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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

6.2.3. Inkaso

One more time, one less time for victories, the form of the international razrahunkіv і інкасо , so that "obtained, submitted and submitted before payment of the bill, check for the first document by the bank, which must be opened immediately. Inclasso - the whole bank has a rozrahunkova operation, for another bank, for the assignment of one’s client, for the most part of the rozrakhunka’s documents, the right to pay the most paid customers for the other, the most reliable, the most іnkaso - having the hand of an exporter (lender) to your bank to get an importer (payer, bourgeois) without any delay, but through a foreign bank I have been assigned a sum of money, but the sum will be paid at the terms of termination.

In osnovі іnkasovoї FORMS rozrahunku lezhit domovlenіst eksportera Zi svoїm bank scho yogo peredbachaє zobov'yazannya send out to the commodity-suprovіdnu the documentation for іmporteru tіlki minds viplati ostannіm vartostі vіdvantazhenogo product abo thrifty about tse s bank roztashovanim in kraїnі іmportera.

There are two kinds of іnkaso: two are purely documentary.

Purely іnkaso means іnkaso financial documents, which is not compatible with commercial documents, because banks роб ля ть пере т т т т (bills of exchange (simple or re-negotiation), check н ш ш ш і н менти ансов,,,,,,,,,,,,, invoices.

Documentary іnkaso - іnkaso financial documents, scho supervodzhuyutsya commercial documents; It is a kind of compromise in advance payment (if you buy a rose for an exporter, some goods are delivered more than once until payment is cleared) and there is a bid for more payments, if you buy more goods.

An important and familiar documentary certificate - those who, as a rule, have given the bank an invitation to review commercial documents, before they enter the bill of lading, the exporter can save control over his goods, if the importer (buyer) does not have to pay them back. This is due to the fact that the bill of lading є a document on the right of authority, and the control bank є the right to put comrade і s and the right to transfer the purchase to them as if they were to save the exporter, which was assigned to the commission.

Існує кілька видів operations from the Republic of Kazakhstan documentary insurance. This is so called "documents against payment", "documents against acceptance" and "acceptance іs by payment against documents".

Zavdyaki significantly smaller formal vimogs qya bank_vska postela cheap and nnuchkіsh porivnano with a documentary letter of credit. The rozrakhunok for the ınkasov form is the most important to the importer, the fragments of the right to the goods until the moment the rozrakhunkov documents are paid. The water hour at the time of the check-outs is documented by an exporter, a kind of product, we cannot be reluctant to know how to buy a product immediately.

From now on, the совnkasov’s form of roses has been secured even if the exporter doesn’t confer with his counterparty for the contract; Political, economic and legal rights of the country стаб importer of stability; at the country of purchase, it’s important to import marriage, as it were, having stopped at once having realized the necessary permissions to please; the exporter of the country has a lot of solid exchanges for termination of goods for refusal of goods.

Self-control feed

1. The order of verification and the regime of foreign currency exchange rates to the bank.

2. Peculiarities of the international razrahunkіv.

3. The letter of credit is the letter of credit for special features.

4. See letters of credit.

5. Bankіvskі іnkaso і bankіvsky refusal.


Test 1

A letter of credit is issued to Vimaga Bank of the bank, accept the payment of the benefits of the client:

a) so;

b) nі.

Test 2

A personal letter of credit can be used for any abolitions with a ban-by-share without the prior benefit of the benefit:

a) so;

b) nі.

Test 3

A genuine letter of credit will be used to transfer the payment of exporters to the contract to the singing sum contract for leather private delivery:

a) so;

b) nі.

Test 4

A resale letter of credit can be used by beneficiaries (exporters) to transfer my private rights under the letter of credit to the parties of the endowment, as well as to extend the terms of the letter of credit to deny the payment:

a) so;

b) nі.

Test 5

Compensation letter of credit - a letter of credit, such as a guarantee as a guarantee for the issuance of another letter of credit to cover the following:

a) so;

b) nі.