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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

5.2.2. Organizing robots of commercial banks in a ready-made account

A) The main vimogi and the rules of the Gotivka virus to the bank

Gotіvkova’s virus, I’ve got it before the casino, I’m sure to have a hello before you set up banks to pay for bankruptcy loans.

Gotіvkov’s little business virus (pіdpriєmtsі) is available at the day and night of the commercial bank independently through:

• initiation of the National Bank, or the establishment of commercial banks (dal - initiation);

• State Defense Service under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;

• mail-order applications for re-ordering on-line groceries in bank installations.

Hello to the Gotovka virus, we’ll be able to visit the bee-to-the-eye flow of the consumer electronics for the vibrator.

Vidokremlenі pіdrozdіli, it’s necessary to go into the warehouse of legal entities, you can place the Gotivka virus before you can set the jar on the base of the legal osib for zarakhuvannya on ikhinni stream rakhunki.

Install bankіv, vihodyachi of demand from priskorennі obіgu gotіvkovih koshtіv i svoєchasnogo їh nadhodzhennya to CAS bankіv, vstanovlyuyut pіdpriєmstvam takі termіni zdavannya gotіvkovoї viruchki scho vіdobrazhayutsya in zayavtsі-rozrahunku for vstanovlennya lіmіtіv zalishku gotіvki in kasі, order i termіnіv zdavannya gotіvkovoї viruchki (Dali - application-rohrakhunok):

• for business, in the towns and villages, de є set up a bank and gotivka virus to be installed before installing banks (and at times the bank set up - for mailbox calls), - the day you need the virus to be reached;

• for commercial use, such as through the specificity of duty and the robot mode, as well as for the absence of regular home dues with the installation of a bank for collection of viruses before the bank can’t get to work until the next day;

• for business, in the towns and villages, de nem, setting up a bank of money for mail, no less, once a day for five working days.

Insurance organizations shall independently terminate the terms of preparation by insurance agents (physical persons) prior to insurance coverage by refusing to arrange a bank of the insurance organization in the bank.

Pіdpriymshva, scho independently install a limit kasi , to have a good day before setting banks at the designated order and that terminology.

By way of securing the maximum and hourly delivery of the virus to the bank, before setting up the banks and not having to limit them to get the money in cash, set the bank to be able to open the cash for the second and the second time.

Yakscho pіdpriєmstva pratsyuyut in vihіdnі that svyatkovі dnі nd not toil zmogi through vіdsutnіst vіdpovіdnoї domovlenostі s Set the jar on іnkasatsіyu chi zdavannya viruchki to vechіrnoї kasi bank zdat obsession them for tsі dnі gotіvkovu viruchku then qiu viruchku pіdpriєmstva toil zdavati to kasi place the jar protyagom operatsіynogo hour Good working day.

As a matter of fact, if you don’t have enough money to pay for it, then you don’t have to go to the bank to set the termination term.

Use legal entities, which include operating operations in national currencies and may use current bank accounts in banks, and have the option of tripping at your own terminal on the final day of service within the limits of the establishment of servicing banks.

When a contract is concluded on a rosrahunkovo-kosovo, servicing is legal; you must submit to the bank an application-razrakhunok at two primaries for installing the provisional limit of casa (with the need for more frequent, non-obligatory agreement) I’ll make out as an addendum to the entire agreement, as a copy of the application-rozrahunka, due to the letter of the newly-appointed prazivnik and by the sign of the print set the bank, I’ve installed the limit of payment, and, in fact, a copy of the document about self-restraint tanovlenii pіdpriєmstvom lіmіt kasi to make rozmіru tsogo lіmіtu in dogovіr on rozrahunkovo-kasove obslugovuvannya scho Yea nevіd'єmnoyu Minds tsogo contract. Vidpovidalnost for dostov_rnіst tribute to the applicant-rozrahunku give cash books and accounting area carry a business - legal person.

Limit Kasi can look at different legal entities (for obvious reasons, for example, additional payment terms, mode of functioning, brain drain), but it’s always possible. For the whole pidprimstvo submission to the bank the application-rozrahunok, in the main obruntovє main reasons for the necessary zmіni limitu kasi. Rishennya bank about zmіni get a pre-paid land before the contract for servicing rozrahunkovo-kasovo.

Curious people have the right to take care of the right amount of money , the order of the term for the ready-to-use virus of its own.

Viddovalnost for uninstalled limitation of payments to property companies under the applicable laws of Ukraine shall be paid for banks less if, however, for the sake of being submitted applications for the completion of the application without limitation.

Lіmіt kasi for skin pіdpriєmstva viznachaєtsya banks of urahuvannyam regime that spetsifіki robot pіdpriєmstva, Yogo vіddalenostі od bank obsyagu kasovih oborotіv (nadhodzhen i vidatkіv) for vsіma rahunkami established by termіnіv i order zdavannya gotіvkovoї viruchki, trivalostі operatsіynogo hour bank nayavnostі domovlenostі pіdpriєmstva of bank on the initiation of the greetings from the Gotivka virus until the bank’s Kaschi bank,

• for business, for example, to get a little virus with the term of health to the bank the day before the day of business, - at the rozmir, which is necessary to protect the next day’s robots;

• for business, such as Mayor’s gotivka virus with terminology for the next day’s holiday, - at the middle of the middle-year gotovka virus;

• for business, who may have gotty virus to the bank for the bank, - for rozmyra, to be laid down in the rules for the health of the Sumy;

• for business, limited payment, it’s possible to set up with actual deductible cards (cream, pay, pay, scholarships, pensions, dividends), - between mid-week types.

Limit cash registers (surroundings of trade, huge gourmet and service) are set by the bank settings for the cold season and the middle season of the year.

In the case of vicious falls, urachovyh special features of dyalnosti and that on pidstvіh their vіdpovіdnyh іntruntuvany, for written recessionary kerіvnikіv set bіvіdіm vіdіvіrіmіvіvіvіyu period of time vіmіvіvіvіvіyu period.

Pid hour closed credit card money right vimagati vid pidprimstva podannya dokument_v, scho obruntovyut rozmiri kasovih turns_v, pointing at the application-rozhranku pidprimstva.

Control over the subsidiaries of the establishment of their limitation in respect of the organization of the State Subordinate Service of Ukraine.

B) Special features of the limitation of the insurance policy.

To the Sovereign Treasury, its territorial bodies and subsidiaries, attitudes and organizations, to attend to them, as well as to their lower budgetary establishments, as well as to the Budget Code of Ukraine, they are financed from the sovereign budget and are free of charge. The State Treasury will automatically require that order to establish such a limit in cash registers in cash registers, an establishment and organization, which should be serviced by him.

Selyansky (farmersky) state donations, as a rule, are satisfied up to article 25 of the Law of Ukraine "On Selyansky (farmersky) state grants", to independently acknowledge the opening ceremony, please be sure to pay a fee. Gotіvku ponad viznachenі rozmіri stink to May hello to the bank.

Banks of urahuvannyam spetsifіki virobnitstva that pererobki sіlskogospodarskoї produktsії mozhut for propozitsієyu sіlskogospodarskih tovarovirobnikіv rіznih organіzatsіyno legal form (aktsіonernі tovaristva, agrofіrmi that INSHI virobniki sіlskogospodarskoї produktsії) i pererobnih of companies ustanovlyuvati (pereglyadati) їm lіmіt kasi on perіod zagotіvlі that pereroblennya sіlskogospodarskoї produktsії vіdpovіdno to factuality indicator of іхніх cash registers (required for any kind of winnings) for three months of the virobnitz season and (pereroblennya) sіlskogospodarskoї produktsії poperednogo rock.

There is a limit for regular business events , including local boutiques, casinos, automatic games with a small wiggle, it is possible to set the minimum number of hours when you need to change the period of time. , Ale is not more than the maximum possible Vigrashu vidviduvacha.

To financial establishments (credit cards, pawnshops, leasing companies, partnerships, insurance companies, establishments of accumulative pension security, investment funds and legal entities, but not limited to Assigned to install to work on its own.

I don’t get installed at the postal zv'yazku limit casi . Appointed enterprises shall independently establish such a limit for their cash registers and structural cash registers, so that they can enter the warehouse.

For news releases that require you to do your business, for the first three months of robots, limit cash, set up bank services, and enter the following bank accounts for forecast sales. Limitations of kashi and urahuvannyam representations roserachings to look at each other and be hardened by the actual indicators of dyalnosti pidprimstva for three calendar months in the prescribed manner.

Religious organizations (relational communities, management and centers, monasteries, relational brotherhoods, minor partnerships, minor spiritual contributions), and not otherwise limited to them

C) The procedure for the winnings of the winnings obtained in the Bank of the Republic of Belarus, for which you can receive the banknote of your own accurate rachunks, may be indicated on the basis of the pennile check, please read and write. Commercial banks of governing, identification and identification, significant values, and additional laws and regulations are required to comply with the law of Ukraine.

Granted by the bank credit facilities to the sub-branches of the state gifts , as well as repaid these loans and repayments for them, please note that they are in good condition. In gotіvkovіy formі loan Mauger nadavatisya sub'єktam gospodarskoї dіyalnostі Lachey for rozrahunkіv іz zdavalnikami sіlskogospodarskoї produktsії that fіzichnim specific and takozh i Malim serednіm pіdpriєmstvam (for їh rozvitku) for credit lіnієyu Єvropeyskogo bank rekonstruktsії that rozvitku for rozvitku Malih i serednіh of companies in natsіonalnіy valyutі in sums, as of the date of making a loan, do not re-equate the equivalent of 10,000 US dollars for the official exchange rate of the hryvnia to foreign currency, established by the National Bank.

Commercial banks to obtain all kinds of business (including the establishment of an organization, which can be serviced by the authorities of the State Treasury of Ukraine), a calendar of certain salary payments, up to a certain amount of payment, including a basic payment, and a higher payment.

As a rule, on payment of income, pay the transfer not for one, but for a few days, then I will install a payer for the weather with the bank installed, and I will certainly pay for the money in some cases.

Vidacha of getting a wage payment on a payday basis in term, usually you have to go on weekly (holy) days, and you will have to set bank statements in advance (for two working days). The four may also have a ready-to-get-on vigil, as a rule, pay the pay-off allowance for friday.

We don’t have to wait a day, we don’t have to wait a week to pay a monthly fee, we don’t have to wait a second time.

Vidacha is willing to receive funds for retailing with the owners, as well as having to go to the reception, as well as from the third-party customers, the bank irrelevantly sets the terms and conditions for payment.

Terminology of the type of scholarship is established by the winners of the primary mortgages .

Establish a bank to satisfy your client needs for a certain amount of money for pay.

For regulation of your resources, the banks put together a calendar of the kind of pay and pay all the money, but you can get a service.

The calendar includes the terms of the type of preparation on the basis of specific and specific sums of the skin for a month.

The calendar type of paid pay means the payment for all month numbers, including non-working days.

The calendar includes all sums of salary, bonuses, permanent premiums, higher payment methods, and I’ll be paid in full for the bank.

Payments not to be included in the calendar, which can be refunded through the use of the postal service and for the transfer of funds to the bank in physical settings.

For commercial services, which are serviced by installing a bank, as long as I don’t have a good operation, I have a calendar of salaries, and I’m better to set up a bank, so I’ll have to pay a fee for servicing.

Territorial management of the National Bank re-assign the robot to establish commercial banks from the organization of the ready-made bank by completing them in accordance with the procedure transferred by the legislation of Ukraine.

For the results of the re-management of the National Bank by the 12th day of the month, coming after the first quarter, give the Department of the open-penniless information the National Bank of Belarus the latest information, please inform us of the latest information.

Teritorіalnі upravlіnnya Natsіonalnogo bank analіzuyut randomness zvіtnіst about kasovі turnover in rozrіzі SET bankіv have razі require zdіysnyuyut vіdpovіdnі perevіrki th schokvartalu іnformuyut Department gotіvkovo-trumpery obіgu about the camp gotіvkovogo obіgu that dotrimannya banks chinnogo zakonodavstva Ukraine schodo control of digit abo sumnіvnimi operatsіyami of gotіvkoyu їh klієntіv .

Vidacha gotіvki pіd zvіt prazіvnikam ustanovkiv bank for the conduct of operations with customers bank for the inter-cash bank to fence.

Vidacha gottіvki pіd zvіt prazіvnikamnikov establish bankіv for zdіsnennya rozrahunkіv, povyazanih іz virobnichimymi (gospodarskih) needs, including the fact that on vidryadzhennya, zdіisnyuzhutsya without an immediate business card through the bank.