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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.



It’s important to understand how to characterize pennies in suspension, to spend less money on pennies, pennies, finances, credit, pennies, and pennies on pennies. As a matter of fact, some of them knew in literature that they should give me an unequivocal ruling, then, having understood the penny turnover and the penny obihu, I get too much discussion. Discussions are being conducted on a daily basis to understand, interchangeably, areas of vikoristannya are skinny.

At bagatyh vidannyah penny turnover is interpreted as sukupnіst usshih pennies in national gratitude. Such is the first sign of a short-term, which is less expensive than a penny, a productive aspect. The sutnity of the same yaku ruhu of pennies in the process of revealing is posed by respect. Tsey nedolik sprichinya formal pіdkhіd і to the recognition of a penny obigu, which is treated less like yak gotіvkova sphere of penniless turnover.

Better than the value of a penny turnover and a penny turnover with the official position of the bulo is given in the first view of the first hand, which has been published in 1992. Such piddid pidtrimali author of the fundamental Russian fiddler "Money, credit, banks", seen from the editorial office of O. I. Lavrushin in 1998 In addition to the formal pennies, the author turned to formal signatures, before they turned out to be shipped more than once, by the way. Right away with pennies when realizing values, however, you’ll have the same preferences, so bezpotny pennies, passing over one member of the sphere to the other. There’s less need for getting ready to go from the hands of the payer to the hands of the possessor, and without the need for pennies to move from the raskunka of the payer to the handkerchief. But there’s no need for a daily presence of penniless obihu, but for servants realizing real goods (more detailed information on nutrition will be discussed in Section 2.3).

In rinkovіy ekonomіtsі suspіlne virobnitstvo Got commodity form, scho zumovlyuє double viraz Ruhu sukupnogo gross product - natural-Retschow that penny. In the process of production ruh vartostі in these two viraz manifested as two independent processes - yak rukh products and yak rukh pennies and pennies income. Protein stinks implicitly, they have a substantial substance - the variegation of a product to be bought. The pennies are based on the price of wartost, there’s a sign of real value for the money of the pennies, they have gone into circulation, and they are certainly the largest. The water hour of the pennies of servants changing the number of wartosts as a result of the operation, the number of submissions of the economic ones is the reason that the number of times is real, that is the real time.

The process of suspension of production is uninterrupted, that is uninterrupted є and the rubble of pennies, which is the first service team. It takes by itself the process of uninterrupted waste of pennies between subcontracts of economic vodnosin in suspension vvdvorennі is a penny turnover.

A penny turnover is a macro-economic order. Win serviceman circulation of augmented supply of capital to suspension at all stages of suspension: at virology, distribution, exchange and residency. They call him a little difficult succumbing penniless turnover.

Through advancement of pennies to the dowry, the interest in and the payment of work and direct payments to the sphere of cooperation and the purchase of gross national product. Through the payment of pre-made products and services, small-scale services, sales of the national product and vivilnenny suspension of capital in a small form. In the process of the sale of Groshovka virus products, realizable products and services are available for the national product and the number of factors (creditors, shareholders, hired employees) that are established. In the most economical sub-sectors, pennies are formed, and for capital markets, I’m able to direct the capital to the living area, which is viral and especially special. Tim will take care of a new cycle of suspension.

A groovy turn is a macroeconomic way to look at the turnover of a penny at the intervals between the circulation of a closed industrial capital, and so on. In the remaining order there is a penny of one of the functional forms of capital, a warehouse and an element of bagatism, such as a Volodya’s bald man of a full industrial capital. Whose money is a penny, it’s a capital, it’s okay for yourself to see the best norms for your income (income) to the level of capital. Chim big mass of pennies Volodya Daniyov, indivisual hairline, Tim big bagat, Tim big balm of the "grow up" a little chi dokhid.

Involving the role of playing pennies in the gross penny turnover. Here stink funktsionuyut exceptionally like a penny and not є funktsionalnoy form of capital. It’s impossible for them to turn around part of the country's baggage, because the country doesn’t have enough of a sufficient capital for the capital. Yakbi groshova masa, who had gone to the rapids, rapedly didn’t increase at all, the overturned oath of bagaty of the country wasn’t kept at all, but the big bias was changed at the same time.

Whose position is not for the fact that a significant part of the peasant mashi, yak servants ук buy-back turnover, capitalization and overhaul in posichkovy capital is significant. The capitalization of a part of the groshy masia spriya will hasten the realization of the gross domestic product, and from now on the greater oath, so that the greater the delayed baggage, the more you are penniless for macroequity in such a way you will not overdo it. The bosses of the capitalization of pennies between the boundaries of the on-the-fly masters are more likely to be transmitted from one economical sub-account to the last, they are more or less "shuffled", but they can’t be stolen unnecessarily, there are too few real bugs. In more detail, the role of the posichkovy capital will be examined in section 9.

The total grocery turnover and the grocery turnover at the boundaries of the individual capital is clearly indicated by the formulas of the grocery package, which are necessary for their servicing.

Groshovi koshti, necessary for servicing the circulation of the individual capital, a significant amount of the same in the orderly of the individual hairline, so that the whole hairy skin. As a matter of fact, it’s not enough, then you can mobilize for a penny market. A penny loan is more important than a month in the cycle of individual capital, the turnover of pennies can be repaired, maintenance and servicing an indivisible capital, the skin okremiy cycle of the cycle is completed on it. A part of the penniless income of a skin-friendly economy subdirectly redeem for repaid borgs and turn in for penniless rink. Insha chastina, now you have to set up a quiet hour for free, go straight to the penny market as a resource for lending to your sub-entities.

The major penny turnover is serviced irrelevantly for peas in a penny in circulation of pennies, just pennies, which are in the regular order of economical sub-units. A groshny rinok is being tapped at the internal element of the whole turnover and securing the redistribution of the implicit penniless mass due to the accelerated price and the unprotected pecuniary need of the turnover in pennies at the bulk of the explicitly. Zavdyaki penniless market meaningfully take advantage of the elasticity of a penniless turnover, the simplicity of the given mass of pennies to serve the growing debts of a turnover.

Proteins of pennies of penniless market are not non-existent, and inevitably creep in demand in the same amount of turnover with an additional mass of pennies. On a vidnom vid circulation of an individual capital, you can consume but a little more for a crunch of pre-paid pennies.

Consume supplementary emotion can be enhanced by factors:

* Growth of obligations to the gross national product, for the implementation of any banking system the system is guilty of expanding the credit to the sub-turnover of turnover;

o zrostannyam clean import (reincarnated import over export);

* To the lower recessionary functions of the penny market, which are owned by the groshov’s masa, you’ll be better wrapped and don’t be able to save all the turnover;

* The best officials, you can upgrade the shrudge of a penny through the circulation channels.

In these unsuccessful loans, dropping pennies to get a better deal through a penny’s market, which is a good way to get credit and to protect your business needs.

Due to the fact that there is a whirlpool of gallows, that is, a large grocery turnover is not a mechanical sum of pennies at the intervals of individual capital, but is a self-sufficient economy, which is unlimited in the whole process. One of the widest, most abstract and suburban appearances of the economic life of suspension.

Subscriber penniless turnover є all legal and physical individuals, so as to take part in virobnitsvі, rozpodіlі, exchange and associated with the gross suspension product. All the business enterprises (business words, state thanks to the government, transport, sound, business, government, etc.), state powers, large, commercial establishments, financial institutions, banks, banks, banks and banks pennies. Make sure that you’re at the singing charts to win a lot of money, to spend money to save money and to save money on economic processes and to save more economical sub-acts of suspension.

As far as abstracting from the perspective aspect, a penniless turnover can be seen simply as an uninterrupted process of transferring pennies from functions to paying and paying less money for sub-accounts. Tse, zokrema, moving pennies between:

* okrimim pidprimstva that organizations;

* by enterprises and organizations and populations;

* okremim physical persons;

* commercial banks and enterprises and organizations;

* commercial banks and populations;

* okremim commercial banks;

* commercial banks and the central bank;

* non-bank financial and credit establishments of a different purpose, from one side, and by organizations, organizations and establishments - from one;

* non-bank financial and credit institutions of various signs and banks;

* okremim non-bank financial and credit institutions of the reznoznachennoy appointment.

On the leather side of the road there can be mothers of little money and small sub-turnover, so I can help them to be redeemed (pay). Zalіk zmenshuє oath of a penny turnover and the need for real pennies for yoy servants.

The economic basis of the penny turnover is the process of suspension. Sub'єkti to the whole process of constantly gaining profitable revenues from realizing the right resources and their products, which are necessary for flowing streams. The water hours are streams of pennies є not only the result of a trial process, but the important, re-wisdom of a successful success. Overhead in the Russian pennies inevitably give a glimpse of the valuation of commodity flows, the deadline of the market, the strengthening of stagnation.

Internalization of the penniless turnover by the process of suspension of the business day of the next day. Unity and uninterruptedness, which can be called constitutional signs of the penniless turnover. Therefore, the position is very important for the practice of managing and buying a penny turnover. It’s not guilty of admitting the establishment of the non-rebuilding festivities on the hat of the groshovy streams, as well as the unprofitable between the mimic streams of pennies.