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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


Theory of pennies that aren’t open є is a problem of their own wartosti. In the history of economical thought, more than one attempt at the most significant digits of the date of science, the explanation of the nature of pennies was made clear about the whole problem. Zokrem, who couldn’t give an endless explanation of the penalties of the pennies, is “the sovereign theory of pennies,” representatives of the kind to grow the nature of pennies to the “product of law and order”, to the “payable ploy”, the penalties of being established are completely independent.

Apogee at his retreat tsya theory reached on the cob of the XX century. (among the princes of G. Knapp, F. Bendixen, K. Elster and I.), if they were penniless, they scored a significant increase, they did not lose the direct name of the interlinked ring of gold, and the fragments did not demonetize gold. For these specific minds, turning the power into the penny sphere was obvious, and the pennies for the pennies turned out to be seemingly stable, which encouraged the credibility of the concept of power-sharing pennies. Since the demonetization of gold, since the inferiority of disproportionate pennies, got into a wicked character and did not allow for direct sovereign regulation, it became apparent that the concept of pardon was appreciated.

The Marxist theory of pennies recognized this metamorphosis in detail, yak absolutized its commodity nature (“pennies by their very nature - you want gold and pennies” - by writing to Marx), and the pennies explained the fact that they weren’t schcho funkіonuvav yak groshі. In the process of declaring the demonetization of gold, as long as the bullets crossed over all the channels of the inflow of gold on commodity prices, it became obvious that the concept of labor cost of pennies was lacking. Representatives of the Marxist theory didn’t manage to get too much money and labor theory and the non-material form of pennies, like a winnings in real time of gold demonization. Tse called up to a genuine relaxation of the position of the Marxist economic theory zagagali.

Suchasna svitova ekonomіchna dumka rozrіznyaє two aspects in nutrition about the warting of pennies: the wartiness of pennies and the pennies; and theART of the pennies and pennies.

A penny has capitalized its interest in a penny market for instant food and offer, and there is interest in the form of interest. The mechanism of formality of the pennies of a yak nosy kapitalu will be seen in the box 3.

Vartity of pennies, like pennies, is formed without interruption in the realm of goods, de pennies are exchanged for real goods, and the variability of pennies is formed by purchasing sposobnosti. Proteinism is formulated on the basis of the pennies of the pennies and is discernible with the functions of repetitive and nonproposal pennies.

Yak is shown in section 1.2, the number of new pennies is renewed, for some reason they take a lot of money, in most cases a large number of official bureaucrats are self-sufficient and real time. At the time of the war’s renewal, the world is vividly connected with the real. That is why the price of commodity markets and the buying and selling of such pennies for singing hour were irreplaceable for the product, which has little positive impact on the development of marketplace signs.

At the same time, there’s more than a chance to buy gold pennies, who had already tried to buy money, couldn’t repeat the possibility of real gold wartost as a product. Tsyomu was imposed on the law of virtue in the sphere of virology and exchange of gold. As a rule, the number of cards (bought and purchased) was reduced equally and real, then the profitability of the gold decreased, the prices with the dead were closed, and the gold was real.

As a matter of fact, the real variability of repeated pennies varied vigorously, while in the Kintsev’s pid bag, the amount of money sent to such pennies was infringed on the pennies of the penniless bill and the system price. The state is exposed to Bula, but re-carve a coin, so that you can get real money, but you can get more money.

Helpfulness of the diversity of the most important pennies of the Bula has been marked by people and widespread Viktoria Timisi’s interests, who bought coins. On the basis of the possibility of falsification of coins, their personalities, in the house of old times. The proto-powers had not very much victorious for the possibility of sacrificing pennies with the help of the penal institution of their execution in the interests of the singing social groups. Yakraz has won over all the powers with its first crooks and has received a new monopolization of coins.

How can one form a variety of pennies; scho not to stir up internal substantiality? The formulas and functions of the offer are very quiet for the factors themselves, as in the minds of the gold coin standard, they violated the validity of the nominal wartost gold pennies of the real. At the world, in regards to the gold of yogo, the signs of having chosen it were decided to win gold and gold for a penny more and more appeared in the new nominee, and not the real wartost. With the redemption of banknotes for gold, pennies were paid in cash at their nominee card. By the day, it has become irrational in size, as it does not appear to be embedded in a penniless product in suspension, but rather as a medium, in a penny function.

Masa of penniless signs, which entered into the scope of the exchange in the skin offensive cycle of formation, is not a vipadkov. Vaughn is zoomed in on the front of the new product range, as well as realized in the front cycle and entered the realm of living. Groshovy signs, too much for a shame, promozhuyut to represent tsyu sukupna commodity wartіst, being її відбитком. The reason is that the skinny hairless pennies are involved in exchanging money for them, looking specifically for what I really want and paying for the goods you don’t have, but more than that, I have a great deal of rest.

As a matter of fact, in the course of the cycle the exchange of goods is less visible, lower in the forefront, but in the event of the interruption of the loan of a large number of grocery signs, while the same large number of goods is sold, more than that is possible for more time. Buyers will be ready to pay, and sellers will be able to pay a lot of pennies, not at the front cycle. Groshova masa а znetsіnitsya іn vіdvіdnі іn commodity, і price іn comrade zrostatimut. A new, lower level of new arsenal of pennies is taking shape, with such a stench to go over the current cycle of creation.

As a whole, in a complete cycle, in exchange for greater mass of goods, but part of the pennies will be much better done, then the commodity proposition will be overloaded, not all commerce can be realized and sellers will be less valuable. The pennies form a new (pidvishchena) new wart, with a kind of stench to enter the current cycle of exchange.

Rationalization of the inconsistent pennies by the merchandising process is the most important role of the pennies of the credit status, of the overthrow of the real trading of the bank, the involvement of the central bank, and the central bank.

In addition, being borg goiters, pennilessly revolve on economics, the authority can be quietly subtle, as they are. Dovіra to them is a participant in the market of yak to real values, to form deeply in the dynamics of power and that of authority.

So, getting money to banknotes and coins, like being a central bank, basing on the economical potential of the whole country and much more, reducing money to deposit pennies, scrolling around on the potential of commercial banks. Not vipadkovo in the minds of the chronic economic and financial crises, Ukraine experienced it in 1991-2000 pp., The supply of food was constantly growing and reached 50%, and the price of commerce when realizing the payment was low, and the cost was lower І zhodni administrative administratively come in from the side of the department and the NBU could not reverse the trend.

In addition to the increased suspension and growth of potential potential, credit to pennies is increased, the lower official bills are:

* carried out by the power of such economic and monetary policy, that would have included the appearance in the sub-sector of the market of inflation and the reduction of such pennies in maybutny;

* on the basis of the power of the Goths, we will give new pennies the status of legitimate payments for interests, the inheritance of which the creditor cannot accept payments in such pennies;

* to the system of insurance of bank deposits and that system I see for the bank dyalnistyu through the method of donation to banks and to the deposit of banknote pennies;

* to the system of guarantees by bills and checks.

Concerning donors to disproportionate pennies, I will think over the specific form of third-party payment - buying and selling. Since all sub-markets, stores selling goods, donate such pennies, then the hair holders of them can get a song for the groshov’s bag to pay the song mass, servants, valuable folders, the currency is thin.

You can buy Masa goods, one can buy for one piece of pennies, become even more expensive: buy less food, less can buy goods for one penny, and it can be bought. From now on, a credit card (purchase price) of credit pennies and a fixed price on a credit card is accumulated. Tom Zmіnu vartostі pennies for the singing period can be signaled for the formula:

formula zmіni vartostі pennies

small 2

de Івг - Зміна вартості Гроши;

Іс - Іandex average rivnya price for singing period.

Zmіna wartosti pennies (Івг) is a supernaturally important economical indicator, which is often a bit too much for all spheres of life of suspension. Rarity of vartosti pennies, as it is an economical process, which you must recognize, cannot be left without a trace. Reduced vartosti pennies are called inflation, and zb_lshennya is deflated. Details of the appearance will be revealed in the distribution 5.