually misplaced bids, as well as not stored term, established by official law;
  • for overfeeding by means of soums, which are subject to physical persons (salary, pensions), on the basis of groceries, credit cards in banks;
  • for the payment of taxes and payments (budget payments) up to the budget of any state funds;
  • in the last vipads vpidovno to the arrangement of agreements.

Physical persons pay in advance at times overpriced in cash and in deposit and payouts, with the regime of public relations and the establishment of a national and international currency.

The requisite "Appropriated payment" of the payment handbook is reminded of being a payee so that you can click on the information on payment and documents, on the other hand, I’ll redeem the cost of the payment.

The payer and the holder of the agreements between themselves may be able to add additional certificates to the tribute, which should be specified in the requisite "Applied payment".

Pililaniya on a bag of a donation for a dodana wart_ pay a payman to rob at vipadki, transmitted by official law.

Payer vidpovіdaє for the fee, which is indicated in the requisite of the payment order "Appointed payment". Bank perevryaє zapovnennya tsyo requisite to vidpov_dnіst vimogam lishe for the best signs.

The requisite payment order "Appointed to payment" (fall in the form of a specific deposit) shall be indicated as follows:

• deadline for the actual production of products (work robots, servants) - the name of the goods (work, service), for the payment, the number and date of the document, for the delivery of the document;

• as a payer, I’m going to pay the price back before payment, then it’s due, then the next payment is the name / type of goods (work, service), for the same payment, as well as the name, number and date of the document, on delivery;

• in the event of overpricing for an act of interchange of bargainments - the name of the goods (vicarious service, past service), date and number of the official act of interruption that date, behind the camp for the year of recognition;

• at a time of payment of payments, overpayment of payments to citizens and insurance against a fund for payment of funds to the budget and payments to major funds, date of payment of payments, form of payment, and other types of payments Hello Billing. In addition, it may be considered necessary.

All the requisites should be paid, such as allowances to the budget and taxes to the sovereign wealth funds, pay as much as possible and pay extra money to the fund, re-pay too much, but have to pay a little more money. Sum of paid salary.

Vidovdalnost for the turn-over of overdue payments, overpayments for paid payments and insurance payments for the fund for payments to the budget and for payments to the sovereign funds, bear the payer.

Platіzhne doruchennya on pererahuvannya zarobіtnoї pay on rahunki pratsіvnikіv of companies, vіdkritі to install bankіv, groshovі checks otrimannya zarobіtnoї pay platnik podaє the bank time of platіzhnimi doruchennyami on odnochasne pererahuvannya platezhіv, utrimanih іz zarobіtnoї pay pratsіvnikіv i narahovanih Pay pratsі podatkіv before i Budget Fund Zborіv to the sovereign wealth funds, or for documentary payments, pay them back earlier.

Documentary documents about paying a payee a paid paycheck for a paid paycheck, a payer handing over a paid date, or an original payable card .

At the agreement on rozrahunkovo-kasovo, the servicing bank and the payee can be transferred; the donation can be paid by the payer of the payment order in the pre-paid form; Tsei agreement mak iznachati takzha rules the reservation by payer of such handicap and umovi ikh their acceptance and viconny bank.

Paying a debit in the pre-paid form of payment of all the details of the payment deed of hand and the payment of the payee by the order of the whole day by the bank of the full payment deed.

Payments in the donor form are stagnant when razrahunki at times:

• periodic re-payment by a payer of faksovan sums to one and the same holders of money;

• overpaying by paycheck of pensions, retirement benefits for special holders of merchandise;

• The most recent laws and regulations are in accordance with the law, but prior to the establishment of agreements.

Paying money in good form is handled by two of the customers: the first is paid to the bank of the payer, and the other is marked with the bank about the due date and the date of receipt of the paid stamp - the bank is paid.

As a rule, for the purpose of completing a payment order in a voluntary form, you must add a memorial order, then it shall be the same as the first order issued by the bank, but not the same as the previous one. handing over in the form of information and information (which may be better for business customers) about payment and documents, and in the case of more information, there will be more information.

Rozrahunki іz zasosuvannyam payimnyh vimog-handicap Platyzhna vimoga-handicraft - a combination of documents, in which I see two types of messages:

1) the seller is sold until the buyer pays for the payment of documents for the exchange of documents;

2) the handing over of a buyer (payer) to his bank for payment of valid documents and overwhelming of the seller's money.

The shape of the rosrahunks is not widened at a time . Zazvichai won won’t stand in the rosaries for the production of products, the robots, the above-mentioned servants. Vimogu-empowerment vipisuє seller and at once with commercial documents overpowered є non-farthest buyers. The remaining documents are subject to additional approval by the seller of the minds of the contract and I’ll have to wait a little longer for the payment, and then I will always have to order my bank without any delay at the front of the house.

Registration by the payee of the vimogi-handicap and submission of the bank to the bank is in order that in the term, set for the sound handicap.

The bank accepts a vimogu-commissioning of a payer with a length of 20 calendar days for sending and receiving money to a bag, as if it could be butted off for wise cats to a plahnikah.

As a rule, a payee is willing to pay for the right to gain money, for all the benefits of the right to be paid in order in the terms indicated in the agreement, and for the reason for the payment.

Paying vimogi-handicap can stumble in rosahunks usіma participants in bezgotіvkovih rozrahunkіv.

The upper part of the vimogi-handing in was issued ерж possessing koshtіv перед and є transfer є without delay to the payer, not less than at the two primaries.

The delivery of the vimog-hand to the payer can be opened by the bank through the payer's bank on agreed minds.

From time to time, pay the wage money for handing over the paycheck to the lower part (the hands of those who are in need of technical assistance are sure to remember that the upper part of the whole deceased document is filled in) and the bank is clear.

Suma, Yaku payer to wait to get hold of that one is meant in the lower part of the vimogi-handicraft, you can’t override the bag, yaku of the vimaga before the payment of the possessive and yak is assigned to the upper part of the vimogi-handicraft.

Paying for a vimoga-commissioning to turn around without a second sight, as a payer is indicated as a bag of soums I will transfer a bag, є to a plahnikah.

The reasons for non-payment by the payee of the vimogi-handing-over z'yasovuyutsya without delay are more than the payer and that we gain the cost.