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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


The role of pennies is tied up with functions. As a matter of fact, the function of pennies is all about a “robot”, especially the servicing of the rue of the song on the singing process, the role of pennies is the final result of the price of “robots”, the reference for suspension.

The role of pennies is marked by an equal development of commodity distribution and adequate suspension of vodnosin. Vaughn can’t be but realized there, for the whole German mind. The significant role of pennies in the pre-capitalist formations, the fraternity of the statehood itself could not buty have a much overpriced natural character. For additional pennies, there was a small part of the viroblauded products that scuttled a suspension of business. It wasn’t blown for the deposits of the merchandiser in the market, but for the flow of pennies to the first economic stronghold and through the new - to the development of the virobnitz boulevard a little more.

There isn’t a small campus in the minds of the command-administrative economy in the vast Soviet Socialist Republic and the lower regions of Europe. I want the main sphere of economic vidnosin here is small for a groshov form, the very essence of this vidnosin bula is nonequivalent, unmarketable, schobo ruined the pennies formally, and the role of ikh is divorced, which is seen for all the regional-rozpodilnoy. Protea and such a role is small singing positive influx on the development of suspension virobnitz.

Know how to realize the sale of pennies for a wider variety of boules, for sale, if the goods become the main form of products, and more often, there are more than two of them. Especially important are few, but shy power itself has become a commodity, an object of buying and selling for a penny.

Zavidaki are more widely penniless on all factors of suspension of virology - take advantage of things, objects and work - simple commodity violated, capital is easy, and very small have become more difficult, but they have become more її capitalism.

In front of the penny viraza, the meta capital metrology viola was on the way. All this made it possible to take notice of the right of sharing, the fragments of a pile of pennies (a little extra), not the slightest amount of pennies, and the amount of pennies is possible.

Regardless of the fact that all capital goods are all available for sale, all the elements are available on the market, the special market mechanism is stimulated and the suspension is regulated in the center. Competition is growing for the market, as is the most prosperous competition - competition for the buyer, for the shorter month, for the shortage of emotion. On a daily basis, in such a series of incidents, a struggle is being waged for the dismissal of large sums of penniless incomes. Oscles of reassignment, which can be easily obtained in such a way are competition, which means penniless, underestimated by the power of scientific and technological progress, increased productivity, more information, more information Tim themselves are able to stimulate the development of capitalistic virology.

In the case of problems of pennies, in the development of economy, it is possible to choose the right and the right aspects.

In a specific aspect, the role of pennies is manifested in the fact that they themselves are manifest, the pennies themselves are tidy, in some ways are economic agents, and they are positively attracted to the development of suspension virobnitz.

In the first place, the physical boundaries of the virology are known, and they become familiar with the special needs of the virobniks themselves. Viroblets can be used, skills can be realized, and a surplus of wartost can be spent in penniless forms to be converted into a postal capital.

In a different way, the realization of the most important products for pennies, the substitution of barter, I’ll significantly simplify, speed up and bring them up to date. I’m gaining a victory, I mean saving on the real-life vitrats, speed up your consumption in a profitable capital, moreover, you will be happy to consume your needs.

Thirdly, the pennies of the pennies of the infamous nature, their mechanism can become an important factor in economic progress, redefining the competition, stimulating the effective virology and economical living - virobic, sovereign, special.

The health of pennies to bring to their own hair in the minds of the market economy Dodatkov’s wart significantly strengthened their stimulating pressure on the skin sub-site of economic news: I on virobnik (prince), and on living. Yak virobnik, abo prazivnik, skinnable with them more beautifully and better than prsuvati, so that you can bring your own pennies to the income between the virologic and living consumers, who have capitalized on the surplus of income, mother could have been able to provide additional income. For the sake of me, I won’t be able to save a lot of money, don’t have enough money to earn some money, but I’ll bring you live.

Pennies in the minds of the market economy to put on the nose of the posiconium capital. Through mehanіzm Yogo Ruhu, zokrema through banks that rinok tsіnnih paperіv, formuvannya yakogo zumovlyuєtsya peretvorennyam pennies in kapіtal, vіdkrivayutsya mozhlivostі uzgoditi іndivіdualnі that kolektivnі Interests virobnikіv, descho zgladiti superechnostі mіzh sotsіalnimi KLAS GROUP suspіlstva that, zabezpechiti bіlshu rіvnomіrnіst i zbalansovanіst Process rozshirenogo vіdtvorennya.

Vsebіchne ohoplennya penny Form ekonomіchnih vіdnosin vseredinі kraїn that mіzh them, and takozh postіyne vdoskonalennya of trumpery mehanіzmu target spriyatlivі Minds for formuvannya mіzhnarodnih rinkіv i tіsnih vzaєmovigіdnih zv'yazkіv mіzh kraїnami, mіzhnarodnogo overflow vіlnih kapіtalіv have Georeferencing nayefektivnіshogo їh vikoristannya toscho.

Gliboke penetration of groshov form in usl "klitini" suspension vidnosin vidkriva є wide rylzhivost_ for regulation for the additional groshovy іnstrumentіv in the course of expanded vidtvorennya. I’m talking about such tools, like taxes, interest rates, prices, rents, budget financing and taxes. Through them, the power is able to regulate the main economic processes in the macro market and in general in the economy in the country until the latest signposted values.

The great aspect of the role of the pennies of the pole is that through winter, the number of pennies in circulation can be actively absorbed on the economic processes, on the results of the economic agents, as well as on the other hand. For the sake of widespread victorious empowerment with a market economy for the regulation of economic life in the country. Zbilshuyu chi znuyuschuyu masu pennies in circulation, the central banks, yakі dіyut іnd іmenі their own powers, to secure the return of such economical tools, as well as a flat drink, prices, interest rate, foreign exchange rate, the rate of the blackouts. Zavdyaki want to take care of this kind of viral and economical processes, like investing, increasing the amount of money, borrowing money, and taking care of export and import so much.

Evolution of the role of pennies in the economy of Ukraine. At the world, the market transformation of Ukraine’s economy is perishable. The role of pennies in the development of Russia is always growing. Postupovo Ukrainian hryvnia has redirected from the right foreign equivalent, from the "head of the person" to the market. Leather, hto small, you can buy something for the domestic market. The price of interest in economical sub-projects was that more money for pennies and more efficient vitrachati. It has become much easier to capitalize on pennies, having included them in the bank account and bank deposits. The need for frequent conversion of hryvnia was evenly promoted by the role of pennies in the development of traditional economy, in the integration of the Ukrainian economy in the economy. The penny-credit policy occupied the key in the mechanism of the sovereign regulation of the economy. Dinamika tsin has become much more responsive to the regular entry of the National Bank of Ukraine into the grocery business.

Proteins of positive infringement in the prominent roles of pennies have not yielded any significant results in the development of suspension virobnitsva, as nearly 10 rooks of interruption at the station of chronic crisis. All of this is due to overconfiguration, uninterrupted translation of the economy into an ambush, administering the government to the economy in life, as well as the weakness of the most penniless mechanism, all of which are bankrupt. That economical sub'єkti insufficiently productively

to respond to stimulating impulses, to approach from the side of pennies, not to show a proper interest in investing in capital, at capitalizing income, at developing commodity and pennies. The stink is not easy to overtake the natural forms of economic vidnosin (barter), the "tinny" methods of state donations, the transfer of the viable financial capital for the cordon, the conversion of currency into foreign currency so much. To process positively stream the positive influx of market redefinition and pennies to the economy.

Dosvіd krask with a widespread market economy doesn’t have to talk about the great role of pennies, but the first demonstration of the main success of successful victories in the transformation of our country.

In the first place, it is maximally transferred to the market to ambush all areas of economic vidnosin. Groshov’s form is guilty of actually mediating all the processes of expanded engagement, and to secure health on an equitable basis. Based on the principles of equivalence, self-sufficiency, self-sufficiency, it is not only the need for viral products, but the economic sub-areas of science, sanctify and protect your health.

In a different way, reorientation of prices is economical, including pennies, policies from the Center for Interests to the Center for the unrestricted freelancer, okremich collectives, and regional regards. Tiles for the price of understanding can be used effectively for the most part of the tools for stimulating the suspension of the virus, and later for the protection of the economic interests of the center.

In the third place, the security of secure, guaranteed capital gross income is ensured by the use of economic methods by the methods of our social priorities. We want to protect the investment, the investment of the economy, the banking system.

Fourthly, the health of a penniless welfare, the care of high, steel wartosts of a penny. Without it, it is impotent to see the role of pennies in the new process, the business barternity operation, and, later, to protect them, the role in the development of the economy in the whole should be established.

Ukraine has a small transformational economy of Ukraine in direct marketing, development of the banking system, formulating of the fixed assets, credit and currency risks, the improvement of the sovereign financial problems, and the need for them to grow.


1. Pennies weren’t invented by humanity and not твор a product of the creation of the nation, but they were simply the result of evolving the development of commodity distribution and exchange. To this penny is not possible in a voluminous way, go there, de for іх ішування є about active change of mind, as I can’t make a reservation there, there are a lot of such changes of mind. At the same time, the powers actively pour into the form of pennies, and then, let’s say that it’s a quiet sign, how to handle pennies that are adequate to the needs of the market.

2. Exchanges for additional pennies of the maximum allowance for barter (natural exchange): cheaper, quicker, more guarantee for more operations, more flexibility, more knowledge, more knowledge and less All of them are spry сусп accelerated suspension.

3. Pennies for their daily goods є a special product, which is the dominance of the foreign equivalent - a large exchange for a basic goods, and a genuine opportunity to replace specific, dominant abstract goods.

4. Vartity of pennies as the igneous equivalency form without interruption in obgu vnaslidok the exchange of singing masi of real values ​​for the singing masa of pennies. The result of such a deception is that the leather groshova is one hundred years old for the hairline noses of the masi wartosti, and the yakin vidzhuzhiv in exchange for his pennies come. Zmіna such vartosti pennies ought to be committed to transferring zmіnoy to the physical oath of real goods, to be found in the realm of realizatsii, and the mass of pennies, and to the service sector. The first one is a factor for pouring money on a penny directly proportional, and the other is proportionally wrapped.

5. The pennies passed the trials and the folding hats for the development of the widest variety of goods up to the usual electronic pennies. The skin of the shape of the pennies zoomed in more and more quickly with the development of suspension and quick acceleration to a penny equivalent. The turning point in the development of forms of pennies was the demonetization of gold, as a result of which the era of repeated pennies ended and the age of non-standard pennies was taken. At present, they’ve got a good deal of money, we’ve got a chance to pay for it, and I want to pay for it and pay for it. The water hour should be ready to stop, who didn’t have any need to function because of the great interest in wartost and private sale of gold, which is why we have to accumulate great reserves of gold from the state and private authorities.

6. Pennies in the right rinkovomiy save cost to remember the functions: Miri Wartosti, I want to pay, I want to pay, I want to pay for the wartosti, my pennies. Functionality of the world’s pennies is secured by the visibility of the value of the goods via the price form. I have a function for a small amount of money for servicing the sale of goods with inaccurate turnarounds of the equivalent e-mail. Functions for payment of pennies for servicing paid off borgovye goiters, I’ll go through the process of selling and realizing the cost of the national product. Functions of small pennies are serviced by the highest number of channels through the channels of the private market - ї в в им им им,, роз роз роз роз роз роз ре ре ре ре ре ре наг наг наг наг наг наг наг. Наг.

7. The role of pennies є as a result of their functionality and vyavlyayatsya in a stimulating chi galluvmuyu chimy inflated pennies in the song of economic processes. Such an incentive is to be protected by the very wittyness of pennies, even though all the economical sub-functions are available to the pennies (and not to barter ones), as well as the amount of pennies in circulation. For the first time, the role of pennies in the pole is that, in order to economically put them in such a way, you need to understand that they are both lesser and lesser vitamins, and, moreover, they are more and more small. In another issue, the role of pennies is manifested in the fact that you have to change the number of pennies and the obligation to pay for food, pouring on the market, taking on virology and occupy.

8. The high level of development of the current market economy, acceleration of the active regulatory hands of the state in the process, having zoomed a wide range of folding up to pennies, they couldn’t see the old form of recession. The main vimogs of the market to ordinary pennies and adequate pennies ив powers:

o stability of the pennies of the pennies, which are the best in the buying and selling of goods and foreign currency;

o The economy of penniless turnover, which can be manifested in a minimum amount of suspension for the purchase of pennies and their protection of consumer demand;

o completing the victoriousness of penniless signs, so please take care of the pennies of penniless signs from above, a znosostіy father to metal;

* the same number of pennies, if all instances of the pennies appearing in circulation of pennies are interchangeable, they may be identical in value to exchange, and the shared real values ​​are in common;

* podilnist, scho polagaє at the largest distributor of large, large, banknotes for smaller signs, which are necessary to ensure that there is a clear payment;

"portability, which can be seen at the highest ceremoniousness of pennies is penniless in everyday life.

To protect all the ruling powers of the pennies - one of the best economical commanders of the most important powers.

Self-control power

1. How can I understand the concept of pennies and how are they more adequate for the practical use of pennies in the economy?

2. What is the way to exchange products with the highest and best for the participants in the market - in the form of barter and with the help of pennies? Why?

3. Viznazhte, as with the lower point of the day of the pennies є naybіlsh lift and correct (and why):

- the whole legal fee is incurred by the state;

- all those who are victorious like a penny;

- all those who can be serviced by the foreign equivalent;

- all those who need self-contained, new-minded, absolute values.

4. What are the pennies of the product?

5. The reasons why they demonized gold.

6. Chi іsnu ymovіrnіst turning gold on the role of a penniless product?

7. What are the functions of pennies? What is the most important thing in the foreign economy and how much is the function of a penny and we need to smell it?

8. Do some functions have a better record of tolerance?

9. What is the need for penniless pennies?

10. Що таке вартість грошей як грошей, на чому вона базується і в чому вона проявляється?

11. Що таке вартість грошей як капіталу і в чому вона проявляється?

12. Чому неповноцінні гроші називають ще кредитними?

13. Чи впливає статус "законних платіжних засобів" на вартість грошей і чи всі існуючі засоби платежу мають такий статус?

14. Що таке "електронні гроші"? Що у них є спільного і відмінного від паперових грошей і депозитних грошей?

15. Чим поняття ролі грошей відрізняється від поняття функції грошей? Як вони між собою пов'язані?

16. Як впливає на виробництво сама наявність грошей в економіці?

17. Як впливає на економіку зміна кількості грошей в обороті?