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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.


Identified by banks with rakhunkіv klієntіv є the necessary change of mind and the important warehouse of rosrahunkovo-kasovy servants. The whole process of conducting rakhunkіv is intellectually possible to go into three stages: vіdkrittya, servants, servicing, closing rakhunkіv.

5.3.1. Zagalny umov vіdkrittya rakhunkіv

For zbirigannya groshihovyh koshtіv and zd_isnynsnynya all types of operations banks are able to declare their own types of views: flow, deposit (deposit), budget. Persons two can see rahunkіv can be expressed in national and foreign currencies, and the rest - only in national currency.

Banks vkidkrivayut rakhunki in national currency for such groups klіntiv:

• legal and physical grounds - sub-directives of private business (far - private) - residents registered in the established manner;

• filing, representative offices, representatives of the Republic of Belarus, іndіsіdіvіdіlіkhі pіdrozdіlіv pіdpriіmstv - residentіs, registered in the established order (given - pіdrozdіli pіdpriimstv);

• representatives of legal entities - non-residents, foreign investors;

• physical entities (resident and non-resident).

The vedenny rakhunkіv chikh chotirokh group klіntіv є yak spіlnі risi, so і singing vіdmіnnostі.

Flowed markets in national currencies, banks have the right to accept the type of property, the form of moisture , the representative of the non-resident, and the general representative of the general public In the meantime, the most frequent victories are in bank practice, followed by a part of the small payment payments that go through the bank system.

Streaming rahunki for health all types of banking operations are displayed in any banks in Ukraine for the customer and for the bank.

One bank may have less than one round to form the statutory fund of the state partnership (in foreign national currency) and one round (in foreign national currency).

Legal entities (non-residents) may be registered in the territory of Ukraine for flowing rachunks for investment in the national and foreign currencies. Streaming rakhunki for health gosudarskoi dyalnostі in Ukraine vidkrivayutsya representatives of legal entities (non-residents).

Fіzichnі individuals (non-residents) mozhut vіdkrivati ​​rahunki in natsіonalnіy that іnozemnіy valyutі on teritorії Ukraine for Minds nadannya notarіalno zasvіdchenoї kopії legalіzovanogo permitted the central bank іnozemnoї Power, The Citizen yakoї Je fіzichna lady Yakscho Tse peredbacheno land, ukladenimi mіzh Natsіonalnim Bank of Ukraine is the central bank іnozemnih powers .

From time to time, I have come to physical persons (non-residents) , so they arrived in Ukraine hourly by going on, having worked out, having rest, getting healthier, and having it in private on the right, we have to agree on a different way to go to Ukraine. After the termination of the term, transferring the Ukrainian physical person (non-resident) to the bank will close the rachas in the order transferred by the brain to the contract.

At a time when a bank sub-account sub-account sub-account is in order to be redeemed by the bank, it’s possible to take the sub-account to the oblast with a payable authority to pay less for this sub-item.

On the cob, operations for the vidatki behind the rahunk of the sub-account of the financial institution to establish the bank є date of registration are rejected by the bank of the designated event. Povіdomlennya zberіgaєatsya in reference with legal registration.

Operations for the video recorders behind the rachunk of vidosremlennogo pidrozdilu legal person - subpost pidpriymnitsky dіyalnostі zdіysnuyutsya pislya bank by taking away the rakhunka to the region poddimkim authority for a minimum of time.

On the day of entering the report, the date entered is indicated on the application for the verification of the gift in the "Bank for bank".

The address of the owner of the foreclosure is to enter the address indicated in the cards with the signatures and the address of the seal, as well as the address specified in the statutes and state registration.

At the time of absence, the hairline of the rakhunka was extended three days one day before the arrival of the loan until the end of the registration process for the submission of the loan before setting up the bank:

• a new copy of the certificate about registration with introduced payments, an authority by a certain authority, but notarized;

• a copy of the payment made before installation documents, due to the authority, which has already secured the payment, but notarially.

On the first and foremost documents, there are entered in the card in the card with the signs and in the bit of the print or a new card is put on.

For the sake of being present in the subdivision of financial security, who can change the bank in the most recent banking institutions, new copies of the banking system are rejoiced at the bank institutions, at any time.

Documents for the identification of all bank cards of private property should be specially filed with the individual bank, such as the right of the first one and other signature and reassurance, so as to be re-approved by the official bank. At times the individual, yak ma п the right to sign, the newly-appointed person is very special to submit to the bank of the card з zrazki п signature and pre-present passport. As a rule, it’s possible to reserve the right to first and second letters, to non-native individuals, to change the hour to the territory of Ukraine, to apply for the right to transfer the documents, I’m required to repeat this the sole legislation of Ukraine, - he dialed in praztsevlashtuvannya, but it is not further transmitted by the laws and international treaties of Ukraine. Copies of the meaningful documents are obtained from the legal entity.

Pіdstavoyu for vіdkrittya rakhunkіv fizichim persons є:

a) for the population of Ukraine, such as:

• live in Ukraine permanently - the passport of the Ukrainian citizen, for those who are not 16 years old - it’s not a matter of age - - certificate of nationality;

• reside permanently at the cordon - a passport of a Ukrainian citizen for a visa for the cordon, a service diplomatic passport of Ukraine;

b) for foreign populations, such as:

• reside in Ukraine permanently - a passport document with a certificate of manifestation of permission for permanent residence;

• timovuyut in Ukraine - a passport document (for the population of powers, there are international agreements for the return of travel permits), a passport document for the purpose of voluntary residence, the passport is remunerated of any kind of remuneration. In addition, the passport documents of the townspeople may be registered at the checkpoint through the Ukrainian state border (affixed with the “V'yzd” flag) and with the internal authorities (stamped at a different time) exit from abroad to Ukraine, exit from Ukraine and transit passage through the territory of Ukraine;

c) for individuals without bulk - dedication to individuals without bulk;

d) for bіzhentsіv - dedication of bіzhentsya.

Physical individuals, who want to distort rachunas on their own, on how much they are different, on how much they need to do so, to ask for an official document, to confirm that you have to renew the document, assignment of an identifier number.

At times, the rakhunka is especially irrelevant , I have 16 different kinds, I don’t have to give me a certificate about people’s rights, I’ll see them on my own right, but I have to go to the law a second time. In addition, the mahogany can be vidkritiy in the presence of one of the fathers of the passport and the certificate about the birth of a different individual.

Banks vidkrivayut flowing rahunki sub'єktam pidprimnimsky dyalnostі with a stretch of ten calendar days after the bank has been canceled by the bank of the first batch of documents to vidkrittya rakhunkіv.

Please, inform the bank about the presence of the bank, as well as copy the passports, rob the passport side of the passport (which are the remaining photos, please inform me about the date of the registration, but I need to inform you about it) document, scho yogo zamіnyuє. At the time of entering the report to the foreign citizen it is up to date to copy copies of the passport of the first passport document with the latest certificates, which must verify the legitimacy of this transfer to the territory of Ukraine. If you have a personal identification card, a bank, as well as a copy of the passport of a passport or document, must have a copy of the identification number assigned. For more information, please contact us with legal registration.

At times the bank has documented (inadequate) documents, a request for identification of a rakhunka, a bank of gambling claims for information about the organization of internal information, and is valid for the identification of a passport of a document.

When the documents are rejected for re-issuance and re-issuance of bank rachunks, the banks of the coffers and other documents are submitted to the state law, the form of protection:

a) sign the statement on the statement about the identification of the holder of the letter and decrypt it with the required values ​​of the letter and the letter of the signature in the card and the seal of the seal;

b) information about the state registration of sub-entities of the Republic of Belarus;

c) dedicate the notary on the documents.